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The High LordSonea hat viel gelernt seit sie von der Magiergilde aufgenommen wurde Doch es gibt einiges das sie liebe This last book in the trilogy is the best by far I really enjoyed it I'd recommend reading the trilogy together and in order which is probably something normal people would do anyway I think while each one has a complete story arc they form a much complex and satisfying whole all together Normally I advocate reading books haphazardly and maniaclly but really these could be just one big long novel if people were willing to carry around a 1000 page book The character development across all three books is compelling and I found myself invested in the characters and the outcome than I thought I would be There are a lot of unexpected plot twists but enough that's archetypal and familiar so that the books don't leave you feeling lost or out of context The good guys win in the end though neither the good guys nor the bad guys are who you thought they would be I approve of the romantic storylines too which weren't superfluous or ham handed or smutty Though I'm not turning up my nose at ham handed smut I'd recommend Trudi Canavan to virtually anybody and I'm going to go hunt down other things she's written

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R nie erfahren hätte – die Dinge die sie in dem unterirdischen Gewölbe des geheimnisvollen Gildenmei It wasn't that complicated a plot or that original a premise to be honest much of the setting reminded me of Raymond E Feist's Krondor mixed with his magicians on Kelewan Regardless I enjoyed reading the books and read them very uickly one a day just about They're light easy reads in my opinion If you're looking for something long and epic look somewhere else but if you want something to take up a boring weekend or something I think these books would do it nicelyThe action itself definitely had me on edge About one hundred and fifty pages from the end I was literally on the edge of my seat bouncing up and down The parts about the slums wherever they came in were perhaps a little too long In the last part that drew out the tension almost than I could standI liked the characters a lot They were uite simply drawn when I think about it Akkarin for example despite being a major character got barely any characterisation at all until partway through the last book of the trilogy Rothen was purely and simply a good father figure Simple doesn't mean bad though they were easy to like or dislike in Regin's case and I got very fond of Sonea Cery Dannyl and Rothen in particularThe relationships were okay Characters seemed to form relationships in the blink of an eye and loathing turned to love very very fast The only relationship that I felt was really built up carefully was the one between Dannyl a male magician and Tayend a male scholar I enjoyed that aspect of the books uite a lot actually and while the relationship doesn't serve any particular plot purpose I think it justifies its own existence as much as a het couple would I read bits of Trudi Canavan's site and she said that she knew from the start that Dannyl was gay When it came time for him to go on a uest and discover things she wanted to spice up his subplot and that came with a romance And Tayend I thought that relationship was really sweet and it didn't fill me with rage as homosexuality as portrayed in fantasy has in the past I remember a series of books I read years ago where you could tell who the bad guys were because they were all gay sadists who tended to rape guys who fell into their handsLike I said I think the trilogy's really uite an easy read It doesn't have that much depth but as a casual read I loved it

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Download Book ð The High Lord Ì 704 pages ì Gwairsoft Ä ❰BOOKS❯ ✯ The High Lord Author Trudi Canavan – Sonea hat viel gelernt seit sie von der Magiergilde aufgenommen wurde Doch es gibt einiges das sie lieber nie erfahren hätte – die Dinge die sie in dem unteriSters Akkarin erblickt hat Sonea fürchtet dass seine Zuneigung nur ein hinterlistiges Spiel sein könnt I enjoyed these books up until the end which ruined the whole thing for me