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Faded AUTHOR Mercy Amare Read & Download ☆ 104 Û ❰Read❯ ➪ Faded Author Mercy Amare – Gwairsoft.co.uk Faded is the second book in the Rock Star TrilogyI left Hope the only place I’ve ever felt at home So now what Where do I go from hereWhen I left I didn’t just leave my home I left my friends my s FadedFaded is the second book in the Rock Star TrilogyI left Hope the only place I’ve ever felt at home So now what Where do I go from hereWhen I left I didn’t just leave my home I left my friends my sister. Faded was such a great seuel I loved it from beginning to end and literally did not put it down Jaded ended with such a shocker I really didn't know where Faded was going to beginning but Mercy did an amazing job continuing the story that keeps me on my toes I know for sure this trilogy always will The relationship between Scarlett and Stephan obviously have their bumps I'm sure you know why if you know how Jaded ended BUT they ended up staying strong and sweet Stephan was a great support for Scarlett She has to make a lot of important decisions for herself in Faded and she couldn't have done it without him I also really love the character that Stephan has become For a lot of the book he really was just a guy a little horny at times and it was hilarious Mercy does a great job of staying true to them being young adults even though they are having to make adult ish decisions I'm also really excited for what's to come with Alec and Bridgett I could just see the tension coming off the page between them but because Scarlett is so preoccupied the reason why that is isn't revealedOverall I thought Faded was a great 2nd book Even though I'm pretty sure this ending was almost as a killer as the ending of Jaded but in a good way For some reason while I was reading it I felt that Faded's writing style was a mix between Jillian Dodd and Michelle Mankin I don't know if any one has read any of their books but I would be curious to know if someone else felt the same way It's a great mix to have I would recommend Faded to any Young Adult lover Just don't forget to read Jaded first 3

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T that may be harder than I thoughtOn top of everything I now have cameras following me around everywhere Even my own home isn’t safe any I’ve come to realize that normal will never be an option for me. Faded One let me say right away Scarlett has grown so much from book oneHer career is going well but other things still need a bit of work Cough love life She has had so much Bless her heart She has learned and finally has taken the reigns a bit on her life Piece by piece she has grown up She sees life a bit differently Stephen Hot yes The relationship with the two of them Complications Ugh Will he Won't he Does he Omg the song The song is beyond words Read it just wow read it The supporting characters are great in story Alec Bridgett Mona Ethan They add a dynamic to the story line and help pull everything together Scarlett is a great character like I have said before she has moxie she also has found her own voice in a way Ironic considering her profession It's just finally a different voice being heard I am going for broke here I actually liked book two better Don't hate me I just loved the change in storyline and the growth of characters This book made me laugh and it made me cry I have hope for our rock goddess now I have hope for Stephen He is still hot as Wow I really cannot wait to see where Mercy takes us next Great book fun read this series has got me Yep I am a fan You should be too ❤

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Faded AUTHOR Mercy AmaS and Stephan I just found them I can’t lose them nowI know that I want to do MY music I need to remember WHY I wanted to play music in the first place And the only way to get that is by firing my dad bu. After I had the opportunity to beta read Jaded I was seriously looking forward to reading Faded Especially after that huge scene at the end Faded was even better that Jaded I didn't think for a second that it would be but it so was I thought that this book was going to be a bit different I had my own ideas about where it could go and as soon I started reading I realised how wrong my ideas were The plot of Faded was so different to Jaded but I loved it even I think the plot had a lot emotion in it and a lot depth in it The plot continued on from where Jaded left off from and Jaded's ending was pretty big I loved the plot that much that I couldn't stop reading I read this book in two sittings The plot thoroughly impressed me and I loved it's development from Jaded The characters were again amazing Scarlett in Faded was different to the Scarlett in Jaded She was reserved and she seemed a lot happier in this book She went through some big changes in Jaded and this book was about her getting used to those changes and making them a part of her life She thoroughly impressed me I also loved her attitude change Stephan in this book was the exact same Stephan from the last book I liked the secret that was revealed in this book about a part of his family but I won't tell you what that secret was I still thought that he was hot and I loved that he was always there for Scarlett You could really see that the two of them loved each other I wasn't a lover of Alec in this book compared to Jaded but I did like his honesty towards Scarlett about his feelings for a certain character I can't really talk about a certain character because it will ruin Jaded for you if I do but all I will say is that I loved a certain character that Alec may or may not have had a crush on I thought that she was developed perfectly from the person we met in Jaded Again she was the complete opposite to Scarlett but it was good to see two different attitudes on two different characters I thought that the ending of this book was a little crazy I didn't see it coming at all I'm really looking forward to reading the next book in this series Hated as overall this series is really impressing me How pretty is that cover It completely suits the first book in the series and I love it Big thank you to Mercy for an ARC of Faded