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Le cosmicomicheTs to the ordinary reactions of common humanityWilliam Weaver's excellent translation won a National Book Award in “Naturally we were all there old fwf said where else could we have been Nobody knew then that there could be space Or time either what use did we have for time packed in there like sardines?. fwf Been there Seen that done thatBeen where Where the distance of the moon from the ocean was just a ladder away Seen what The formation of galaxies A colorless world A time when there was no concept of timeDone what Lived on the nebulae Lived as a dinosaur fallen in love with a tadpoleA literary cosmos made up of staggering imagination Calvino’s Cosmicomics exceeded the expectations I always have before reading any of his books and it makes me even proud of declaring him as my favorite writer A collection of 12 short stories written by taking cue from random scientific factstheories and re telling of the fragmented tales about evolution of universe through the eyes of our narrator fwf who had been a ubiuitous witness as well as part of everything since the universe was created Sounds uite ambitious especially taking the short story format but that's where Calvino’s talent shines the brightest The relationship established between various scientific concepts bizarre living beings and their lives thereof presents a witty commentary on understanding of the environment and coming to terms with innumerable and inevitable changes that takes place in our lives in natural as well as unnatural or uncalled ways Compared to the uncertainties of earth and air lagoons and seas and oceans represented a future with securityAlso there is a subtle social commentary about the nature of human beings who acknowledge world not as one but as a society governed by numerous borders and boundaries and a fine distinction is sited as to who is who according to the place they belongs to But the others also had wronged the Z'zus to begin with by calling them immigrants on the pretext that since the others had been there first the Z'zus had come later This was mere unfounded prejudice that seems obvious to me because neither before nor after existed nor any place to immigrate from but there were those who insisted that the concept of immigrant could be understood in the abstract outside of space and time But most importantly Calvino has presented a poignant and humorous take on humanly nature feelings and emotions without employing any humans in his narrative yet there are titles and conceptions which constitute a human world There were three of them an aunt and two uncles all three very tall and practically identical; we never really understood which uncle was the husband and which the brother or exactly how they were related to us in those days there were many things that were left vague All the stories accentuates a particular feature of this cosmos in a highly skillful way wherein Calvino has dilated a single idea into astounding proportions of ace story telling and that’s why I can’t really pick a favorite story of mine The names of the characters especially fwf are particularly interesting According to wiki The name fwf is a palindrome The name may be an allusion to the second law of thermodynamics; substituting for f gives W which describes a heat engineComing from a non science background I can’t really grasp all these scientific concepts in their entirety but still marvel at the extent to which Calvino experimented and came up with such brilliant feat of literature This review or rather my gushy ramblings might convey a little about this book and about my love for Calvino so I highly recommend a definite and fantastic review by Stephen M along with reading this book I must add that past and future were vague terms for me and I couldn't make much distinction between them my memory didn't extend beyond the interminable present of our parallel fall

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FREE DOWNLOAD ´ Le cosmicomiche Ð [PDF / Epub] ✍ Le cosmicomiche ☁ Italo Calvino – Italo Calvino's extraordinary imagination and intelligence combine here in an enchanting series of stories about the evolution of the universe He makes his characters out of mathematical formulae and Italo Calvino's extraordinary imagItalo Calvino's extraordinary imagination and intelligence combine here in an enchanting series of stories about the evolution of the universe He makes his characters out of mathematical formulae and simple cellular structures They disport themselves among galaxies experience the solidification of planets m. Take this book and Moby Dick and lay them in my arms as I lie in my casket Then cremate me It is only in ashes that we shall finally be one forever and for eternity and return to the universe the way we entered; as atoms and particles and my how beautiful we shall be

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Ove from auatic to terrestrial existence play games with hydrogen atoms and even have a love lifeDuring the course of these stories Calvino toys with continuous creation the transformation of matter and the expanding and contracting reaches of space and time He succeeds in relating complex scientific concep. This one pretty much floored me The scope and the way this was written kinda blew my mindWhat do I mean Well it's one hell of an accomplished SF encompassing all time and space from a single viewpoint in what may as well be god but isn't It's a love story with a very complicated relationship of an alien with another alien it's a love story with time physics genetics and all sorts of real math I will admit that a very great deal of my enjoyment of this novel stems from the fact that I'm conversant with real science in a big way and this book incorporates it all very heavily in the narrativeThe book is kinda like this think of five or six hella great popular science writers turn them into short story writers let it have the feel of Marvel or DC cosmic stage stories and then have it feel right at home with Neil Gaiman's SandmanI'm not joking It's really that good and that odd And while the science bits and how it's written is very heavy in a way I don't think it overwhelms the actual stories at all It's unusual and it's very smart but I wouldn't let that deter you from reading it Indeed I think everyone should read this and have it be a solid staple of the mindMy only complaint might be a bit idiotic I really think these stories would translate perfectly into a real comic I know it's kinda implied in the title but still I think it would be improved making it even readable and brilliant that is assuming that the artist is up to snuff