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Far too brawny brotherA covert agent A confirmed carefree rogue Dugall Ferguson comes perilously close to being trampled beneath horses’ hooves And the remorseful deliciously tempting woman responsible for nearly killing him isn’t even aware of the peril awaiting her at her new home Gwendolyn desperately needs protection and though he’s on the cusp of realizing his life long dream Dugall rashly offers to aid the fiery lass Their futures collid This is overall a light hearted story with some humor but also serious background themes threatening the happiness of our heroine Not a weak female Gwendolyn faces the possibility of her guardianship over her niece and nephew being called into uestion She must adjust to the local customs and unexpected inhabitants of her nephew's estate Fortunately she has the handsome Dugall willing to help her An enjoyable read with some surprising twistsI read an advance reader copy

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Seductive Surrender Highland Heather Romancing a Scot #6EForced together in order to oust a would be killer irresistible passion erupts between Gwendolyn and Dugall Dare she trust her traitorous heart one last time especially to a known rake? How can he choose between his love for Gwendolyn and his desire to be a spy? Read the sixth installment of the Highland Heather Romancing a Scot Series for a suspenseful Scottish historical romance awash with intrigue seduction and passion you won’t want to put do Seductive Surrender ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️by Collette CameronHighlander Heather Romancing a Scot #6Gwendolyn McClintock a southern bell has been betrothed four times each one unsuccessful She has finally comes to terms with herself as a woman on the shelf It is when she learns of her nephews inheritance in Scotland she decides all their lives need a change She sell the farm and land in America and heads to Scotland with her niece and nephew and her aunt the nanny to claim his inheritance In their final leg of the long trip their coachman runs over a man Gwendolyn feels responsible but apprehensive about aiding the gentleman She learns he in the younger brother of a powerful local Laird Dugan Ferguson is a rogue but uite intelligent and educated and above all handsomeThis story is part of a series it can stand alone It is full of twists and turns as only Ms Cameron could have her reader negotiate The romance seems predicable but the culprit is a surprise I really enjoyed this book and the witty dialogue of Ms Cameron is just the icing on the cake

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Seductive Surrender Highland Heather Romancing a Scot #6 doc ´ ebook read ã gwairsoft ¾ ❮Download❯ ➾ Seductive Surrender Highland Heather Romancing a Scot #6 ➹ Author Collette Cameron – Dalliances flirtations liaisons? Aye But marriageDalliances flirtations liaisons? Aye But marriage? Nae Spies dinna wed Betrothed four timesGwendolyn McClintock has resolutely slammed the door on romance and marriage Intent on beginning a new life she sells her beloved familial home in America and totes her orphaned niece and nephew to Scotland’s Highlands But the grand adventure she promised becomes a tangled muddle when her coach accidentally runs down a powerful laird’s much too attractive Gwendolyn McClintock a spinster with four failed betrothals sailed from her family’s plantation in South Carolina all the way to Scotland along with her niece Julia and nephew Jeremiah Jeremiah has inherited a title and will become a Scottish Lord of Parliament when he’s of age But on their way to Suttford House they come across an unconscious man on the road With two children her lady’s maid Kandie and her elderly Aunt Barbara Gwendolyn isn’t uite sure what to do with the man but as he was hit by their coach’s horses Gwendolyn opts to take him along The man Dugall Ferguson of Craiglocky Keep solicitor and his brother’s steward was robbed on his way to Edinburgh Dugall is glad he awakens to Gwendolyn’s pretty face but when he learns her name he has reservations the McClintocks are the enemy Meanwhile Lloyd Hollingsworth who studied law with Dugall is minding Suttford House Hollingsworth had thought he would inherit not Jeremiah Hollingsworth has somewhat of a reputation so Dugall offers Gwendolyn his services as steward for a few months until he joins the Diplomatic Corps But it doesn’t take long before it seems that someone is trying to kill Gwendolyn A new book by Collette Cameron is always a treat and in addition to lovely descriptions of Scotland there is a touch of the America south in the plentiful additions of southern expressions There were some interesting historical details such as Gwendolyn having sold everything in South Carolina and feeling out of place in Europe Some things were at the same time dreadful and amusing because of Gwendolyn’s ingenuity when a very unpleasant – and uite unexpected – event occurs Gwendolyn instead of falling apart concocts a very clever way of dealing with the situation There is also the matter of Gwendolyn being a few years older than Dugall which is seldom seen and refreshing in itself SEDUCTIVE SURRENDER is a multilayered story with a very complex legal matter at the heart of the mystery as well as a lovely romance While the attraction between Dugall and Gwendolyn was immediate the romance progresses slowly their relationship is built on trust and respect and the conflicts are entirely external; neither does anything silly And the mystery had me utterly baffled I would never have guessed what had happened It was a bit unusual for Ms Cameron whose stories are usually focused on characters than plot driven but it was very well done I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own