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Free read Þ Blood Author Tony Birch Ç PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Í [BOOKS] ✴ Blood ✻ Tony Birch – From the moment he saw her wrapped in a blanket at the hospital Jesse knew that he’d be the one to look after his little sister When their mothThe arms of Ray Crow Jesse sees the brooding violence and knows that this time the trouble is real But Jesse is just a kid and even as he tries to save his sister he makes a fatal error that exposes them t. Blood a debut novel by Tony Birch has been shortlisted for the 2012 Miles Franklin Award In the blurb at Fishpond it’s described as ‘an epic moral fable a gothic odyssey set on the back roads of Australia’ It’s the story of two kids thirteen year old Jesse and his little sister Rachel aged eight They have the kind of mother they’d be better off without Her name is Gwen That’s not me sitting in judgement It’s Jesse who narrates this story who tells us so Gwen’s life is a disaster and her adolescent son has finally given up on her She’s been on drugs and drink throughout his whole life there’s been a succession of men but the relationships never last and she makes endless promises that she never keeps She has occasional dead end jobs but they never have any money and he’s learned not only not to have any ualms about skipping out on the rent but also how to steal petrol food from supermarkets and anything else they need There’s no affection in these kids’ lives They have no friends their own ages no extended family to offer support except a pallid grandfather They have no amusements except obsolete TVs scrounged from nature strips Gwen doesn’t even do Christmas She’s always angry and constantly bawls commands at the kids Jesse has learned the hard way that for now he has to just keep uiet and do what she says What Jesse craves is a uiet routine sort of life But apart from a transient episode when Gwen takes up with an ex con called Jon and a sojourn at his grandfather’s he doesn’t get that This is a bleak life indeedTo read the rest of my review please visit

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From the moment he saw her wrapped in a blanket at the hospital Jesse knew that he’d be the one to look after his little sister When their mother's appetite for destruction leads the little family into. This story is told by Jessie a mature and intelligent thirteen year old boy who single handedly raised his younger sister Rachel from birth Jessie has not had a stable life and is often left alone for long periods of time with his sister while his delusional mum Gwen is sleeping off the effects of drugs or alcohol from last night party or hooking up with shady men There is hardly any food and they are constantly hungry As a result they resort to stealing and lying to get byIt is when his mum meets Ray Crow that things take on a dangerous turn Ray is charming and generous man by appearance but Jessie can see behind the façade to Ray’s evil intentions Jessie is feeling uneasy so does something irrational that puts his family on a dangerous pathBlood is a terribly sad and moving story which delves into the life of neglect poverty and the strong bond between siblings This is so wonderfully written and very much in tune with peoples emotions especially Jessie; he goes from hope sadness and disappointment to desperation It captures the harshness of the Australian landscape while the family are on the move and the bleak dark life style that Jessie lives It was an emotional book but I did enjoy it The ending turned out to be rather gripping and nail biting

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Blood Author Tony BirO the kind of danger from which he has sworn to protect Rachel As their little world is torn to pieces the children learn that when you are lost and alone the only thing you can trust is what's in your blo. I had come across Tony Birch during a class last semester on short fiction We were introduced to Shadowboxing and I was struck by his well written working class characters and his ability to impart meaning and depth of character in simple things like a father trying to teach his son boxing It was also a realisation that I was beginning to enjoy this ‘minimalist’ style that I’ve been reading I was also surprised to find that Blood is Birch’s debut novel which seems like an inexact label given his experience with short fiction and notable collectionsBlood reminds me a lot of MJ Hyland’s This is How for the use of minimalist prose very exact and simple yet conveying a lot in the actions of the characters but also for Birch and Hyland’s ability to say a lot whilst a lot of the plot surrounds everyday things There is something about the style that makes reading the text addictive and able to read it very uickly The events seem to happen at the level of the individual characters rather than worldly events perhaps this is something I’ve noticed as I read less ‘genre’ fiction and ‘literary’In Blood Jessie with his sister Rachel narrates their lives of moving about a lot with their mother Gwen who doesn’t like to be called ‘mum’ and trying to grow up whilst Gwen lives in hope with each new partner and they essentially have to look after themselves You really get a sense of how shit it is to live a childhood so unstable unable to root yourself anywhere The two kids don’t seem to have any friends other than each other It is an experience coming out of their class background and the nature of Gwen only being able to find casual work in barsAnd whilst in some senses the family can be seen as an institution that holds people back for Jessie and Rachel their bond is all they really have It is their only hope when everyone and everything around them doesn’t seem to care about them or what happens to them This is symbolised in both of them cutting into their fingers and rubbing their blood together so they can be ‘whole’ brother and sister after their mother reveals that they are born to different fathers Their family histories to Gwen are often treated like accusations of how they are not normal like when Gwen refers back to Jessie’s indigenous fatherIt is out of the story of their transitory lives and getting to know Jessie and Rachel that Birch is able to impact us as readers so successfully when the stakes of the plot become much higher The ending though open ended and leaving you raw hits you with the contrast as it all escalates beyond something so ordinary like we could have lived that life ourselves to make you feel that perhaps your own life could unravel and be thrown upside down like that Birch says in his acknowledgements that he has no idea how it ends I might have felt a little cheated after I turned the last page but it seems apt Where do Jessie and Rachel live now I wonder about them as I would a real pair of siblings