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kindle á Burning Moon Ò Kindle Edition read ´ jo watson º ➳ Burning Moon Read ➻ Author Jo Watson – WARNING Being left at the altar in front of 500 wedding guests may lead to irrational behavior causing you to go on your honeymoon alone Other side effects may include Rself on fire landing up on a “Missing Poster” with the same bad hair and unexpectedly falling in lov HmmmI read this because I actually spotted the second one while browsing iBooks and when I went to have a look at the first I discovered that I already had it I download stacks of free books every week and then generally pick through when I’m looking for something and choose ones to read at random I was looking for something to read before bed and this isn’t too long so I ended up finishing it in one nightLily is humiliatingly dumped by her fiance just before she’s about to walk down the aisle to marry him leaving her a simple note and disappearing off the face of the earth Lily wallows for a while before she makes a snap decision to fly to Thailand on her own and go on the honeymoon they were supposed to have On the plane she makes eye contact with a man and he pops up several times both on the flight and after Damien shows Lily a completely different holiday to the one she was expecting and along the way she completely realigns what it is she wants out of life and especially loveI love the idea of this I really do Just the execution didn’t work for me personallyOne of the things I really don’t like is that sort of wacky crazy comedy where everything is exaggerated for ridiculous effect and this book contains a lot of that Lily is basically a walking disaster in the way that makes you wonder how she’s even made it to mid 20s without suddenly becoming a headline in the Darwin Awards There were a few things I just had trouble buying even given Lily’s disturbed state of mindThe other thing is the speed I’m all for getting over the douchebag that dumped you five minutes before you were due to walk down the aisle but everything happens so uickly She invites Damien to stay with her in her luxurious honeymoon suite when they get off the plane she’s having a bath which is in the main part of the suite trusting him to just keep his back turned then she’s following him to some party The whole thing takes place over a few days and then she loves him so much by the end of that that it overshadows her life for the entire next year It just felt so rushed and even though there were some times where the chemistry showed flickers of promise everything was happening so fast that I didn’t really have time to sit back and enjoy it developingI liked Damien although the fact that he was super rich felt superfluous to the plot really I wasn’t even sure why it was there given he was basically backpacking his way around the world without a to his name When Lily invites him to stay with her it’s because he hasn’t got any money yet to pay for accommodation and needs to go and sort that out somehow obviously working odd jobs to scrape together enough cash to tide him over until his next flight All the flights are prebooked in advance but he seems to wing it in between which just made me feel anxious because I’m old now and the time where I find it romantic to just drift around the world without money or plans is now long gone Actually to be honest I’m not sure there was ever a time in my life when I would’ve been on board with that sort of lifestyle I’m not as organised and uptight as Lily but I’d certainly like to arrive in a foreign country and know that I had enough money to pay for somewhere to sleep that night Damien was interesting though in that he wasn’t uite a typical love interest character – bit gothy the complete opposite of what Lily thought she really wanted in life He was nothing like her former fiance nothing like what she’d pictured for herself and it made her think about why she had such definite ideas about what she’d wanted and how set the plan had been for her life Damien was like the opposite of a plan He seemed pretty together and knew what he wanted to do The conflict felt a bit contrived but mostly what I didn’t like about this book was Lily She read uite immature and I think she needed that year to really grow up and figure out what would make her truly happy not what she thought she should do with her lifeThis was okay it was different reading a book mostly set in Thailand I’ve never been there but despite the hoards of Aussies that go every year I’ve never really read anything that takes place there However it could’ve been anywhere with a beach really But I didn’t love it Too much just didn’t really work for me or reuired too much suspension of disbelief

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WARNING Being left at the altar in front of 500 wedding guests may lead to irrational behavior causing yo Burning Moon was a romance that suddenly popped up one day on the iBooks store for a free deal I had seen this novel trending on Wattpad a few years ago so decided to give it a try I am a little bit cautious when it comes to reading adult romances I like mine to be cute slow burning and mainly clean Sadly this was not the romance I wanted to see Lilly has always wanted to get married and sure enough the big day arrives which she is really excited about However instead of marrying her true love he dumps her at the alter in front of over 500 guests mainly close friends and family Without thinking Lilly decides that she is going to go on her honeymoon to Thailand alone just without any of her friends or her now ex fiancé During the flight she meets a backpacker called Damien who on arrival become acuainted Together they travel and end up at an exclusive party called Burning Moon There Lily has to choose between going home or travelling the world with DamienI haven't read many stories set in Thailand before so this appealed to me a lot Some of the awkward moments involving Lilly such as turning up at the airport and boarding a flight whilst still in pyjamas made me laugh Personally the romance was too steamy but that is just me personally as a reader of romance novels Those who really like their steam will really like Burning Moon Also some of the events that occurred throughout the novel I just couldn't relate to There is swearing sex scenes and tears I can definitely say that readers over the age of 18 who really love their romance will enjoy this one

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Burning MoonU to go on your honeymoon alone Other side effects may include very bad hair getting arrested setting you Inkvotary35 starsUff Done Lilly is such a drama ueen All the time a situation isn't the way she had imagined it and not at all matching her colorful dreams she literally freaks out panics and her thoughts run wild Even after one year of changes she hasn't really changed one tiny bit New haircut new color yes but the rest stays the same Crazy freaking out thoughts senseless fear and panic over nothing And that woman calls herself a grownup? Not in my worldThe writing style the author uses is sarcastic sort of fun to read and full of drama Some hilarious scenes show the humor Jo Watson has and the setting is really beautiful But the rest? Not sure if I will read another book of this series or the author in general Too exhausting