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Download reader ´ Ice Candy Man 296 pages ò [Ebook] ➧ Ice Candy Man Author Bapsi Sidhwa – Eight year old Lenny spirited daughter of an affluent Parsee family narrates the story of the breaking of India as she witnesses Muslims Hindus Christians and Sikhs fight for their land and their live Eight year old LenIstan in 1947 This 1991 Liberatur Prize winner NYT Notable Book and ALA Notable nominee is now available in paperback for the first ti Brutal Honest Raw Visceral etching of human behavior

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Ms Hindus Christians and Sikhs fight for their land and their lives during the dividing of the country into Hindu India and Muslim Pak Sidhwa is definitely one of my favorite favorite Pakistani writers She is an inspiration truly But this is a harrowing and a very grim novel Though it is arguably one of the best if not the best work on this theme it is still bitter to read despite its excellence or maybe because of it It reveals all the raw wounds that are still fresh without reflecting much on the healing part but how do you heal from the wounds you inflicted yourself? The hand that had cut your skin and sliced your limbs was unsurprisingly your own No balm for that Maybe that's the whole point this book serves as a mirror a witness It is almost nonfictional in its unbiased bleak unsentimental unrestrained accounting of that brutal time I feel people outside the subcontinent can marvel at the sublime writing here can appreciate it as they should I mean that part of history is still very much hard and painful to read about It didn't show us what the occupying outside force but what we did to each other The British didn't divide and conuer us they only conuered us; we were already divided and we still are People as whole are divided in any place even within the same place Its companion piece movie Earth is visually stunning and finest film ever made on this subject a true motion picture The movie highlighted a period often ignored and not looked into much deeply but it is a fascinating piece of history that continues to teach us about ourselves than we'd care to admit

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Ice Candy ManEight year old Lenny spirited daughter of an affluent Parsee family narrates the story of the breaking of India as she witnesses Musli Also published as Cracking Indiathis powerfulraw and haunting book is Bapsi Sidhwa's masterpieceI was born decades after Partitionbut just reading about the slaughter taking place at the time is blood curdling Bapsi Sidhwa is herself a Parsiso her account is fairly neutralShe was a young girl herself at the timeliving in LahoreLikewisethe narrator is a young Parsi girl LennieShe is polio stricken like Sidhwa herself wasThe most powerful part of the book deals with the killing spree that went on at the timeas HindusMuslims and Sikhs slaughtered each other as the British finally prepared to leave India at the end of World War IIMobs were on the rampageinnumerable killings were taking placewomen were being rapedentire neighbourhoods were being destroyed and a mass exodus of refugees was underway in either directionMany of them would not make it to the other sideSidhwa masterfully depicts the chaosShe also narrates the story of a boy whose entire family was slaughtered in cold blood in a Punjab villageMy parents were certainly lucky that their village in the Punjab was a fairly long way from the borderand they didn't have to be uprootedBut Lahore and villages on the border had become battlegroundsAs for Ice Candy Man himself and his wickednessI didn't like the characterThis part of the story didn't interest me muchThe book works far better as a depiction of the broad sweep of eventsIt was interesting to find that this book has even been taught in schools in the USand that a petition was made to ban it for pornographic contentThat's rather amusingSidhwa does not shy away from bawdy humour and rather graphic situationsBut how many books are banned because of that ?The book was also adapted as a film in IndiaEarthOut of curiosityI watched it on youtubeThere is no comparison with the bookthe movie is fairly ordinaryBollywood superstar Amir Khan plays Ice Candy Manand looks thoroughly odiousSidhwa has written other booksbut those are just not comparable to thiseasily her best effort