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It’s been three years since Joe’s father vanished Now seventeen he is unaware that government agents are watching him in case his dad makes contact Joe is too distracted by his secret girlfriend midnight swims in the pools of strangers free drinks from his buddies at the movie. I'd rate this 35 starsFull disclosure I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an unbiased review Many thanks to NetGalley and Pen and Picture for making it availableThe story of a teenager who spends much of his life watching or thinking about movies Michael Ebner's Movie Game reads kind of like a blockbuster movie There's action intrigue mystery romance violence sex and even a little drama But like many popular blockbusters there's so much shoehorned into the plot it veers off the rails from time to time but its charm ultimately keeps you readingIt's the summer before Joe's senior year of high school He spends nearly every waking moment watching or thinking about movies or playing the rapid fire Movie Game with his buddies which he usually wins He considers himself the defender of distraction free movies and often follows offenders home after the movie has ended Joe also has late night encounters with Nikki who keeps their relationship a secret from her real boyfriend and he's a big fan of dark dipping or swimming in neighborhood pools late at nightJoe and his older sister have been keeping up appearances since their father disappeared three years ago and their mother left to live with her new boyfriend afraid if authorities find out Joe is without parental supervision social services may step in While Joe is a cinephile his sister is an excessive reader But what Joe doesn't realize is that government agents have him on constant surveillance because their father isn't uite who he said he wasTheir excessive consumption of fiction was an essential distraction from their broken homeSuddenly Joe's life seems and like a movie—his new college aged girlfriend may have hidden motives for their relationship the stories he's been telling his sister to push her to live her own life are actually less elaborate than the truth and then there's the increasingly annoying presence of the federal agents who want his help tracking down his father who has apparently become a terrorist All that and he's still dealing with the trauma of his high school girlfriend's tragic death three years earlierWill Joe choose the bonds of family over the long arm of the law Will he finally get the girl he deserves Will he be able to continue winning at the Movie Game or will a new competitor supplant him And most importantly will they all live happily ever afterEbner's book is a little wacky and far fetched I can't tell you how often I had to remind myself that Joe was supposed to be entering his senior year in high school given his level of sophistication but it's fun funny and even a little bit moving There is a lot going on in this book—too much I think—so the plot really goes all over the place and you sometimes don't know what scenario you're in at a particular moment But Joe is a fascinatingly charming yet flawed character and you're compelled to keep reading to see where his story goesSummer movie season may be over but Movie Game is like a summer movie in book form All you need is the popcornSee all of my reviews at

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Movie GameGame and the glamorous college student Felicity But his movie esue existence and addiction to fiction is set to collide with a heavy dose of reality this summer when he discovers everything is not what it seems his secret girlfriend wants to be the real thing His college fling ma. 'The Movie Game' by Michael Ebner is at times reminiscent of Chuck Palahniuk and Steve Martin with a dash of Raymond Chandler thrown in for good measure Ebner's work is comic subversive mysterious and altogether engaging; the first person narrative of seventeen year old Joe blurs the lines between reality and silver screen fiction as he searches for his missing fatherThis would certainly be a good addition to a school library for mature teen readers as it explores a range of issues relating to uestions of identity and belonging There is a smoothness a lightness to Ebner's style which makes this highly readable

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Movie Game Read ↠ 104 â ➦ [Ebook] ➡ Movie Game By Michael Ebner ➱ – It’s been three years since Joe’s father vanished Now seventeen he is unaware that government agents are watching him in case his dad makes contact Joe is too distracted by his secret girlfriend m It’s been three years since Joe’s father vY have ulterior motives And the government agents want co operation to catch his missing father All this and the three year old death of Joe’s first girlfriend Alice are going to cause him to face some dark truths It’s no longer a movie game This is his life and he wants to wi. “I don’t think you understand There’s an epidemic of young males in this country who don’t read or follow the news or anything to acknowledge their reality”The second novel by Micheal Ebner All The Talk Is Dead is an amusing cineliterate tale of dealing with loss cinema and terrorismOur protagonist Joe is 17 He lives at home with his Sister Loren Their Dad who works for National marine fisheries went missing a while ago and their Mom moved out to live with architect But they still pretend that their mom still lives with them – hanging out laundry getting the daily newspaper delivered just to keep social services at bay Joe used to be a swimmer but three years ago his girlfriend Alice died and he lost interest in everything except Cinema Now he and his three friends Brad Toby and Dan get together to play ‘The Movie’ game a version of six degrees of separation His life pretty much revolves around going to the cinema stalking those who talk in the cinema this game and taking nigh time swims in other people’s poolsWhilst this is going on he seems unaware that his sister is suicidal and that he is being followed by the FBIWhat follows is an often very funny sometimes touching tale of how we deal with loss how we all use deception to hide our true selves – indeed play roles and how we can become so immersed in things that real life starts to pass us by The most interesting parts of the book are probably the flashbacks to Joe as a 14 year old in the immediate aftermath of Alice’s death the cause of which we don’t discover until the book’s end There is a real sense of sadness in these sections that is mostly blotted out by the film humour in the ‘present’ – perhaps intentionally so as blotting out is arguable what Joe and Loren have been doingEbner clearly has a love for cinema and as this is a love I share it made this an easy and rapid read His prose style is easy going and there are hints of Carl Hiaasen in the bleakness of the humour A good holiday read