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CHARACTERS ´ Darling Jim Æ [Epub] ➞ Darling Jim By Christian Mørk – The widely acclaimed debut novel—about three sisters three tales and a very dark secret—that's a chilling bedtime story for adults— People three starsFiona Walsh thought her family's secrets wou The widely acclaimed debut novel—about three sisters thrNt begins to see the light of day It's the most tragic love story he's ever heardNiall soon becomes enveloped by the mystery surrounding Jim an itinerant storyteller who traveled through Ireland enrapturing audiences and wooing women with his macabre mythic sagas though a trail of murder followed him wherever he went The Walsh sisters fi. Like his con artist storyteller Jim uick Christian Moerk weaves a Gothic tale of suspense that draws its audience in compelling us to find out how it all ends The structure is intricate but adds to the mood The book opens with mail carrier Desmond finding the body of an old woman on his route When the police investigate they find not only the body of Moira but the bodies of two young women who were apparently her prisoners Further investigation reveals that the girls were Moira's nieces and that a third prisoner was present at some time but escaped The structure immediately pulls in the reader who knows that something horrible and dramatic must have happened but like the police the reader is utterly baffled When a postal service employee Niall happens upon a package with the return address of one of the dead girls and impulsively takes it home with him It turns out to be the diary of Fiona Walsh one of the dead girls in the house She tells the story of Jim a storyteller who has captivated all the women in town with his fairy tale and dangerous good looks and who arrives in town just about when mysterious deaths begin to occur When Fiona's diary comes to an abrupt end Niall and the reader is obsessed with the story and heads to the town where Fiona says the events began to see if he can pick up the thread of how the girls met their fate He happens upon the diary of Roisin Fiona's sister which fills in many of the uestion marks The Gothic suspense is thick and irresistible the story tight and the fiddly novel structure which would have seemed amateurish and clunky in another type of book is perfectly suited to creating the dark foreboding mood in Darling Jim The level of detail in the diaries is absurd of course no one writes detailed dialogue or remembers every event like that but that's part of the point and it sweeps the reader into the story Darling Jim is an excellent spooky read for those who like their plot labyrinthine and their suspense relentless


Ercely loyal to each other were not immune to darling Jim's powers of seduction but found themselves in harm's way when they began to uncover his treacherous past Niall must now continue his dangerous hunt for the truth and for the vanished third sister while there's still timeAnd in the woods the wolves from Jim's stories begin to gathe. What a very strange book I did not care for it I can not believe that any group of young women could be lured into virtual slavery meet certain death in the manor described I found it to be rubish The language was offensive also Perhaps some will like the horror of it I did not find it compelling to read only finished it because it was a book club selection


Darling JimThe widely acclaimed debut novel about three sisters three tales and a very dark secret that's a chilling bedtime story for adults People three starsFiona Walsh thought her family's secrets would follow her to her grave but when her diary is found by a young postman Niall the truth about her untimely demise and that of her sister and au. Warning this book is super violent Especially against animals yuck and including sexual violence toward womenI had a lot of problems with this book they're detailed below because I felt the need to vent but they all amount to 1 The women in this book even though it's their story have no agency; their story is collected and concluded by a man 2 This book reuires some HUGE suspensions of disbelief especially about the police and criminal investigationsSo why 3 stars I liked the book Despite these things I did enjoy the story I liked the Irish mythology and especially enjoyed the stories Jim told I'm always a sucker for diary formats and the initial crime scene description was riveting Also I listened on audio and the female reader was fabulousProblems with this book spoilersview spoiler I can't suspend my disbelief this much over the diaries They're too detailed and literate and contain lots of descriptions and dialogue No way they were written by dying imprisoned girls I can't suspend my disbelief over the stupidity of the police No one seems to care or to be investigating any of the murders Or robberies DNA isn't even mentioned until like the 65% mark I can't suspend my disbelief over the characters' stupid actions Characters do or don't do things based on the demands of the narrative not based on how people actually act This really irritates me Example Why the hell doesn't Niall just google what happened to Jim Why does he keep asking people to tell him his fate Well it's to keep the reader in suspense but that's freaking annoying Fiona is a terrible person sexist racist a stalker and it's hard to feel empathy for her even during her diary's narrative Her other sisters seemed cool though This relates to the above Civilians are able to find things at the crime scene that the cops miss Sometimes even years later AURGH There's no way any of this could have happened without a huge media uproar I understand this was supposed to be a knight's uest complete with storyteller seanchai and a crippled prince and feral wolf and damsels in distress but the modern setting just didn't work for me hide spoiler