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David Young's chillingly intricate Stasi Child was A London Times “Crime Book of the Month” and a Telegraph Pick of the Week1975 When Oberleutnant Karin Muller is called to investigate a teenage girl's body at the foot of the Berlin Wall she imagines she's seen it all before But she soon realizes Read my interview with David Young the author of Stasi Child original and accomplished debut thriller “Stasi Child” is a compelling police procedural set in 1970s Cold War GermanyUnlike any police procedural I’ve read before this novel is set in Berlin – before the wall came down The plot is intricate but well rendered so that even the many unfamiliar names places and references do not detract from its enjoy abilityThe book though fiction was meticulously researched and taught me a lot about the culture and history of socialist East Berlin Although very familiar with books set during the war with references to the German SS I was NOT familiar with the term ‘Stasi’ Stasi is the commonly used name for The Ministry for State Security The Stasi were a secret police force whose mandate was to spy on the general population To further their mandate they utilized a network of informantsThe book is told in two principal voices the first being that of the policewoman Karin Müller A young woman she is the first female to head the homicide division of the People’s Police Childless she is married to a teacher named Gottfried yet is very attracted to her deputy Tilsner Karin is a loyal citizen who for the most part believes in the fairness of her socialist country Her past holds some very traumatic memories which come to light over the course of the storyKarin is tasked with finding the identity of the dead girl A teenager who was viciously murdered and then mutilated to hide her identity making Karin’s task an arduous one She is to work in cooperation with a Stasi officer named Jäger whom she doesn’t completely trust For that matter she doesn’t completely trust her deputy Tilsner eitherThe second voice of the story is that of Irma Behrendt A young teenage girl who is in a sort of reform school called a Jugendwerkhof on the island of Rügen Here she and her best friend Beate endure hardship and abuseI love it when the title of a book fits the story as much as this one did The author makes the choice of title abundantly clear in the narrativeThis book contains a glossary of German terms and phrases Very helpful to the reader if you are reading a paper book but not so helpful to those like me who read the book electronically I didn’t discover the glossary until after I’d finished the bookThis is an authentic story of corruption and lost innocence A novel that shows to what lengths people will go to fulfill their desires It is a novel with a bleak and chilling atmosphere that lends itself well to the plot At times brutal the narrative was set during the winter as the cover suggests This book will appeal to a wide audience both male and female Anyone who enjoys thrillers historical fiction politicalspy stories and of course police procedural mysteriesThis is David Young’s debut novel and the first of a proposed trilogy I very much look forward to visiting Karin Müller again in his next book “The Stasi Wolf“Thanks to Bonnier PublishingTwenty7Books via NetGalley for providing me with a digital copy of this novel in exchange for my unbiased review

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Stasi ChildThat this is a death like no other before it the girl was evidently trying to escape from West BerlinAs a member of the People's Police Muller's power in East Germany only stretches so far The Ministry for State Security the Stasi assures her the case is closed all they need to know is the girl's name A book set in East Germany when the Berlin Wall divided a common people can only be interesting based on location and historical setting When it has been so extensively researched crafted with skill and written with a shifting tension it can only be winner David Young has produced a novel of great weight and found a niche his plotting and thrilling style exploit to the very end A terrible crime which needs investigating but when everyone is a potential informer and the state controls everything and everyone who can expose corruption at the highest levels? A fascinating murder mystery with honest police work undermined by political and party factions Karin Muller leads the investigation but it will have far reaching outcomes for her personally regarding her current relationships her past life and scars she carried and her professional future Written so we care for these characters we feel their pain and isolation and wonder how the truth is within Karin's pay grade to find and if found will ever be allowed to be known Darker than a moonless night tense than overwound watch devoid of hope and trust in others A book to chill one's soul and despair for a lost people bound by a regime content to destroy and undermine We can rejoice in part that one wall did tumble down and freedom was embraced This is historical fiction but it bears a truth of something that happened in my lifetime and therefore makes compelling fiction

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reader ç Stasi Child Kindle Edition ☆ david young ☆ [Reading] ➮ Stasi Child ➶ David Young – David Young's chillingly intricate Stasi Child was A London Times “Crime Book of the Month” and a Telegraph Pick of the Week1975 When Oberleutnant Karin Muller is called tYet they strongly discourage her from asking uestions The evidence doesn't add up and it soon becomes clear the crime scene has been staged But this regime does not tolerate curious minds and it takes Müller too long to realize that the trail she's been following may lead her dangerously close to ho 35 starsWhat David Young gets right here is the never ending paranoia and complications of living within a state so controlled by an overwhelming bureaucracy and a powerful police security force Every action could be being watched by the Stasi and you have no way of knowing just who they are how or why they are monitoring you and what will happen to you if they decide you have become an enemy or just a problem of the state This feeling comes over very effectively in the novel; Oberlutnant Muller not only has to work with Stasi officer Klaus Jager she also has to worry about the bread van so often spotted across the street from her apartment her fellow officer Tilsner who seems to have money than he should her husband Gottfreid who has been meeting a certain religious official with known Western sympathies Every single time she tries to move forward in her murder investigation there is something or someone acting to prevent any progress Likewise the second voice of the novel young Irma must wonder whether she can trust those around her because anyone can be StasiWhile the intriguing historical context was an excellent choice the murder case that formed the plot was somewhat confused and lacked that page turning thrill There was far too much of it that needed to be explained in extended conversations between characters that 'so tell me why this happened' 'oh i'll tell you it all' kind of dialogue that is rather unsatisfying In addition Muller's whole relationship with her husband rang false to me it didn't suit her at all and felt shoehorned in for some extra fizz view spoiler Not something i'm going to have to worry about in the next one clearly hide spoiler