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Redemption Iris #2 Read & Download ê 104 Ê ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Redemption Iris #2 Author Rebecca Lynn – alternate cover edition for ASINB00HGVPC5E Redemption the second book in the Iris Series by Rebecca Lynn is a standalone novel that promises to deliver as much steam and desire as the first book Relea Alternate cover edition for ASINBHGVPCE Redemption the second book in the Iris Series by Rebecca Lynn is a standalone novel that promises to deliver as much steam and desire as the first book Release introduced you to Ryann and Jeremy Enjoy reading as the love story continues with Ayanna and Jonathan Ayanna Sarin an exotic beauty with a 'take no prisoners Redempti. Redemption is the story about Ayanna and Jonathan that we met in Release the first book in the Iris series by Rebecca Lynn I was looking forward to reading this since I enjoyed Release so much This is a stand alone and not a continued story from the first book but I highly recommend you read Release before you read Redemption One because it is a better book and Two there is a spoiler in Redemption for how the first book ends I thought Redemption was OK but definitely not as good as the first in the series and will not be on my re read shelf I loved the story of Ryann and Jeremy in the first book I felt like there was a good balance of sweetness romance and suspense In Redemption I felt like we lost some of this balance The suspense was minimal and over uickly I enjoyed the build up to Ayanna and Jonathan's relationship but once they were together I felt like the story stalled out There was minimal conversations and plot and just steamy scene after steamy scene I like an erotic romance as much as anyone but I feel like that was all we got after that point Once they became a couple there was no plot The writing was done very well and there were minimal editing errors but in my opinion the second half of the book could have been condensed into one chapter where you get their HEA I did enjoy the glimpses of Ryann and Jeremy that we got and we do get to know other friends and family members better in this book I am assuming this is to set us up for the future books in this series Will I read the next one At this moment in time I am unsure if I will

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On Iris ePUB #199 attitude' has finally decided to turn over a new leaf A passionate chef and food blogger she is ready to re evaluate her life especially her choices in men After a series of failed relationships she’s determined to find ‘Mr Right’ Jonathan White is a sexy conservative and former Wall Street investor Two months after meeting Ayanna he still. This is the series I re visit time and again when I've become a jaded bitter romance novel reader Rebecca Lynn reminds me of why I love to read this genreAuthors Rebecca and Lynn always give me a lift and a renewed faith in romance The only problem with re reading this series is it makes me impatient for their next book releaseI've read book #1 Release several times; However this was my first re read of Redemption Still a 5 star book Still the perfect amount of erotic romance suspense and intelligent characters dealing with real life issues Can't wait for Michael and Emily's story in book #3

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Redemption Iris #2Can't get her out of his mind Even though he has his own demons to exorcise his attraction to Ayanna continues to draw him to her As the sexual tension builds both Ayanna and Jonathan must ask themselves if they can accept their differences and be redeemed from their pasts Will they discover their relationship is worth fighting for Redemption is for mature readers. Laughed cried and laughed some And I almost didn't get this book because of a reviewAyanna and Jeremy's story was a laugh a minute Yes the beginning was a slow start but the fights banter and laughs between these two was wonderful once day 41 came all bets were off and the fun began It had excitement and you so wanted Ayanna and her parents to work out I don't want to give anything away but this was an excellent read and was worth every penny now on to book 3 and the fun I'm sure is about to get even better with Emily and Michael's story oh the joy of reading stories that are not just written well but make you wish the people were truly real Thank you again Rebecca Lynn for another great read