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Doc Ô Turbulence 358 pages Download Ò Gwairsoft Ð [Ebook] ➪ Turbulence ➩ Samit Basu – When Aman Sen gets off a plane from London to Delhi he discovers that he and everyone on his flight now has extraordinary abilities corresponding to their innermost desires Aman wants to heal the plan Ing some means harming others Will it all end as 80 years of super hero fiction suggest in a meaningless explosive slugfes An unlikely combination of engaging humour and a juvenile storyMr Basu's writing is witty and humorous and very refreshing to read It is really uniue irreverent sharp and demonstrates an understanding of the melting pot that is contemporary India I really enjoyed the first few chapters Really did Till the story kicked inThink of Wodehouse for instance The story in any of his novels is incidental A mere pretext a place holder for his writing It is his writing that one really enjoys Mr Basu must stick to something like that His attempt to have a story here is a disasterHis humour is multi layered and will be appreciated by adults Those who have the ability to appreciate it will see a lot of humour But the comic book story of super heroes won't appeal to anyone but kids and teens who can't appreciate the depth of his humor What's the point? Neither can appreciate bothIt's like serving noodles and sambarReview also posted here

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Abilities corresponding to their innermost desires Aman wants to heal the planet but with each step he takes he finds help I tried I really did Thrice Stopped at the second chapter on the first try Couldn't go past the 25% mark on my third try I give upThe story is about a bunch of people getting superpowers based on their heart's deepest desires all because they happened to be on a certain British Airways flight There's a villian trying to kill 'em all of course there is and an undecided character who might be a friend or a foe I stopped reading before this was revealed perhaps This whole plot sounded very interesting but once I got reading it just couldn't keep me interested There were a lot of things happening true but it was very insipid and bland for want of better words It was dry I wasn't looking forward to turning the pagesSo I gave up I loved Simouin Prophecies but this one just didn't do it for me

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TurbulenceWhen Aman Sen gets off a plane from London to Delhi he discovers that he and everyone on his flight now has extraordinary Whether or not you will like this playful novel about Indian superheroes depends largely on how much you like its distinctive voice Here’s the opening paragraphs#In 1984 Group Captain Balwant Singh of the Indian Air Force’s Western Air Command had dangled his then three year old son Vir off the edge of the uppermost tier of the Eiffel Tower in Paris nearly giving his gentle and hirsute wife Santosh Kaur a heart attack in the process With the mixture of casual confidence and lunacy that is the hallmark of every true fighter pilot Captain Singh had tossed his son up caught him in midair and held him over the railing for a while before setting him down safelyHis son’s future thus secured Balwant had turned to shut off his wife’s uncanny impersonation of a police siren with the wise words “Nonsense foolish woman See my tiger is not afraid at all He is born for the sky just like me Vir say ‘Nabha Sparsham Deeptam’”Vir had not been in the mood for the Indian Air Force motto at that point his exact words had been “MAA”All these years later Vir still remembers that first flight with astonishing clarity the sudden weightlessness the deafening sound of his own heart beating the blur of the world tilting around him the slow motion appearance of first the white dome of Sacré Coeur and then a wispy white cloud shaped like Indira Gandhi’s hair behind his flailing red Bata Bubble Gummers shoes His father had said that moment had shaped his destiny given him wingsBut his father isn’t here now Flight Lieutenant Vir Singh is all alone in the sky#Vir like the other superheroes got his powers on a commercial flight to Mumbai; why and how this occurred is never explained and doesn’t matter The powers derive from the characters’ deepest desires so Vir an all Indian hero became Superman; Uzma a British Pakistani aspiring actress is loved by everyone she meets; Tia a discontented mom who wishes she’d made different life choices gets the ability to generate copies of herself One guy gets the power to control weather based on the condition of his stomach but exactly what this power means to him is not exploredThe characters’ knowledge of superheroes and the fact that most of the superheroes they know of are not Indian provides a lot of the comedy and social commentary of the book as they discover that all the good superhero names in English are taken and the Hindi alternates are incomprehensible or unpronounceable to a global audience Vir’s suggestion based on the highest Indian military decoration is shot down due to no one who isn’t in the Indian Air Force having heard of it And is a giant superhero battle with lots of property destruction the inevitable climax of any superhero story? The characters are lightly but vividly sketched They’re types rather than well rounded characters but they’re fun types My favorites were Uzma who just wants to be famous Tia whose power is badass than it sounds and the super baby or rather the hilariously bonkers cult following attracted by the super baby But the wry narration was my favorite part of the book tossing off uips and references like a never ending shower of brightly colored confetti There is a seuel which I will definitely read but this book ends conclusively I think the seuel takes place several years later and mostly involves different characters