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Ym nierównościom społecznym a przemoc na ulicach osiągnęła niespotykaną dotąd skalęRana Dasgupta pisze o współczesnym Delhi Capital The ePUB #199 z liryzmem i empatią wsłuchując się w głosy jego mieszkańców miliarderów i biurokratów handlarzy narkotyków i przedsiębiorców mieszkańców slumsów i pracowników międzynarodowych korporacji Są pokole. Rana weaves a web of exuisite prose to study what capitalism has done to Delhi a city which had previously been traumatized by other catastrophic historical forces like imperialism and partition The author alternates between personal interactions with a wide range of faces from a wife beating billionaire to a young activist working in the slums and deep thoughts on what the future of the Global City will be He paints a bleak future for the city and we can only seek solace in the fact that out of trauma such meaningful works are written

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Capital The Eruption of DelhiNiem na zakręcie a ich historie składają się na obraz miasta i społeczeństwa pogrążonego w wirze transformacji Delhi to literacki portret jednego z najszybciej rozwijających się współcześnie miast ale to także opowieść o tym co być może czeka The Eruption of eBook #8608 nas wszystkich to błyskotliwa analiza rozwoju i przyszłości globalnego kapitaliz. It is an unfortunate reminder of how jaded Indian society is when you see all the reviews below panning this book as stuff we've heard before Seriously Is everyone so resigned to living in a gangster state that the lucid and lurid anecdotes in this compendium no longer make people tremble with rage and indignation Have we all just decided to meekly allow ignorant fools with no shame to take over Delhi and rule it with all the wisdom of a poorly toilet trained 3 year old crapping wherever they wish Sure there is nothing in this book that any well read student of contemporary India does not know about It's the prose and the theoretical yarn that Dasgupta weaves that makes it truly compelling His ability to thread all the multifaceted symptoms of the ill city together into a comprehensive diagnosis is what is worth reading I'm not sure I agree 100% with his analysis but that is a moot point as I found his argument enchanting and thought provoking

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Capital The Eruption of Delhi characters ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ´ ❴Read❵ ➵ Capital The Eruption of Delhi Author Rana Dasgupta – Po wprowadzeniu otwartej gospodarki rynkowej w Indiach zapanował chaos niszczenia i tworzenia slumsy i targowiska były burzone a na icPo wprowadzeniu otwartej gospodarki Eruption of Kindle #211 rynkowej w Indiach zapanował chaos niszczenia i tworzenia slumsy i targowiska były burzone a na ich miejscu wyrastały centra handlowe i apartamentowce powstawały oszałamiające fortuny młodzi ludzie robili zawrotne kariery a luksus był na wyciągnięcie ręki Ale transformacja dała też początek ogromn. This book is about Delhi post 1990s Rana Dasgupta successfully records the transition of Delhi from a sleeping monster to a raging one The city's landscape has changed in unprecedented ways; new jobs multinational companies escalation in prices of real estate Apparently this has also impacted its people in different waysSo this book tells the story of Delhi and people who live in it He meets some of Delhi's ultra rich and talks to them about their ambitions and plans for the future what is it that moves these rich men to become richer to work harder and so forth Some of these stories give a glimpse of what is going on underneath Delhi's so called material success In these stories one can see how culture religion and global capital intersect and produce newer forms of being; some of this is of course good and some is undoubtedly challenging For instance while the city is developing in all directions its middle and upper middle classes are growing richer they show complete disregard toward the poor In some ueer way in a profit driven society almost every body irrespective of where one is in the social hierarchy suffers the brunt of itAmong some of the better stories I particularly liked the one about the fashion designer Manish Arora He grew up in an ordinary middle class household and unlike many of his generation he took an unusual path and became an internationally renowned fashion designer Manish is openly gay Likewise there are stories of women who came out in a big way and joined all sort of professions which until now are the stronghold of men There is one exemplary story of a young girl from a very ordinary background who works full time for the rights of slum dwellers Usually it is the privileged women who go in their big cars to help the poorThere are also some interesting explanations about why Delhities behave in the way they do For instance why Delhi's Punjabis a wealthy community are so boisterous loud and go beyond their pockets when it comes to celebrations of all kind Rana claims that this is their way of dealing with the trauma of partition; they still carry within them that pain and their excessive focus on celebration partying is a way to alleviate the pain In another context Rana Dasgupta wonders at how come people are so oblivious to the state and have almost zero level faith in it abilities to protect them Even a casual look at Delhi's streets this is also true of other major Indian cities one sees that people are uite oblivious to the miseries of those living o streets The author believes that this is because of the Indian caste system People belong to their caste first; it is caste that provides them a safety net and people drive their sense of who they are through casteThe author only moved to India in recent years In his manner of speech and behaviour he comes across much like a Brit than an Indian In parts his explanations of people and their habits reeks of biases and prejudices For instance his attitude toward Delhi's elite is uite sympathetic They are somehow above his critiue as if by critiuing them he will harm himselfMy favourite chapter in the book is the last one on water systems in Delhi This is one of the most crucial chapters in the book Indian urban centres will have huge problems on water front Here we see how wrong policies greed can lead to a disaster of sorts In the past the water was used and stored in a way that suited to its geography In this chapter it is explained in a great detail how it worked With the dawn of pipelines and several decades later the eruption of industrial units around Delhi we have effectively choked its waters; its rivers have been tamed into drains– toxic ones This aspect of Delhi is perhaps for other India urban centers too scary because no one is paying attention as if Delhi can do without water– as if coco cola will fulfill Delhi's water deficitOf course as a reader one can easily explicate oneself because Delhi's problem are after all only Delhi's problems This is only partly true If one just scratches a bit one sees how one is playing a part