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Riding HighUn by the tightly knit Chance clan But damned if his libido hasn't perked up over the spirited redhead who looks a lot like trouble Lily King is the ueen of anti structure Turns out that makes running a horse sanctuary a chal. What do you do with an old horse no one wants Does anyone think of that I sure didn't until I read this story Thank you for broaching that subject

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Saddle up There ain't a rider that can't be thrown And large animal veterinarian Regan O'Connelli was thrown hard when he discovered his fiancée with his best friend Now he's starting his life over at the Last Chance Ranch r. Maybe I'm just not in a good place but this was not what I needed Smart pretty not like other girls and I'll tell boys that outloud who is in over her head but magically picks up on everything she's supposed to be doing in the space of 24 hours uiet staid cowboy vet nursing a 'secret pain' Girl interferes in his personal life after knowing him for 25 seconds sex muddies the waters I just couldn't fall into this one too much was unbelievable and I never was able to give in to the fantasy or the romance35 stars because I know this is an aberration for myself personally and not because of a failing on the part of the author

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Riding High review ↠ eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ ➚ [KINDLE] ❄ Riding High By Vicki Lewis Thompson ➤ – Gwairsoft.co.uk Saddle up There ain't a rider that can't be thrown And large animal veterinarian Regan O'Connelli was thrown hard when he discovered his fiancée with his best friend Now he's starting his life overLenge Regan's help is exactly what Lily needs not to mention the seriously sexy sparks that are flying between them Now she just has to convince this fallen cowboy to dust himself off and get back in the saddleand into her be. Originally posted on Tales to Tide You OverThis book has some issues mainly that there’s a little too much back story on the Chance Family in the beginning to tie this into that series and a little too much focus on detailed sex for my tastes even for a Harleuin Desire but these two items aside it’s a lovely look at coming to understand yourself and being willing to let yourself be vulnerable enough to take a chance on loveThe male main character Regan is broken for very good reason but not the one he thinks is the problem He’d caught his fiancee in bed with his best friend just six months earlier and is wallowing in the betrayal but it takes meeting Lily for him to see everything that led up to that crushing moment so he can learn the true source of his problems She’s an unexpected intrusion into his emotional state and one he cannot ignoreMeanwhile Lily knows all there is to know about rebound relationships having had her heart stomped on by one before Forewarned about Regan’s recent history she’s determined to keep her distance despite the instant attraction she feels If she can just keep things platonic as he helps her bring the horse rescue she’s purchased around into something viable without having her charges stage a coup everything will be fineLily’s heart is too open for her own goodto Regan and to the rejected animals that come to her door Regan’s is too closed because he sees only the uprooted part of his childhood without recognizing the foundationThis is a novel about learning your own motivations and discovering when surface appearances can be misleading both in Regan’s interpretation of how he was raised and how Lily appears flighty when she’s just searching for the job or person to make her heart singI think the resolution could have used some of the space spent on the sex mechanics to be stronger one of the reasons I think it’s too much sex and there’s a small thread left dangling but the story is well written and thought out Both of them have to grow and learn before they’re ready to commit to a shared future and that growth occurs on the page where we can share in their discoveryPS I received this title from the publisher through NetGalley in return for an honest review