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DOC ¹ READER Didn’t I Warn You ☆ Bad for You #1 ¿ AMBER A. BARDAN ¿ [Download] ➸ Didn’t I Warn You? Bad for You #1 ➿ Amber A. Bardan – Not everything dangerous is bad From the moment Angelina laid eyes on him she fell into a fantasy Mysterious foreignYthing comes at a price For Angelina that price is her future He's made sure the life she's left behind is in tatters Made her family believe she's dead Still he talks about protecting her about keeping her safe but she can't distinguish his truth from his lies She can't Here's a little Didn't I Warn You #Teaser Now ready to be added to your TBR listPRE ORDER on Noble

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Separate her pleasure from his betrayal Haithem warned her He told her he'd make her heart race her body come alive and her most primal needs rush to the surface His for the taking He didn't say she'd come to love the devil who's destroying her even as he keeps her prison Warning this review comes with feel good GIFs a super hot and addicting song and a fan girl attitude He knewHe knew everything because this feelings they cascaded from my heart and through my body and then out of my skinDear Amber you win You win so much that I'm going to post one of my favorite songs of the moment from one of my favorite artists of the moment which kept playing in my head while I was reading Didn't I Warn You You guys can thank me laterThank you from almost the middle of the Eternal City all the way to your beautiful semi rural Australia home for restoring my faith in sociopath kidnapper vs clueless virgin trope Or as Angelina herself would say the past week showed me I didn't believe in labels like virgin I could demand cock and not blush I wasn't innocent I'd just never had the chance to take what I neededIt was only by a strange trick of fate that I'd just finished reading like struggling with really a book with a similar thematic that I couldn't likeIt was like Goodreads told me it's okay here's another chance to make you re evaluate the genre And boy did I re evaluate Hell at some point I found myself thinking that being your anti hero's captive wasn't even that bad ME The same young woman who hates overbearing alpha guys The unapologetic rebel who always has to do the exact opposite people tell her Falling for a rich and exotic kidnapper JesusThis is going to be a messy review and I'll probably forget to mention many of the things that worked for me but I'll try to just pretend I'm calm and collected right nowAngelina is a very young Australian girl struggling with both normal and painful issues for someone her age She's looking for a job needs to get out of her parents' house and doesn't have a boyfriend She's also not completely at ease with her body She's always been curvy and that's represented a source of insecurity around peopleShe hasn't had a positive upbringing either She's way mature and brilliant than people her age I could say she's a little repressed in both the sexual and emotional senseBeing intelligent and creative than average she's learned to be there for her family giving up on her dreams and passionsBut that ends the same day she has a job interview with an important magazine; while she's in a café her eyes fall upon a handsome mysterious manHe's dark hair and eyes and a tanned skin and he can't keep his eyes off her eitherEverything Angelina has always wanted for her everything she couldn't even dream for herself suddenly starts happening super fastShe wants to speak with the attractive man Wants to be reckless and young and enjoy herselfThat's why she does whatever she can no matter how the careful good girl part of herself tells her to take it slow to meet him againThis is an unconventional story Haithem is a wealthy beautiful man He looks stern and powerful too He's apparently the clichéd version of every single mean bastard we've learned to know so well from many dark storiesHe's also Egyptian but speaks fluent English Arabic Spanish French and god knows how many other languages He seems to be attracted to Angelina's delicate exterior and unassuming beautyHe's dark to her paleness and that's an easy metaphor for both their appearances and naturesBut guess what? Haithem is not a bastardThey have a insta love and insta attraction I couldn't define it any differently But the reason behind that is all in their similar pasts They see in each other pain and lonelinessThat's something I adore in romance Whatever the protagonists end up doing even having sex behind an alley in the middle of the night when they have a connection like that I'm automatically drawn to itAnd the author doesn't simply present it With a slow heartbre

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Didn’t I Warn You Bad for You #1Not everything dangerous is bad From the moment Angelina laid eyes on him she fell into a fantasy Mysterious foreign gorgeous Haithem offered her what she needed most a chance to feel again But Haithem is much than he appears to be He lives in a world of danger where ever ARC kindly provided by the publisher Carina Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review When reading the blurb for this book on NetGalley I reuested it because it sounded like a great dark read but I’m a little disappointed To me it isn’t dark at all She doesn’t get to contact anyone and Haithem won’t return her home but besides that he’s almost always great to her There are no dangerous situations or at least they don’t feel dangerous Overall I still enjoyed this story and give it 3 starsThe book ends in an HFN and will be published April 18th The next part is expected to be published 2 months later