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SUMMARY ½ Damned The Pirate Series À ❰Epub❯ ❧ Damned The Pirate Series Author Bec Botefuhr – Jade is a princess raised in a life of royalty She is being forced to marry someone she hates and is sheltered due to a gift she has had since she was born She is a healer Jax is a pirate; he runs a b Jade is a pE ship will she handle the violence and mystery surrounding the world he lives in The constant battles The search for treasures The secret surrounding the crew Will they find love Will she crack the brick wall that is Jax's heart. Pirates a Princess and monsters OH MYWow this book took me by surprise It's a story about Jax who is a Pirate and Jade who is a Russian Princess Jax is a hot sexy captain of a crew of lovable loyal men who when they're not searching for treasure out on the open sea happen to run a bar next door to the palace where Jade lives Jade lives a sheltered life and is being forced by her parents to marry a man she despises When she meets Jax she falls hard and fast for him and agrees to have a sorta friends with benefits relationship with him The one thing Jax warns Jade about when they agree to this relationship is to not fall in love with him or he'll pack up and leave Well when you're having sex with a hot sexy alpha pirate like Jax how could you not fall in love with him I'll just say a whole lot of shit and drama follow soon after I loved the story and read it one day I laughed got VERY frustrated and even a little teary eyed I'm soo looking forward to reading the next one cuz this one ended with a WTF moment


Gged and determined never to fall in love He is a playboy not a lover So when Jade tugs at his heart strings he has only one option Run When Jade meets up with Jax a few years later and takes Damned The Epubup a life on his pirat. I am speechlessAt a loss for words How do I express my feelings for this bookHow do I explain how freaking different it is from anything I've readHow do I come to love and hate Jaxx a character do dichotomous it hurts to read his storyAll I know is I really liked this book It was so complex and full of twists and turns it bloody gave me whiplashPirates princesses kings and ancient sea gods a bound my God I am so torn up right nowJade and Jaxx How can a couple be so fucked up yet so right for each other Their turbulent love is legendary One minute everything is gold love laughter and tons of hot sexThe next minute they're screaming at each other and slamming doors or crying Damn a girl can only take so much you knowI can't remember how many times I went from loving Jaxx to wanting to kick his balls into next week The man is a fucking riddle and once you think you got it figured out he messes it up again GEESH WTFJade I found to be difficult at times But with all the confusing shit she was dealt from Jaxx I'm surprised she stuck aroundThis story was hard to put down I felt so heavily invested in these characters it frightened me And not just Jaxx and Jade All the secondary ones were cool as wellThis book left no room for judgement I was whipping through it like my life depended on it and now I'm off to read the second in this series Betrayed I can only imagine what the hell will happen next Be still my crushing heart

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Damned The Pirate SeriesJade is a princess raised in a life of royalty She is being forced to marry someone she hates and is sheltered due to a gift she has had since she was born She is a healer Jax is a pirate he runs a bar next door He is gorgeous ru. 375 Rum Filled Bottles Rating image error