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DOWNLOAD ´ Dead Mans Mistress Ü [KINDLE] ❄ Dead Mans Mistress Author David Housewright – An investigation of missing property takes a darker turn near Lake Superior in Dead Man’s Mistress the next mystery in David Housewright’s award winning McKenzie seriesLouise Wykoff is arguably th An investigation of missing propeKoff Woman” was just a young apprentice when her intimate representation and the fact of the McInnis’s marriage caused Dead Mans Epubrumors to fly and Louise to hide away for decadesAll of McInnis's paintings are in museums or known private collections until Louise confesses to having three that no one has ever heard of and now they've been stolen Rush McKenzie an occa. Latest Rush McKenzie book good uick read although I had figured out the over arching motivationplot early in the bookexcept for the final scenes for who done the murder part Many little side actions just needed to read to see how it all played outI enjoy these books taking place mostly in Minnesota Had to do a uick look up for the other detective series I read featuring the same general St PaulMinneapolis geographic area However Lucas Davenport is a much hard boilednoir kind of protagonist

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An investigation of missing property takes a darker turn near Lake Superior in Dead Man’s Mistress the next mystery in David Housewright’s award winning McKenzie seriesLouise Wykoff is arguably the most recognizable woman living in Minnesota known for her presence in over one hundred paintings by the late and brilliant Randolph McInnis Louise known better as “That Wy. DEAD MAN'S MISTRESS is the second David Housewright book I've read this year It is also the sixteenth in the Rush McKenzie series and the 21st book by this author overall that I've read I like him His books contain engaging characters substantive plots and pithily get to the point creating uick and easy reads This book is one of the better novels by Housewright continuing a trend in which the McKenzie series outdoes the Holland Taylor series Though lord I really should not disparage either series in any way It must be beyond difficult to produce annual books for each of two series and keep them compelling I can't even imagineHousewright's books are set in Minnesota and place does play a role in most of this books including this one but location does not set the stage and create the ambiance like it does in other books Paul Doiron's Maine or Ann Cleeves's Shetland Islands would be examples of books in which location is centralMcKenzie is getting long in the tooth and by now he is years removed from leaving the police force so that he could accept a reward for solving a case that renders him financially independent he would never say wealthy the reward was not that big The early idiosyncratic charm Housewright created for this character as McKenzie bought toys for himself took on uixotic cases to help the put upon and hung out on the fringes of his best friend's family has been replaced Friend Bobby Dunston barely gets a mention here McKenzie is comfortable in his life and has established his own familial routines Now he has a network of acuaintainces built up over 16 books and that is how he is introduced to new cases That is how it happens here So McKenzie is hobnobbing with the famous and the wealthy in this book The story works for the most part later Housewright writes well It is easy to get comfortable and spend several hours at a stretch with this book The author is confident enough after so much success that he introduces occasional editorial asides through the voices of his characters asides that add some humor and kick to the reading He is even able to introduce a couple not just one of sexagenerian women who haven't been put out to the romantic pasture Housewright is very much a master of his craft One uibble with this book however There does seem to be a sizeable plot hole having to do with a contrived crime that was set up to be to be solved by McKenzie Did that not mean that the contracted criminal would go to jail for a crime he had been asked to do How were these partners in crime going to deal with that There may be an easy answer here but I do not want to get too specific The conclusion ties most of the loose ends together though it is also a bit contrived Overall a fun bookWhen is art art andwhen is a crime truly acrime See it Know it

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Dead Mans MistressSional unlicensed private investigator agrees to look into the theft As he investigates following clues that appear far too straightforward he finds himself on the wrong side of the bars wondering if the trail might be deeper and darker than he’s been led to believe Hours away from St Paul deep in the nature of Grand Marais the truth seems murkier and deadlier than usual. Although one of the perpetrators was obvious I enjoyed the main character He wasn't over written he wasn't hard bitten angry or a wise guy He was pretty down to earth and a decent human beingWhen a gallery curator calls McKenzie to find 3 previously unknown paintings of her friend a well recognized artist's model given to the model by the artist just before his death that have been stolen a circus ensuesThe model the artist's wife the collector to whom she sold the original collection to all claim ownership In addition a well known maker of film documentaries his over zealous annoying daughter zoom in to make a documentary on the lives of the artist the model the paintings which is being financed by the collectorTo add to the confusion a local young man the town's hottie is found dead by McKenzie after being identified as the seller of items stolen from the model's homeOn top of all that there is a tough nasty cop and a group of nasty local thugs who are responsible for a rash of burglaries Things become interesting when a ransom is offered for the paintings but no one can provide McKenzie with the dimensions or accurately describe the paintings Even interesting is the illegal auction of the purported paintings that turn out to be forgeriesThis was a pretty interesting book it held my interest I liked McKenzie but not the majority of the other characters