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Download ✓ Deserter 106 ´ [PDF / Epub] ★ Deserter By Mike Shepherd – Kris Longknife had no choice about growing up rich and pampered When she did have a choice she joined the Marines But now a friend needs help halfway across the galaxy and with a military heritage cou Kris Longknife had no choice about growing up rich and pCause of a deadly plague And after a sudden suspicious loss of communication with the outside world Kris realizes the length some enemies will go to for a life threatening bait and trap But she is willing to go even further and deeper into Turantic's secrets to surviv. This is the second book in the Kris Longknife series and like the first it's a great read Action packed MilitarySpace Opera Science Fiction In this one Kris finds herself on the beach a military term for officers who are on limitedno duty at half pay Her friend Tommy leaves her a message from another planet saying that he is in trouble She goes to his rescue along with her security man and her personal servant who is much than she seems She knows that it is a trap by her family's enemies to trap her but she walks into the trap for her friend The trap seems to work for a while but Kris and her team uickly upset her enemies plans With the help of the people on the planet who are tired of the way things are being run she turns the tables on her foes and they find a caged Kris Longknife is than they bargained for A must read for Kris LongknifeMike Shepard fans as well as fans of MilitarySpace Opera Science Fiction

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KLE UP SHE'S BACKWhen Kris Longknife's best friend vanishes she boards the next ship to Turantic the last place he was seen alive But there's to the rescue than meets the eye Turantic is not only the moss twisted hellhole in the galaxy but it's also under uarantine be. This is book two in the Kris Longknife series The story flows smoothly in this second installment Shepherd appears skilled in writing conversations between intelligent witty people Kris sets out to rescue her friend Tom Kris has some determined enemies who’d like to kill her and tried to get to her via her friend Tom She is the Prime Minister’s daughter billionaire in her own right member of an extremely wealthy and powerful multigenerational family and a Navy lieutenant 2nd Class and now a Princess in a new star nationempire The story is interesting and fun read There was action in the second half of the story The suspense keeps one on the edge of their seats The story is well written and intriguing because the Kris in installment two is a bit different from the one in Mutineer This is a somewhat typical space opera that is all about characters along with some action suspense and just a good read I read this as an audio book downloaded from Audible Dina Pearlman narrated the book

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DeserterKris Longknife had no choice about growing up rich and pampered When she did have a choice she joined the Marines But now a friend needs help halfway across the galaxy and with a military heritage coursing through her blood it's time for Kris Longknife to be a heroBUC. An excellent readI am growing to really admire Kris Longknife She isn't without problems and flaws but they are very human flaws Unlike many military space operas this series isn't about any kind of average grunt that winds up in command through battle field promotions nor about a well established career sergeant managing officers and troops and always getting caught up by situations beyond her control nor about a ship's captain always gaining honors and social and political status as well as enemies This is about a woman who is already living with the burden of the label of being one of 'those' Longknifes a family of war heroes Presidents Prime Ministers and owners of mega corporations not to mention being a trillionaire in her own right She is also a woman scarred with survivors guilt from the kidnapping and death of her younger brother a history as a childhood drunk because of it and extremely demanding controlling and yet distant parents She truly finds her home and herself in the Navy but not without growing pains not to mention several attempts on her life and a growing series of exploits of her own to add to the legends of 'those' damn Longknifes She also learns what it really means to Be one of 'those' Longknifes as well what it means to be a Leader both as an officer and as a person The responsibility to those she serves and whom serve her and those serving under herIt is really interesting to watch her grow both as an officer and as a person and how she inspires growth in those around her She leaves a very visible impact on those she meets ripples on the pond as she skips like a rock along path of history