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REVIEW ¶ And Then I Met Him ☆ ❮PDF❯ ✮ And Then I Met Him ❤ Author L. Arthur – Sebastian longs to find his true soul mate but love just seems to pass him by With loneliness lurking in the shadows he finds comfort in his work Doing so creates a cycle that's perfect for distractio Sebastian longs to find hOn That is until he meets HIM Note This free online story doesn't have listed pages however the word count is. he threatened to avoid speaking with me for a whole monthohhhh threat of silent treatment I'm SOOO afraid Oh nodrama ueen muchOh this 20 year old guy is kind ofcreepy


Sebastian longs to find his true soul I Met PDFEPUB #233 mate but love just seems to pass him by With lonelin. Added Paragraph 111011This was such a tender and touching love story Eli is a boy who has been neglected and left to fend for himself and has lost the ability to trust the world As a result he lashes out to anyone who tries to get close but when he meets Sebastian he finds it is not so easy to doSebastian has grown up in a world of good friends and family Intelligent and social he has certain expectations of his life and the last thing he expects is to have his life turned upside down when Eli enters itThis relationship is unexpected but none the less beautiful I love the way both young men seem to add something to each other that has been missing Eli finds a person who deeply cares about him for himself which turns to true love for both of them Sebastian on the other hand finds someone who he can care for but not pity I love how the relationship slowly develops over a week but at least it's not insta lovewhere they meet and then boom We're in love on the same day Both characters are completely developed and are not just caricatures of teenageyoung adult boys The only part of the story that didn't ring true to me was the abrupt resolution between Eli and his mother Years of neglect can not be healed through one conversation which have left evident scars on the young boy's psyche Especially since it is obvious that her treatment is at the root of his deep emotional scarsEli's story is so heartbreaking I found myself wanting to cry several times Yet he also has a resilience and inner goodness that allows him to open up when he finds the one he can truly trust I am really grateful to have found this lovely story I think Eli and Sebastian will stay with me for a long time

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And Then I Met HimEss lurking in the shadows he finds comfort in his work Doing so creates a cycle that's perfect for distracti. This book was ridiculous but I have to admit I totally enjoyed it for what it was It is not well written it doesn’t even appear to be proof read But by throwing in prepositions where they should be and ignoring complete misspellings or even wrong words the piece is still easy enough to read and understand Glaring examples Arthur spells “lost” as “lossed” and in one part that she meant to use the word “closed” she wrote “clothes” why Arthur wouldn’t just proof read something before posting it on the internet I have no idea That being said the concept and characters are simply fun You have to get over a few hurdles like these two boys cry than little girls at a Bieber concert someone should have called CPS on Eli’s mother long ago and there is an absurd amount of silly movie references Once you have cleared those hurdles it is a uick angsty coming of age between the boy on the right side of the tracks and the one on the wrong side Sweet if not corny It is not going to win any awards but certainly can suit a mood for the afternoon