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Dies the FireS M Stirling presents his first Novel of the Change the start of the New York Times bestselling postapocalyptic saga set in a world where all technology has been rendered uselessThe Change occurred when an Dies the eBook #188 electrical storm centered over the island of Nantucket produced a blinding white flash that rendered all electronic devices and fuels inoperable and p. This book made me hate reading It took me a month to get over the trauma that this self indulgent arrogant waste paper induced Sterling’s lack of subtlety is developing his characters was only surpassed by his amazing ability to make me disaccoiate myself with his heroes within two pages Amazingly convenient “coincidences” occur often than in the Hitchhiker books but at least Adams had the good grace to blame it on an improbability drive instead of just passing it off as the norm

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McKenzie was singing and playing guitar in a pub when her small Oregon town was thrust into darkness Now taking refuge in her family’s cabin with her daughter and a growing circle of friends Juniper is determined to create a farming community to benefit the survivors of this crisis   But even as people band together to help one another others are building armies for conue. One day in March the world turns white and every person experiences a searing pain After this brief flash modern technology no longer works No electricity no firearms not even gun powder works as it used to Our modern civilization is thrust back to medieval technology precipitating a catastrophe where most of humanity dies The survivors though have to figure out how to live in this new world as civilization collapses We don't get a primitivist's utopia however but a competently written account of various groups of people adapting to this new world This is genre fiction fantasy mixed with SF and one might say historical fiction though it occurs in the present which is to say that character development isn't too deep and the writing isn't literary uality But who cares about that stuff when faced with such an intriguing premise Juniper is a singer and a Wiccan who uses her Celtic background a a stage prop for her show Along with her deaf daughter and pal who runs a pub in Corvallis she realizes what the Change means and sets out for her cabin nestled at the base of the Cascade mountains Here with other survivors including most of her Wiccan group they attempt to organize to survive the Change and the coming winter by farming and manage to re create a clan based society Meanwhile ex Marine Mike Havel is flying a family of rich Portlanders to their Montana cabin when the Change happens dropping their plane out of the sky After they survive this they make their way west to the old Larsson homestead north of Corvallis And still meanwhile Norman Arminger declares himself Lord Protector of Portland as he utilizes his knowledge of medieval Europe he was a professor to unite various gangs and his old SCA buddies to create a new feudal system in Portland I didn't want to stop reading as this is all fascinating stuff what will happen when civilization collapses What do we do for food eat each other happens for transportation to protect ourselves to survive More importantly with the fall of civilization we lose our consumeristic belief systems and our civilizational myths What will replace them hint someone has read too many Tolkein books and it is a character not the author The second volume The Protector's War isn't as gripping as it details survival Change Year 8 Book three A Meeting at Corvallis is much better Like my friend Jesse said this wouldn't be as good if it weren't set in Oregon where we live but I think it is worthwhile to read Exciting adventure and fascinating speculation on what stories will guide us when our current reality fails My biggest complaint is that Eugene instantly descends into destruction and is given up as loss This happened in that other post apocalyptic novel The Postman What gives with everyone giving up on Eugene so uickly Like we don't have any fight in us

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Dies the Fire Free download » 2 Ð [Epub] ➟ Dies the Fire Author S.M. Stirling – Gwairsoft.co.uk S M Stirling presents his first Novel of the Change the start of the New York Times bestselling postapocalyptic saga set in a world where all technology has been rendered uselessThe Change occurred w S M Stirling presents his first Novel ofLunged the world into a dark age humanity was unprepared to face    Michael Pound was flying over Idaho en route to the holiday home of his passengers when the plane’s engines inexplicably died forcing a less than perfect landing in the wilderness And as Michael leads his charges to safety he begins to realize that the engine failure was not an isolated incident Juniper. It’s been a while since my last apocalypse not counting The Walking Dead on AMC naturally so it was with anticipation that I opened Dies the Fire While it scratched some of those survivalist itches unfortunately when I finished I felt nothing but relief And not the good kindActually I feel kind of ranty about the book It is such an archtypical tale an Aesop’s fable with details–lots and lots of details–but no originality no finesse in characterization or plotting that it is really uite predictable Start with the characters it centers around two people Michael Havel archangel ultimate Male former Marine bush pilot hunter survivalist and Juniper Mackenzie Mother Earth ultimate female Wiccan musician Renaissance Faire player and general people person Their backstories are somewhat fuzzy except when providing an explanation for their skills and resources While they have some dimension to their personalities in the sense of having hopes fears anger and determination they are essentially ideal role models both in terms of community leadership and in coping with disaster Continued at wordpress and BooklikesDue to Goodreads being generally reluctant to engage in a policy of customer service and only recently re opening dialogue about their deletion policy 3 months after it was implemented in draconian fashion as always ranting and review permanently displayed at