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FREE EPUB ´ MOBI Cores Attack Cosmos Gateway #6 î õ ❮Download❯ ➵ Cores Attack Cosmos Gateway #6 Author S.E. Smith – Thrust into a deadly gameAvery Lennox has been called many names but bond mate was never one of them Her position as Chief Security Officer for Cosmos Raines guThrust into a deadly gameAvery Lennox has been called many names but bond mate was never one of them Her position as Chief Security Officer for Cosmos Raines guarantees that her life will never be boring especially after her genius boss decides to open a portal between Earth and Baade a world filled with an annoying male dominated species called Prime but after meeting one particular alien Avery decides to pursue him throug Core's attack is the latest entry is the excellent Cosmos' gateway series The entire series combines clever well written sci fi steamy romance and some well written spy action seuences I especially love the RITA artificial intelligence that has self actualised

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H the portal The trip to another world wasindescribable but it’s when she returns home that Avery is in the most danger Someone else is as fascinated with Core as she is and believes Avery is the perfect bait From the moment Core Ta’Duran met Avery he was captivated by the human woman who shields herself with an icy demeanor and a gun Avery knows he wants a lifetime with her and even though she is fighting their bond sh Hunting the hunterAvery has worked as Head of Security for Cosmos for a number of years She is ALWAYS in control of her emotions But since meeting the Prime warrior Core when he came to earth looking for Merrick she keeps feeling unsettled and off her game Why can’t she stop thinking about him? She doesn’t believe in all this nonsense about mating marks and falling in love But he is upsetting her euilibrium so she decides that she has to get him out of her system Three days She’ll give him three days of hot sex and then she’ll return to earth ready to work again What she didn’t count on was getting her own mating mark Anyway there is still Karl Markham on the loose Not only is he on the loose he is trying to find either Merrick or another alien in order to hunt him What he doesn’t realise is that Prime warriors are never the hunted for long and it soon becomes obvious that it is Markham who is the hunted

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Cores Attack Cosmos Gateway #6E still appears on his world with a tantalizing offer three days together with no uestions no ties and no regrets When he follows her back to Earth instead of finding Avery he discovers a menacing message left for him agree to be hunted or Avery dies Can Avery and Core turn the tables on the ruthless killer who wants to display Core as a trophy in his private collection or will Core lose the most crucial battle of his life? Awesome as usualAbout time Ms Smith I missed your books so much It seems like it was so long since the last Cosmos Gateway book I LOVE this series Although to be fair I love all of your series Cosmos Gateway is one of my top 2 favorites This one had some particularly nasty bad guys But they couldn't even conceive of Core Until he took them out I loved Avery too My heart just hurt for her But I could have told her you can't outrun love She gave it a helluva shot though I buy everything Susan Smith puts out As soon as I see a pre order link click She's the best She's autobuy for me