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MOBI Ç DOC Crossed By Eliza Crewe FREE º ELIZA CREWE ✓ ➹ [Download] ➵ Crossed By Eliza Crewe ➼ – War is here Full scale war has erupted between the Crusaders and demons and even Chi has to admit isn’t going well Like any sensible rat Meda’s eager to abandon the sinAtic Instead Meda’s forced to try to keep them all alive until the dust settles As the Crusaders take and drastic measures the tables turn and Meda suddenly finds herself in the role of voice of sanity No one is horrified than she i This is how you end a trilogy Maybe this wasn't uite 5 star material but I'm rounding up because I think it deserves it for not being a huge letdownLike some other trilogies Alright I'm really horrible at writing reviews for books that I loved so this might not make any sense It's just so hard to explain the feelings that come with realizing that the ending of a beloved series didn't suck It didn't suck at all These characters didn't morph into weird parodies of themselves there wasn't that odd moment of forced Happily Ever After and no one died just to prove that the author had BALLSor some such nonsense It's always disappointing when an author loses sight of what made you love characters or maybe just doesn't know how they want the story to end Whatever the case the end result is that they phone it in or toss out a bunch of random insanity Meanwhile as a reader you deflate like a balloon because everything you initially loved is gone and in its place is a bizarre version of what made it so special However these guys always stayed true to their characterexcept when they didn't But in reality that was precisely how they needed to act for the story to be delicious Make sense?No?Too bad I'm trying not to give anything away hereThing is Crewe didn't go anywhere I thought she was going to and I don't want to ruin the story for those of you who haven't read this yet Buuuut I can't help mention a few things that I really loved Now I'm not going to spoil how it all goes down but if you don't want to know anything then back away from this review Fair warning and allOk first off I did NOT see the proposal thing comingWhaaaaat? Like if I were going to make a guess about something that was going to happen in a Soul Eaters book that marriage would never have crossed my mind NEVER But now that I think about it an unromantic wedding is exactly what the trilogy needed And the tone of it solidified my feelings about Crewe not vomiting out garbage at the 11th hour It sounds crazy but I ended up loving it Next up Evil Joe I can't even properly express how much fun I had reading about Joe giving in to her dark side Muahahahahahaha It was fantabulous I thought it was so awesome that shenoMust shut upcan'tspoilAnd that Big Reveal about God the Crusaders and the demons? Ack So perfectI'm not religious but even a heathen like myself could appreciate the Moral of the Story at the end of this suckerThis was just fangirl suealing See? I just can't write a good review when I love a book SorryThe best I can do is tell you that I gobbled it up thought it ended the way it should and wasn't in the least heartbroken or disappointed There Now go read it for yourself

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S When old enemies reappear as new allies and old friends become new enemies Meda has to decide again whose side she’s really on And then the Crusaders decide that Meda should go to Hell Literally Can’t a monster ever catch a brea A demon's soul doesn't satisfy me the way a human's does It's sweet and low to a living human's sugar Still a creeping satisfaction bubbles under my skin the soul drunk buzz that always accompanies the devouring of a soul Meda Melange is a back in a kick ass take no prisoners finale that will have you biting your nails in anticipationThe demons have declared war on the Crusaders and it's not going well Meda is ready to run away and leave the war behind but Chi and Jo have other ideas they want to fight and they want Meda to fight tooBut the Crusaders are losing drastically and when the tables suddenly flip Meda finds herself being the voice of reason and the only person her friends can depend on It's a book about friendship and fighting for what you believe in even when the odds are against you Dammit Jo just stop it Can't you just let any damn thing go? Meet a sacrifice you don't have to make? You really think throwing your life away is going to make a damn bit of difference? We're losing and this isn't going to fix that The friendships are still going strong in this instalment Chi the naïve believer in all things good; Jo the hardcore sensible thinker; and Meda our soul thirsty demon main character who when the odds are against her won't think twice about sacrificing herself for the greater good But the time comes when Meda has to face her mistakes and it doesn't go well My Almost Boyfriend Tried to Sell My Soul to the Devil and All I Got Was This Lousy Amulet they should put that on a T shirt Check out the full review on 100% Rock Full review to come on 100% Rock Magazine After reading YESSSS MEDAAAAAAAThis book is so kickass I can't uite explain right now because I'm busy jumping around in my seat in excitement IT IS SO GOOD I CAN'T DEAL And everyone is a badass I love it even silly Chi who is too nice for his own good Full review to come

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Crossed By Eliza CreWar is here Full scale war has erupted between the Crusaders and demons and even Chi has to admit isn’t going well Like any sensible rat Meda’s eager to abandon the sinking ship but unfortunately her friends aren't nearly as pragm I fly through the air soaring over chaos then slam into the opening of the world I grip the edge just barely Grit rolls under my hands and I slide back towards the hole only barely catching myself with the very edge of my fingertips I dangle over disaster the roar of battling demons below but I am unafraid I am filled with nothing but smug damn victoryI am Meda fucking Melange There is no way in hell I’m letting go I don't know what to say This is the final book in one of my favorite YA series in the last couple of years and reading it is like saying goodbye to a friend Which is kind of confusing since I believe we've established that Eliza based Meda after ME my ego knows no bounds and therefore I would be saying goodbye to myself? Whatever I digressThis book maintains everything I have previously loved about the series The friendship The snark The priorities As in when the world is going to burn to a fiery death thou shalt not gaze lovingly into thine lover's eye and whisper sweet nothing into his heads but instead thou shalt kick thyself some motherfucking demon ass Meda has always always got her head straight and that's what I love about her She is irreverent She is selfish She's out for self preservation first and foremost And above all else she is loyal and loving to her friends And no love triangle Ever In fact the romance is hardly a mention at allAnd what romance there isis so damn funnyMy gaze leaves them and finds Him My one true loveMy heart gives a little sueeze at the sight of him He leans nonchalantly in the parking lot the long afternoon sun splashing his shadow on to the pavement bigger taller than the original Enormous like the space he fills in my heartIt wasn’t love at first sight Oh no like all the best relationships it was slow and tempestuous I thought he was too loud too flashy As for him he was aloofI move forward and stroke his shiny chrome fender “Who’s a good boy? Are you my good boy?”“It’s just a motorcycle” Jo snapsThe character development is great It happens so subtly but our Meda isn't just a bloodthirsty snarky immature teen any She's matured Instead of reveling in the midst of pain and suffering she only celebrates a little bit I’d like to tell you that I enjoy his pain that the revenge is sweet That my harsh words are only the beginning of a scheme to destroy him But I can’tNeither can I tell you that I don’t enjoy it That I’ve become a better person who doesn’t delight in the pain of her adversary; that I don’t take a dark delight in the piteous cries of what remains of his pathetic heart But I can’t say that either Instead I rest in the middle feeling victorious but a bit sick like a child who’s eaten an entire cake Ok so we're not going to see her get into a circle and sing Kumbaya with the Crusaders or comfort a poor demon who's trying to convince her that it's good at heart really No But we do see her grow to love her friends We do see her making sacrifices for the greater good We see her thinking about people other than herself That isn't to say Meda isn't perfect When danger rears its ugly head the best action is sometimes to just run the fuck away Survive to fight another day Fuck bravery you gotta save your own ass at times Clearly a girl after my own shriveled enormously wimpy heart “You heard them Meda We’re losing The world is losing We have to do something”“Did it ever occur to you that no we don’t? That we are already doing enough and it’s not our damn responsibility?” This book is the last book in the series and conseuently shit is real It's full blown war between the Crusaders and an army of demons and the good guys excluding Meda of course are vastly overpowered It's the euivalent of the Black Knight fighting King ArthurClearly desperate times call for desperate measures the measures of which Meda does not like At All And for good reason “Y