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REVIEW ´ Dona Nicanoras Hat Shop ñ [PDF / Epub] ❤ Dona Nicanoras Hat Shop ✅ Kirstan Hawkins – Surrounded by forest and reached only by a treacherous road the sleepy South American town of Valle de la Virgen is almost unknown to the outside world But after a silent stranger rolls in on the back Surrounded by forestTo be reawakened Yet every dream must come at a price and the inhabitants of this sleepy little town are about to get than they bargained forIntriguing and intoxicating with a host of unforgettable characters in a magical setting Doña Nicanora's Hat Shop is a remarkable novel that dares us to follow our drea. Each year the members of my bookgroup select two titles each This month's selection was mine and selected in the same way that I select horses in the Grand National because they have a nice nameThe story is set in a small sleepy town in South America The inhabitants are happy with their lot and the central character Dona Nicanoras has always had a dream to open a hat shop She is widowed and yet only in her early forties and she has known grief as she as buried several children Times are toughThe sleepy village has very few visitors that is until Dona's eldest son returns from another failed trip of making his fortune he is his father's son He brings with him someone he has met and this is the catalyst for changeFrom this moment on Dona considers with the money she has from taking the traveler in as a lodger that she could open her hat shop after all yet the mayor has other ideas and wishes to wake up the sleepy town and bring in visitors of course the conseuences are that town does not get rich only the people that have the money in the first placeI loved the characters and felt that they were portrayed as being vibrant There were some great one liners from Gloria and RamonOn one level the story shows the potential exploitation of places and people and that sometimes greed can consume all logical thought and overshadow all the great things In doing so it strips away the very sole of something to the point of ruinUltimately this was essentially a love story A story of loves those endured lost and endured The story of dreams even if they come at a price

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Eamed Doña Nicanora never did escape the Dona Nicanoras PDFEPUBswamp town and travel the world Don Bosco did not marry the woman he loved and the mayor is yet to achieve the power and influence he craves But it is not until the arrival of the mysterious foreigner known only as Gringito that their dreams start. This review was originally posted on my blogValle de la Virgen is a uaint little town in the middle of nowhere The majority of its inhabitants is uite content with their lot and the few who dream of bigger things leave for the city Ernesto eldest son of Doña Nicanora and troublemaker pur sang is one of the latter With luck as bad as his late father's he soon cuts his losses to return home with a shabby pick up truck and a grubby foreigner to show for his efforts To his exasperated mother's relief doctor Arturo takes him on as an assistant and as a companion because no other villager feels inclined to seek out his medical expertise The town dwellers are so used to their own customs and routines that any impending change feels like a threat So they visit medicine doctors when illness strikes and the men seek out Don Bosco's barbershop for a daily shave and chat Yet ironically the traveling market is utterly unpredictable driving the poor city doctor to distraction The Gringito whom I secretly suspect to be a North American yogi is the pebble that disturbs the surface of uiet backwater Valle de la Virgen With the money he pays for lodging and meals Nicanora starts to dream once of opening a hat shop and there the trouble begins The misinterpretation of a well meant suggestion leads to havoc and interestingly improvised solutionsThe book acts like a magnifying lens so that the reader can discover for himself how remarkably normal these remote village dwelling people are They are nothing like the dirty uneducated peasants that urbanites accuse them of being Nor are they the oppressed yearning for another revolution as romanticised by the People's Liberation Front Doña Nicanora's Hat Shop is a delicious rib tickling wistful romp of a novel that cheered me up while the incessant rain was busy ruining my summer break The colourful villagers touched me with their antics and were a gentle reminder of how life is always precious no matter who we are and where we live


Dona Nicanoras Hat ShopSurrounded by forest and reached only by a treacherous road the sleepy South American town of Valle de la Virgen is almost unknown to the outside world But after a silent stranger rolls in on the back of a pick up truck nothing is the same againLife for the town's inhabitants has not turned out as they once dr. I see other reviewers have likened this to the work of Alexander McCall Smith and I get that but for me it didn't uite deliver on the charm