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SUMMARY ☆ Company Commander ✓ ➸ [Reading] ➺ Company Commander By Russell Lewis ➭ – In 2008 Major Russell Lewis commanded a company of 200 soldiers from the British Army's legendary Parachute Regiment on a six month tour in the most dangerous part of Afghanistan Living in a remote b In Major Russell Lewis Of his men as physical and emotional exhaustion kick in Readers will experience the highs and lows of a tour through the eyes of a leader of men in as close to real time as possible At the end of the tour Maj Lewis was awarded the Military Cross for his leadership and gallantry over the tour His citation read Resolute in defense tenacious and courageous in attack Lewis has set an outstanding example to B Company at significant personal risk and has been an inspiration to all ranks He still serves in the Parachute Regimen. I think this was a very interesting book seeing it is one of the few books about the British Armed Forces in Afghanistan I would definetly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in the British Army even the slightest bit

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Iers depending on you constantly to make decisions which can and do cost lives to see men under your command killed and injured and to be under the most intense pressure imaginable for every minute of every day for six long months Based on the journal Maj Lewis kept during the tour this book takes the reader from the excitement of the beginning of a tour to the adrenalin of the first contact through the devastating losses of his soldiers and the struggle to keep himself at the highest level of performance for the sake. This was a well written account of the life of a detached company from 2Para during their tour of Afghanistan Based at FOB Inkerman they are constantly on the frontlinehe takes us through the operation in journal style starting from the uiet period during the harvest as they settle in through full on war with set piece company uick attacks and then the cool down towards the end of their deployment as winter approachesOf interest is the myriad of demands on his time dealing with the physical state of the FOB during a DV outbreak being key and also the numerous support assets he gets to play withThere are some annoying aspects most particularly his references to NLP and his warrior meditations All in however this is a thoroughly good book dealing with the key level of command He deals both with direction from above whilst being free to make his own plans true mission command in action

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Company CommanderIn Major Russell Lewis commanded a company of  soldiers from the British Army's legendary Parachute Regiment on a six month tour in the most dangerous part of Afghanistan Living in a remote base and under constant threat of attack from all sides by the Taliban they were on red alert hours a day seven days a week for every one of those six months And through that entire period the man in sole charge was Maj Lewis Here is his story a riveting first person account of incredible bravery telling what it is like to have sold. This book really stands out from the usual fair of books being written about “the Stan” For a start it is actually a diary or journal written in first person by the author This gives the book a feel of small snappy chunks of text rather than lengthy chapters which make you feel that you can just read about one day before putting it down Which given the subject matter is a good thing Russ Lewis has delivered a book full of thoughts and observations which are refreshing as they are thought provoking The book is light on superlative descriptions of combat which other books deliver in spades; instead it provides the depth needed to understand the issues faced when you are in a position of command in an environment as unforgiving as Afghanistan Many entries are nothing than “washed clothes read a book chatted to the lads” type of thing but rather than being dull this in fact helps us understand the frustrations and long periods of boredom the lads and Russ has to endure between the moments of sheer adrenaline fueled terrorexcitement of a contact Although Russ doesn't dwell on the contacts in too much detail there is enough there to keep you interested and when casualties happen which inevitably they do you can feel the conflict on the page as Russ makes the decisions he does His battle between what he ‘needs to do’ and what he ‘wants to do’But this book also delivers the small stories those that would otherwise be lost as life moves on Those witty little incidents which makes the British suaddie so uniue; that ability to laugh when others might cry My personal favorites are the goat and mortar man dilemma having served in a few infantry battalions myself in my time I really can relate to this the story of the missing socks and of course who can forget Russ’s bad decision not to lock up the breakfast cereal This book is not about the right or wrongs of war in Afghanistan It is not a review of how the tactics or strategies of the war are being developed and implemented This is not a book about what it is like to be in a firefight although Russ covers it well This is a book about leadership the loneliness of Command and how and why the Company Commander of ‘B’ Company 2 Para made the decisions he did in one of the most demanding places on the planet