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Free Classified K 9 Unit Christmas Classified K 9 Unit #7 kindle È eBook à Lenora Worth ¿ ➱ [Read] ➬ Classified K 9 Unit Christmas Classified K 9 Unit #7 By Lenora Worth ➼ – A Killer Christmas by Lenora Worth   When FBI K 9 agent Nina AtA's reluctant to share her case but working with Thomas may be the only way to capture a murderer before she becomes his next victim  Yuletide Stalking by Terri Reed   Determined to stop an arsonist with the help of Two great stories of love brave men and women along with their canine partners work together to safe those in need of protection FBI agent Nina Atkins along with her K 9 partner Sam witness an attempted murder of a young lady and have now become the killers new focus US Marshal Thomas Grant has been on the hunt for a hired killer when he happens upon a scene that has him stopping to check things out to see if his guy is the reason for the crime scene Nina and Thomas are forced to work together and maybe survive to have love for ChristmasFBI Agent Tim Ramsey is investigating a series of fires believed to be suspicious along with his K 9 partner Frodo When Vickie Petrov and her family are helping at a homeless shelter and she’s attacked while taking out the trash shortly before a fire destroys the shelter Agent Ramsey is called to check out the fire and witnesses several attacks on Ms Petrov He makes it his mission to solve who the arsonist is and protect Vickie at the same time Will they survive long enough to have a chance at their growing love for each other?

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His accelerant detecting K 9 partner FBI agent Tim Ramsey must protect the only witness But when the criminal begins stalking Vickie Petrov can Tim convince her to trust himand help her survive to see another Christmas Two stories of the Classified K 9 Unit A Killer Christmas by Lenora Worth and Yuletide Stalking by Terri Reed The continuity of the stories in this series is amazing considering they are written by different authors One with the Marshall helping a FBI K 9 agent when a killer is after her The other with a civilian caught in the sites of an arsonist and a FBI K 9 agent Both will hold you attention and keep you guessing

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Classified K 9 Unit Christmas Classified K 9 Unit #7A Killer Christmas by Lenora Worth   When FBI K 9 agent Nina Atkins thwarts an attempted murder she becomes a target of the killer the same hit man US Marshal Thomas Grant is tracking Even caught in the crosshairs Nin A perfect ending to a great K 9 suspense series I've so enjoyed reading each book by different authors and while they use their own uniue authors voice they stay true to the storyline plot I also loved getting to know each agent their K 9 partner and their love matches Some truly talented writers collaborated to bring an intense series you don't want to miss This book is a uick paced two novella length stories by Lenora Worth Terri Reed I'm going to include both in my review A Killer Christmas by Lenora WorthOn a routine jog one night with her K 9 partner Sam Nina Atkins stumbles upon an attempted murder of a young woman Thwarting the killers plan she the victim now have targets on their backs What possible sinister plot could he have for wanting them dead? When US Marshal Thomas Grant happens to be tracking down the same killer they collaborate to solve the mystery This one was a fast paced thrill ride from the start There's lots of twists in this one and just when I thought I knew the answer it becomes much sinister than I imagined I was left on the edge of my seat as I observed Grant and Nina following the leads that take them along a twisted road of deception intrigue and cover ups Even though this is only about 100 pages long there's no feeling of a lack of depth to either the plot or the characters The romance uickly flamed between these two the they worked together A great suspense story filled with threads of faith some seriously heart pounding scenes the sweet promise of love and a Christmas full of hot chocolate and family fun Yuletide Stalking by Terri ReedWorking to find a serial arsonist FBI agent Tim Ramsey and K 9 partner Frodo met Vickie Petrov after the shelter she volunteers at catches fire Having been attacked just before it started she's visibly shaken up which in turn brings up past memories she'd rather have buried Distrustful of both officers of the law men in general she has distanced herself from affairs of the heart But as she works with Tim to bring the arsonist to justice his gentle manner begins to crumble the walls she put up As the danger escalates can she trust Tim protect her and her family all while protecting her heart? Another fast paced suspense to keep me on my toes As each suspicious fire starts the danger escalates and the clues start adding up But can Tim and his team put the pieces together in time to save Vicky and her family from getting hurt? I also enjoyed seeing Tim scale the walls of her heart with his gentle dependable ways and his protective spirit Sparks like the accelerant on a fire flamed the these two were around each other This one had a few twists that I didn't see coming and ended in my heart pounding so fast I could hardly breath Past meets present with this race between good and evil and seeing justice served I received a complimentary copy of this from the author and was under no obligation to write a favorable review