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Read & Download Dancing on Broken Glass ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ [Epub] ➛ Dancing on Broken Glass By Ka Hancock – Lucy Houston e Mickey Chandler não deveriam se apaixonar Os dois sofrem de doenças genéticas Lucy tem um histórico familiar de câncer de mama muito agressivo e MO para fazer o relacionamento dar certo Mickey promete tomar os remédios Lucy promete não culpá lo pelas coisas ue ele não pode controlar Mickey será sempre honesto Lucy será pacienteComo em ualuer relação eles têm dias bons e dias ruins alguns terríveis Depois ue Lucy uase perde uma batalha contra o câncer eles criam mais uma regra nunca terão filhos para não passar adiante sua herança genéticaPorém em seu °. I enjoyed the concept of this book as it is rare to read a love story that involves someone with bipolar disorder Lucy is able to see past the illness and fall in love with the man even when the realities of the illness rear their undeniable heads I can tell however that this book is a first book I feel that this author is talented and hope to read her future works That being said this book needed about 100 pages trimmed She showed us how people we love can help us to heal from crushing grief but we don't need to be shown 20 times Less can sometimes have impact; too much leads us to skip pages Hancock's characters kept me wanting to read the book Mickey's character shows growth from the beginning to the end Lucy fills the role of saint and because of her story arc does not deviate from that path As the author writes I think she will be able to write a complete person one who does not always make the selfless decision one who is not always predictable The pinnacle of character development is when an author can craft a character who is allowed to surprise you or even anger you without making you feel that you have been deceivedIf you are on the fence about reading this book give it a try There are some gems to be found within its pages You just have to wade through a lot of superfluous pages to find them

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Lucy Houston e Mickey Chandler não deveriam se apaixonar Os dois sofrem de doenças genéticas Lucy tem um histórico familiar de câncer de mama muito agressivo e Mickey um grave transtorno Dancing on eBook #202 bipolar No entanto uando seus caminhos se cruzam é impossível negar a atração entre elesContrariando toda a lógica ue indicava ue sua história não teria futuro eles se casam e firmam por escrito um compromiss. Okay so I finished this novel with tears streaming down my face along with a box of Kleenex by my side This has got to be the saddest most emotional book that I have EVER read All I can say is WOW How did the author pull this off without crying herselfor maybe she did I really just don’t know where she got the heart and sensitivity to write a book like this I guess that’s why she’s the author and I’m the reader So with that being said Ms Hancock creates the story of two damaged soulsMichael “Mickey” Chandler and Lucille “Lucy” Houston each individual carrying around enough baggage that could sink the Titantic yet again Mickey grew up watching his mother suffer from a bi polar imbalance which eventually plagues Mickey himself Lucy dealing first with the fatal shooting of her father during his employment as a police officer and then watching her mother wither away from breast cancer which eventually consumes Lucy herself The two meet during Lucy’s 21st birthday celebration and are immediately attracted to each other I don’t need to tell how they end up togetherthey just do But what comes next is a novel that alternates splendidly through alternating voices in the past and present first with Mickey’s dated journal entries beginning each chapter and then Lucy immediately following him reminiscing about their ups and downs as a loving couple Now I won’t go into what BIG THING happens in their lives to totally change it even though it is revealed on the dust jacket but I will say that it is really something HUGE that changes everything that they had planned for their future The book touches on relationships between sisters relationships between parents and especially relationships between spouses So much so that it had me so believing that these characters were actually real I really felt so sorry for these two people and I couldn’t help but wonder”How much heartache could this two individuals actually take” They were both such good and honest people They really didn’t deserve all the sadness and anguish that affected their lives You could also tell that the author did mountains and mountains worth of research or at least was very knowledgeable about the bi polar disorder I really have never known anyone with this disorder but it does sound very unpredictable and highly dependent on medication Ms Hancock has written a touching novel filled with sadness heartbreak love and mostly hope Hope that anyone reading this novel will understand and be compassionate about the ravaging disease of cancer and the debilitating disorder of bi polar It’s now been almost a week since I finished reading this novel and I can honestly say that I am still thinking about it It’s been a long time since a book has really touched my heart like this Please read it you will not be disappointed Can’t wait for the next Ka Hancock book to be released A simply outstanding debut

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Dancing on Broken GlassAniversário de casamento durante uma consulta de rotina Lucy é surpreendida com uma notícia extraordinária uase um milagre ue vai mudar tudo o ue ela e Mickey haviam planejado De uma hora para outra todas as regras são jogadas pela janela e eles terão ue redescobrir o verdadeiro significado do amor'Dançando sobre cacos de vidro' é a história de um amor inspirador ue supera todos os obstáculos para se tornar possív. I have written the first sentence multiple times and I'm still struggling how to begin I want to be careful so I don't give spoilers without warning so I might be vague There are so many facets of this book that I loved I'll start with the first thing that comes to my mindMickey and Lucy are complex and wonderful people We meet Lucy first as a child as she sees Death for the first time Death is not a verb but a noun Death is female and not frightening She is comforting and peaceful At the time her father explained to her that Death is not scary or painful Death is also not the end but a continuation Dying might hurt but Death does not A few days later Death took her father At the age of 17 Death also took her mother Lucy knew Death was near and felt peaceful but sadLucy is a package deal She comes with sass and two sisters Lily who is maternal in nature but childless and Priscilla who is career driven and has ice in her veins All of the sisters are loyal to one another but stay true to their characters Lucy is the youngest All live with the fear of cancer and death even though their father said Death is nothing to fear Their DNA dictates that cancer will come again to the Houston girlsMickey is 8 years older than Lucy and comes with another package He is funny a good business man charismatic and bipolar Here's what I loved at Mickey is than his diagnosis and makes that clear to Lucy He also makes it clear to Lucy that being with him will be heartbreaking He will crash and he will hurt her It is part of the illness He is also honest and genuine Their marriage is not a destination but part of the journey They accept each other and their flaws marry and continue on That's what I loved about their relationship They love each other and use that love to propel them forward Mickey hits his cycles He becomes manic self medicates hits psychosis he's hospitalized stabilizes and comes home Lucy greets him accepts him respects him and continues to love him Being bipolar is one part of who he is He's also much than thatAt the beginning of most chapters Mickey provides a journal entry It's usually short but clearly and concisely with raw honesty describes his mood disorder in a way that a textbook can't He provides a window for the reader to comprehend why his mood escalates to something uncontrollable and how he justifies adjusting his medication Bipolar becomes much than a diagnosis It has a face and personality Cancer is also a part of Lucy It doesn't define her but it is a part of her Again Hancock doesn't gloss over anything The doctor tells Lucy she has cancer and then we journey through her treatment with her One character provides a truth which applies to just about everything in life The only way through is going through it There are no shortcuts There are no shortcuts to a happy marriage There are no shortcuts through cancer treatment There are no shortcuts through depression There are no shortcuts through death or grief The only way through is getting up in the morning making it through the day going to bed Repeat Eventually you're at the other sideHancock tackles some tough issues that are not foreign to the reader Mental illness marital happiness or discontent commitment to marriage vows love illness loss grief death dying faith God peace Many of her ideas resonated for me I also enjoyed having a book that did not have offensive material in it Swearing is mild much like my own mouth Sex is included but within appropriate context Dialogue centers around the issues There is much much that I want to say about this but I'm afraid of spoiling itview spoilerMickey and Lucy go through hell together Mickey has his cycles and becomes psychotic or realizes he's spiraling out of control and gets the help he needs Lucy gets cancer and goes through chemo and radiation once Then she finds she has cancer again with the added complication of an unplanned pregnancy At this point they have to decide whether to continue the pregnancy and seek treatment that may or may not kill the cancer or do something else Remember that Mickey is mentally ill If Lucy dies Mickey may not be able to take care of the baby if the baby survives hide spoiler