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Dracopedia Field Guide review  eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ ❮PDF❯ ✪ Dracopedia Field Guide ✑ Author William OConnor – Gwairsoft.co.uk Identify dragons in the wild with the Dracopedia Field GuideHave you ever stumbled upon a dragon egg and thought to yourself I wonder which type of scaly beast will buIdentify dragons in the wild with the Dracopedia Field GuideHave you ever stumbled upon a dragon Dracopedia Field ePUB #199 egg and thought to yourself I wonder which type of scaly beast will burst forth from this delicate and dappled shell Well wonder no This fantasy field guide is reuired reading and reuired packing for both budding and expert dragon enthusiasts Don't leave home without it. This is type of book which convince you to buy paperback or hard cover editions because digital medium is simply not enough to show it's true beautyMy only regret is the book 'expired' before I can finish it since netgalley allows you to borrow it for only limited daysstill I enjoyed a lot while I had it

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This comprehensive and elucidating manual identifies the dragons of the world from Amphipteridae through Wyvernae Each genus of dragon is meticulously chronicled from winged Coatyls and Sea Orcs to itty bitty Feydragons to fire breathing Great Dragons then broken down into additional subsets to help you discover what sets these magnificent creatures apart Uncover the biology history behavior. Awesome I would have love this book so much as a kid This is an encyclopedia about every species of dragons I include marvelous artwork lot of facts about where to find those dragons how they hatch weight height and It does what it says so and done it perfectly

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Dracopedia Field GuideAnd habitat of each stunning and primeval beast through written and illustrated descriptionsEach dragon specimen entry includes the following important information for fast and easy identification Size Weight Visual descriptors including color distinguishing marks wings horns beaks etc Habitat Diet Conservation status Common names Dracopedia The gold standard for dragon enthusiasts everywhe. This is my second review for a book by the late William O’connor his Dracopedia books are a door to a vast and fantastical land full of all types of dragons from around the worldThe book is divided into 13 chapters each one focusing on individuals from a specific genre of dragons Amphiptere Asian Dragon Sea Orcs Feydragon Great Dragons Drake Hydra Basilisk Artic Dragon Wyrm Coatyl Dragonette and Wyvern Each specie has a scientific name and detailed information on its anatomy habitat distribution diet behavior history etcIt was so much fun to read this book I got so inspired to create my own original dragon species It’s like watching discovery channel but about dragons a real field guide You get all the facts and numbers plus gorgeous illustrations and dragon lore William O’connor makes them feel so real so part of this world that I almost feel the urge to fly to the Tibetan mountains and get a glimpse of the majestic and critically endangered Cathaidaus jingshenlongus which measures around 3m and lives in snow covered mountainous areasIf you like dragons drawing painting creating original characters or just enjoying the lore and fantasy about it I would highly recommend this and the rest of Dracopedia books Absolutely inspiring for all agesAs some of you might know Impact books was part of FW Media which is no longer Such a pity I loved their books so much What that means is that you might not find this book any unless you get a used copy This book is worth the hunt tho You can also get kindle version