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Read eBook ò Shortcake Ü ½ Lucy Watson ´ ➾ Shortcake Download ➹ Author Lucy Watson – Things Emelia Anderson would rather do than share a house with Benjamin Crawford1 Get strapped to a chair in a restaurant full of loud chewers2 Parachute into the Australian Outback armed with onThings Emelia Anderson would rather do than share a house with Benjamin Crawford1 Get strapped to a chair in a restaurant full of loud chewers2 Parachute into the Australian Outback armed with only a blowdart3 Live her best life as an ice road trucker in the Alaskan TundraBe 4 Charred Soul Stars ⭐Shortcake was so much than a romantic comedy You can be assured that there were plenty of laughs featuring standout characters and a cast of kooky neighbours and friends but it certainly tugged on the heart strings as well The soul can’t breathe without hopeIt wasn't meant to end this way With the death of her dear friend Rose the last thing Emelia expected was to be included in her will An ironclad will that would mean spending 1 month with Rose's grandson Ben in very close proximity I’m telling you there’s no way in hell my grandmother left half of her estate to some housekeeper she met a few months ago No fucking wayWell as you could imagine this accusation doesn't go over to well Maybe Rose's plan for them to spend time together would allow them to remove their preconceptions of one another or not “I hate you” I whisper on a harsh breath meaning every word“Sleep tight shortcake” I can actually hear his grin BastardAs both stand to lose everything by not adhering to the conditions of the will they are forced to tolerate each other but not without a little torment thrown into the mix Now just when you expect this story to be be your run of the mill enemies to lovers trope you start getting true glimpses into both these characters And it isn’t pretty I have no place to call my own No job And my mind is damaged They said it would heal in time They said one day I would wake up whole againThey lied Or at least I think they didBut it will take a lot of mistrust misconceptions and unlikely circumstances for Ben to see reason And even with all these insights it still takes ages for these two to even contemplate any feelings for each other He’s so freaking gorgeous when he’s not plotting my murderI'm a little torn as to how to rate this book I actually feel misled as it was labelled as a 'sexy romantic comedy' and I just didn't get much sexy until the very end and this story is seriously long If you are a lover of slow burn reads you will possibly love this For me it was uite good not fabulous

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Will transfer to the one person Ben hates than Emelia and she'll have to move back to the one place she wants to forget than BenDid I mention Ben look likes man candy and smells like testosterone? Not that Emelia notices She spends a lot of time not noticing things about Be Well I'll be damned if this here isn't one of the best enemies to loverscomedy reading treats I have indulged myself in latelyAnd as I understand this is also a DEBUT novelwell damn good job and I an really excited to see what comes next from the writing pen of this NEW author

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ShortcakeNjamin Crawford thinks Emelia conned his dying grandmother into leaving her half of an estate worth millions so let's just say he's not her biggest fan either Not even closeNow they have to live together for the next thirty days while renovating the family home Or the estate This debut novel by Ms Watson is a mixed bag for me so let’s rummage through it and see what we find The GoodEngaging writing style I love a good rom com because I prefer to laugh than cry with my romances so I’m always up for getting to read a new to me author in this subgenre Your emotions can run the gamut in a rom com done well and Shortcake actually has a lot of potential for some depth with the froth It was very easy to read though I struggled the further I got but on that later and I was hopeful that even with some bumps along the way that I would really come to love this From the very first line Emmy is relatable funny a bit damaged definitely prone to drama and pretty lovable I was immediately intrigued with what happened to her and wanted to know So good setup? Check Classic tropes of enemies to loversforced proximity? Check Funny wacky scenes? Check The story is written in first person all from Emmy’s POV and while she’s myopic with her perspective of herself and Ben the rest of the characters are easy to envision and fun to get to know And thenThe BadIt’s bad when you don’t like one half of the couple in a romance Sadly I really struggled with Ben and his jerkish behavior towards Emmy The only perspective I have of Ben is from Emmy and he’s pretty harsh to her from the moment he meets her Occasionally they’re both childish and their arguments can land on the comedy end of rom coms but alot of times he's just mean Now I’ve fallen for “heroes” that start off as jerks Sometimes seeing that jackass realize he’s a jackass can be very satisfying and eventually I can connect to them on some level And if this was on the big screen so much is conveyed through the eyes or body language that you could probably get away with seeing the story mostly through Emmy's eyes However Ben stays in the same lane for the majority of his personal journey so I couldn’t empathize with him and understand WHY he was such a jerk until way too late Also his attempts to hook up with other women while living with Emmy did not endear him to me but I can get past it because he wasn’t romantically involved with Emmy at the time Still didn’t like it Shallow characterizations Rom coms don’t have to deep dive into emotional angst I don’t expect that But I do need at least ONE really good scene that lays out the emotional connection between the hero and heroine For example Ben and Emmy’s “big heartfelt confession” scene the one where you would finally see them start to understand each other the scene where their secrets come out and helps advance them to the next stage of their romance? Completely bare bones and came pretty late in the tale We’re told that Emmy’s big secret was told to him by “some friend” WTF This is a crucial scene and yet afterwards I felt I didn’t know either of them any better for it Also I never felt they were eual in their interactions Emmy didn't give as good as she got Ben steamrolled her most of the time if he really wanted to She was always the one to worry about him to bend towards his will to give ground It’s only towards the end that we’re TOLD about Ben’s feelings that we’re TOLD that he really did want and care for her but it didn’t show for the majority of the story I didn’t really get to see his regret for his treatment of Emmy and there’s absolutely no grovel Speaking of missed opportunitiesThere SO MUCH that is completely glossed over in order to rush to a conclusion The pacing was very off and the characters suffered as a result Oh lord problematic Calling Romani people “gypsy” is a slur It’s never been complimentary it’s had horrible connotations around the world There’s an acknowledgment in the story that it’s horrible and I could understand it being used by an old ignorant woman However the continued use of it BY THE HERO as a term of affection? Drove me batty There’s but that was one bit that really stuck out and made me cringeI really really wanted to like this story but this shortcake was shortchanged by the abundance of missed opportunities The moments that captured my attention and made me want to keep reading didn’t outweigh my disappointment with the lack of character development weird pacing and problematic bits I do think there’s good potential with this author and I wouldn’t rule out reading another book by her Just a shame this didn’t work for meARC provided by publisher via netgalley for reviewFor reviews visit