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King of Clubs Wonderland #4 Read & Download ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ [Epub] ❧ King of Clubs Wonderland #4 Author Cheyenne McCray – Wonderland King of Clubs Book 4 in the Wonderland series Long ago when she was fresh out of high school and too young to know better Awai StTied in knots Awai finds that being the King's submissive definitely has its advantages but she doesn't think she can let go of her past long enough to embrace a future with a Dominant manKing Ty is determined to show Awai that she belongs with him and he will do whatever it takes to make her his ueen of Clubs. A gifted copy was provided by the author for my honest reviewThis is book 4 in the Wonderland series This is Awai Ty’s story Awai Steele was once married to a horrible brutal man who beat her and made her feel like she was worth nothing She barely got away and now she is a very successful woman who doesn’t let a man make her feel like she like she did before scared and afraid And in secret she decides to take back her own in a very “dominant “wayAwai has lost her 3 nieces thru what she believed what kidnappings and she still continues to look for them and believe she will find them someday Awai never believed she would be kidnapped at all and that her kidnapper would be so sexy nor be so Alpha minded as he is the normal kidnapper you would expect for he is the King of Clubs and he changes into a tiger Yum Ty is a very complex character and he is also a Dom There a lot of intense by play between him and Awai at first and she definitely does not like to be told what to do nor does Ty like to have a woman not listen nor do what he says When TY realizes this is his ueen of Clubs he needs to get her to realize this or all could be lost Get ready to watch the sparks come out I loved the extended version of this original by the author It is fantastic and I LOVE it I wish there were characters we could read about hint hintMy rating 45 stars

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Wonderland King of Clubs Clubs Wonderland MOBI #240 Book in the Wonderland series Long ago when she was King of Epubfresh out of high school and too young to know better Awai Steele married a brutal of Clubs Wonderland PDF #200 man Once she escaped him she created a new life for herself vowing never to be domin. I have to say that as the last book that takes place in Wonderland before they move to Oz this one feel horrible short for me I just want to make a note that I read these types of books for what they are intended for a uick read a simple and fun plot and good raw sexy fun I don't read them thinking they are on the New York Times best seller list I know they are for pure sexy fun However with that being said As a series I still would like a firm solid conclusion I know she has two books only they take place in Oz but from the same universe as these However I read the first Oz book and they make very few references to what took place in the Wonderland books Awai was alright as a female lead I thought as someone that survived domestic abuse the last thing she would want was to be tied down and whipped no matter who was doing it and how gentle he was I get the idea though that she wanted to trust a man again and knew that this was her only way to closure I get that that was the running theme through the book I liked Ty I liked Ty from book one when he got naughty with Alice He's the youngest King and the most rowdy for me But then he kinda go to 'lovey' for me I wanted him to keep the fun rakish side of him But he got all sweet and tender I'm not denying that he was a good DOM because he was When they were on they were ON I still thought the DOMsub scenes in book one with Alice were much hot

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King of Clubs Wonderland #4Ated by any man Now she runs a successful corporation and is known in business circles as a ball buster the woman with brass ovaries And in her secret life as a Dominatrix she's known as MistressBut when Ty King of Clubs spirits Awai away to a magical world the sexy muscle bound rogue of a man literally has her. Zero stars from me