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REVIEW Ø Chosen Ones ↠ [Read] ➮ Chosen Ones Author Veronica Roth – The first novel written for an adult audience by the mega selling author of the Divergent franchise five twenty something heroes famous for saving the world when they were teenagers must face even gre The first novel written for an adult audience by the mega selliThe first novel written for an adult audience by the mega selling author of the Divergent franchise five twenty something heroes famous for saving the world when they were teenagers must face even greater demons and reconsider what it means to be a hero by destiny or by choiceA decade ago near Chicago five teenagers defeated the otherworldly enemy known as the Dark One whose reign of terror brought widespread destruction and death The seemingly un extraordinary tee. She was by the river the cold air burning her lungs as she stared across the bridge at the Dark One right before their last battle Part of her always would be 2 12 stars I realized somewhere in the last seventy or so pages of Chosen Ones that I could very easily turn this into a positive review Threads were coming together showcasing Roth's clever plotting just as the action picked up and secrets came to light There's sprinkles of humour “Please for the love of God don’t be one of those villains who waxes poetic about existentialist nonsense because if you are I really will have to cut you” she said And all of this adds up to a book that looking back makes me understand why the critics and probably a lot of other readers will love it But I just found it so so slow and boring How much slog makes the goods worth it I think your answer to that may decide whether you will enjoy this book or notFor me it was a real struggle to push through I genuinely only made myself finish this book because it is the third book I've read in the last six months that is a popular YA author's adult debut the others being Ninth House and House of Earth and Blood respectively and I DNFed the first two I figured conspiracy theorists might think I was a book hating bot working for the dark side if I DNFed yet another And if you're thinking after three books maybe it's YOU then don't worry I have already had that thought myselfThis one is almost like a seuel to any YA fantasy novel where the chosen ones have saved the world It looks at what happens ten years later when they're all grown up miserable and traumatized dealing with depression addiction and PTSD 'Part One' of this book is all about their adult lives now the daily struggle post world saving The world saving itself is mentioned only vaguely in these first 120 pagesI was definitely intrigued by the premise but it very uickly became dull when so little was happening Then 'Part Two' gets a little wild at first so I was thinking Right yes now we're getting to the good stuff But then that too dampens and seems to consist of the characters wandering around or having training sessions a mind numbing part of Roth's Carve the Mark I seem to recall where the characters modulate the strength of their magical breathI also think a major factor that didn't help with the slowness was the third person narrative I don't know if it is supposed to make the book seem serious and grown up but a book like this with an MC like Sloane a complex difficult person dealing with a lot of trauma would really benefit from being written in first person I think the third person narrative unnecessarily keeps us at a distance that makes the narrative cold and unengaging Aside from being slower and convoluted there's still a strong YA vibe running through Chosen Ones The characters may be older but they certainly feel stuck in their teenage heads The conversations seemed like ones that would happen in any YA fantasy I don't think this is necessarily a bad thing though just not what I was expecting from an adult fantasy debutThe ending does make me want to know what happens next but I don’t know if I can sit through another slow novel of this size I may need someone to spoil the seuel for meFacebook | Instagram

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Ns Sloane Matt Ines Albie and Esther had been brought together by a clandestine government agency because one of them was fated to be the “Chosen One” prophesized to save the world With the goal achieved humankind celebrated the victors and began to mourn their lost loved ones Ten years later though the champions remain celebrities the world has moved forward and a whole younger generation doesn’t seem to recall the days of endless fear But Sloane remembers I. 45 ★’s “Please for the love of God don’t be one of those villains who waxes poetic about existentialist nonsense because if you are I really will have to cut you” Mary’s Tales Part One Interrogation by Society of Popular Attitude Maintenance SPAMYou’d think having been knocked out kidnapped and handcuffed to a table in a cold soulless room my mind would be preoccupied with—I don’t know—uestions escape even vengeance and a need to flatten the pretty nose of my kidnapper who happens to be sitting across from meBut really all I can think is why does she look like plucked chickenThe woman leans forward in her tight black dress apparently taking my wondering gaze to mean she’s got my attention—which is not incorrect but probably not in the way she means it “Mary do you know why you’re here”I think hard “Did I kill someone you loved” She stares “Or did I steal something you loved” She continues to stare “Wait is this about the top secret let’s take down the international currency and set fire to the system heist we’ve got going on Because if that’s it I swear we meant no disrespect If you get me a phone I can call my lads right this moment and tell ’em to kill it seeing as we’ve offended such respectful folks” She is still not moving is she okay Did she die No she’s blinking Maybe she’s fallen asleep what do I know people do that “Hello You still there”Thankfully the lady finally breaks her poker stare “No that’s not it”“Ahhh well sorry you can forget everything you just heard”The woman sighs “Mary you’ve been reported as a potential victim of a mind working meaning that you are under another’s influence and your actions are not your own”“Are you saying I’m outta my mind” I look at her shocked “Because that actually makes a lot of sense Thank you How’d you figure it out”She eyes me suspiciously “You were seen praising the much hated or should I say disliked book Chosen Ones by author Veronica Roth”I paused—what the fuck “ That’s your proof I loved it because it was impressively suspenseful with its slow mystery and slightly crafted clues embedded in attached files and genius in its uestioning of the identity of the true villain plus focusing on the logistics and philosophy of saving the world its affect on society and commentary on on what follows after the heroes do the saving Am I not allowed to have an opinion”“Of course you do The Society of Popular Attitude Maintenance is only here to ensure no foul play is at work” Plucked Chicken says placatinglyI scowl “You mean ensure foul play stays at work and no one stands against it”She raises her palms “Now now no need to get on the offensive All you have to do is answer a few uestions to show us your state of mind and awareness of your decisions and then you’ll be cleared”I sigh since there doesn’t seem to be another way to get out of these certainly not cozy handcuffs “Fine Shoot”Chicken Woman claps her hands and starts shuffling the documents on the desk “Fantastic How about we start with the simplest uestion” She slides one of the papers across the table for me to see It seems to be a list of remarks from other reviewers as evidence with one uestion written at the top What Do You Have to Say About A Book Marketed As Adult That Reads Like YA I frown “That uestion is absurd Are we now judging the content of a book based on marketing something that is largely out of the author’s hands”Plucked Lady replies sternly “Please only answer the uestion This is not a discussion it’s an interrogation Make sure to keep that in mind”Well looks like friendly times are over now aren’t they “In that case I would like to refer to another genre New Adult A developing genre of fiction with protagonists in the 18–30 age bracket that is similar to YA but can be published as adult because of the included content Rather an ‘older YA’ you could say with themes such as leaving home developing sexuality and negotiating education and career choices“And Chosen Ones with its switching between serious commentary on life after saving the world and comedic criticism of epic YA tropes defies the definitions of both Adult and Young Adult categories It’s too light and juvenile to be Adult yet too elaborate and literary to be Young Adult So based on the definition of my proposed genre this book falls neatly into the NA category The fact that publishers are reluctant to accept this is not the author’s—or book’s—fault”My kidnapper clasps her hands “Are you implying that being NA excuses how characters close to 30 years old speak like teenagers”“Of course not” I shoot back “That is something else I want you to imagine being taken from your home in your early teens your sole purpose being survival from an evil being that is destroying your world Your only thoughts and focus become fighting and escaping and magic Now pray tell” I lean in “when are you gonna have time to learn to speak and behave like an acceptable adult”“After saving the world They did have 10 years” she points out“10 years of PTSD and mental struggles you mean 10 years of trying to make up for the lost teenage years” I shake my head “This is the whole point of Chosen Ones—Roth is showing what it is like to save the world and live to tell the tale No one teaches the protagonists how to live in the After because most people assume they won’t get to an After“In fact this is addressed in the book itself with Sloane’s remark ‘ You know once you hit thirty this whole living like a college junior thing is going to be less charming and creepy’ so Roth is not oblivious to it” I smile “Anything else”Plucked Chicken Lady purses her lips and slides me the next uestion How Were You Possibly Not Bored to Death I stare at the words slightly disturbed; for a moment I feel a hopeless sense of doom because how can anything I say even be considered by such biased people I eat my words of course Despite what it seems I actually do love my head where it is thank you very much“I think my answer to this uestion is going to be much shorter than its predecessor I was not bored because I was captivated“Yes it’s a slow book but that doesn’t mean nothing is happening From page one I was fascinated by the bookmagazinenewspaper clippings impressed by Roth’s talent to flesh out an interesting character so uickly in love with Sloane’s bitter anger and practicality in every possible way adoring the hilarious yet emotional look into a Chosen One’s After immersed in the suspense created by trying to decipher the clues given in the top secret files at the end of chapters and intrigued by the philosophical and sociological musings scattered throughout the pieces and excerpts Do you have your answer”Chicken wordlessly hands over the next piece of paper I get the impression the bastard is not really paying attention any Why Did You Like Elements of Chosen Ones Obviously Paralleling That of King of Scars Even Though You Hated Them in the Latter “The problem with this uestion is that I did not hate those elements in King of Scars my problem was with how they were handled For example in KoS Zoya acts just as brashly as Sloane does in CO attacking the acolytes on the site But while Zoya is praised as an awe inspiring leader Sloane is reprimanded for her irresponsibility Their character type is one of my all time faves and it’s important to note that neither is level headed enough to be viewed as a capable leader yet“Leigh Bardugo puts Zoya on a pedestal so I’m inclined to tear her down Veronica Roth tears Sloane down so I’m inclined to put her on a pedestal By addressing the negative feelings and neutral criticism authors leave readers to feel as they would not forcing their love on the reader like a fangirl“It’s much like I actually liked Matt in this book even though golden boys usually annoy me Roth pointed out all his intolerable actions allowing me to explore my other feelings about him It’s not about the elements themselves in a story it’s about how they are written”Plucked Lady raises an eyebrow “And what about the world shaking twist that both books shared Are you saying Roth wrote it better than Bardugo”“No in this case the reason the former managed it better than the latter was the nature of the twist itself Roth had real world science as a safety net to make her twist sensible while Bardugo proceeded to uestion her entire established fantasy world without a single safety net That’s the difference”The SPAM agent stares at me and shows me the next uestion which it turns out is related Were You Not Confused by the Terrible Twist and Transition at the Start of Part Two “I was not confused because as I said it aligned with scientific theories I had studied and was managed as best could be I believe Roth wrote the transition beautifully trying to make connections between before and after to give us readers a footing so we would not fall over dead“Yes the starts of Parts Two and Three were akin to suddenly realising you’d been walking on the walls instead of the floor but I actually enjoy that feeling as long as it’s not too severe and out of the blue unlike The Bone Season’s early twist was I do wish groundwork had been laid out for Part Two and that’s one of the reasons I have not given it a full five rating”I catch a thoughtful look in Chicken Lady’s eyes as she passes me the last but one piece of paper Do You Feel Like Yourself “Yes yes I do I know I am still me because I have criticism of Chosen Ones next to the praise One the aforementioned lacking groundwork and two the handling of a change in path in Part Three that could’ve used a little oiling But I am me and no one is influencing my actions” I put down the paper “What’s the last uestion”That’s when I see the remaining piece is not a uestion but a form titled Patient’s Mental Assessment And it’s blank None of my words mattered Not a single one of them As the realisation hits me I watch the woman get up and walk to the door “Unfortunately based on my assessment—”“—assess my ass you fucking hypocrite—”“—you seem to be indeed under the influence of a mind working and I have no choice but to confide you to the SPAM ward until the time your recovery is achieved” She then proceeds to open the door letting in three gigantic agentsThis is the part where I tell you about all the fight leeching away from me like a river running downhill but sadly I happen to be a believer in the crap about not going down without a fight so of course as one of them leans down and unlatches my cuffs from the table I jerk my fists upward into his nose emitting a much satisfactory crunch I must add taking advantage of their shock to turn and land a beautiful kick to the second one’s groin and twist away from the third’s graspConsidering yours truly is stuck in an enclosed space with three individuals stronger and skilled than the doomed hero of this story I don’t see what hope any of you could reasonably have for things to process any further because then they have me and then they are lifting me and then they are taking me away and honestly what is the point of shoutingAll that is left is a plucked chicken smiling At the time of writing yours magnanimously remains imprisoned in the SPAM ward brewing an escape plan Any attempt at rescue or help would be much appreciated CW post traumatic stress disorder PTSD addiction suicide by overdosing loss of loved ones Companions Book playlist Spotify LINK Books in series • Chosen Ones The Chosen Ones #1 ★★★★½• Untitled The Chosen Ones #2 ☆☆☆☆☆

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Chosen OnesT’s impossible for her to forget when the paparazzi haunt her every step just as the Dark One still haunts her dreams Unlike everyone else she hasn’t moved on she’s adrift no direction no goals no purpose On the eve of the Ten Year Celebration of Peace a new trauma hits the Chosen the death of one of their own And when they gather for the funeral at the enshrined site of their triumph they discover to their horror that the Dark One’s reign never really ende. After the train wreck Allegiant and skipping Carve the Mark this better be good I still have faith in Veronica Roth because Divergent and only book one was so good