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The American PDFEPUB #187 At the southern end of the Japanese archipelago lies Okinawa host to a vast complex of US military bases A legacy of World War II these bases have been a fraught issue in Japan for decades with tensions exacerbated by the often volatile relationship between islanders and the military especially after the brutal rape of a Night in PDF twelve year old girl by three servicemen in the s. Thank you NetGalley for the ARCLet me start by saying that I have not only studied at University and lived in Japan but have also served in the military and have been stationed in Japan and been to Okinawa many times I was leery at first to see what agenda the author had torn between my love for the people and culture of Japan and Okinawa and for my fellow service members and America I knew this book could go a number of ways I was very happy that the author not only conducted extensive research on both the Okinawan side but the American side as well as I feel that she was able to offer a uniue perspective to a difficult and volatile situation without taking sidesIn her novel Ms Johnson looks at the troubled yet co dependent relationship between Okinawa and the United States since WWII through the lives of women on the island In each chapter she tells the story of a particular woman revealing her life on this tropical island and how society around her both Okinawan and American react and accept her She also draws parallels to women on the mainland of Japan In the book she shows us the “amejo” the girls who only date American guys the war survivor the base protestor the wife of an American who relies on the base the abandoned “hafu” child of an American father and Okinawa mother the Filipina bar hostess and the rape victim Each one gives us a glimpse into this complicated relationship between the US and Okinawa the bases and the island the military and the Okinawa people This relationship this story this history is different than the rest of Japan and needs to be understood as a separate entityIf you have ever wondered why the people of Okinawa protest the bases or if you wonder why each incident that happens involving a US service member gets elevated to the level it does why it’s on their National radar if you are in the military and are stationed there or will be stationed there or have been stationed therethis is a MUST read Brava Ms Johnson You did a brilliant job with a very difficult topic

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Night in the American VillageBut the situation is complex than it seems In Night in the American Village journalist Akemi Johnson takes readers deep into the “border towns” surrounding the bases a world where cultural and political fault lines compel individuals both Japanese and American to continually renegotiate their own identities Focusing in the American Epub #220 on the women there she follows the complex fallout of the murde. The Okinawa islands are Japan's most southern islands a 2 hour and 45 minute flight from Tokyo During World War II a horrible ground battle was fought on Okinawa island which killed 95 000 Japanese and 12000 American soldiers About one uarter of the civilian population approximately 150 000 people were killed during the battle and the Pacific war After the war the US kept full control of the Ryukyu islands of which Okinawa is a part First in 1972 the islands were returned to Japan Today there are 32 US military bases on Okinawa with 27000 soldiers and other military personnel Akemi Johnson has done meticulous research and led a huge number of interviews and focuses on the story of women affected by the base She has put women in the center of this book she says because women are most affected by the presence of the American bases They date and marry American service personnel they work in the entertainment industry surrounding the bases and they are the victims of sexual assaults by Americans In 1995 a 12 year old Okinawan school girl was kidnapped and raped by US soldiers and in 2016 a young Okinawan women was raped and murdered by a former US soldier These two cases have led to a lot up protests among the Okinawan population and strengthened the movement to get rid of the bases The government in Tokyo led by the national conservative prime minister Shinzo Abe has ignored a referendum of Okinawans last year where 717% of the people voted against an expansion of the base in Henoko US troops have used the base in Okinawa over the decades for military operations in Afghanistan and Irak Akemi Johnson describes the cultural clashes of Americans and Japanese the large entertainment industry with erotic dancers and the attitude of many Americans towards Asian women regarding them often as easy to get and just asking How much do you cost Johnson has talked to husbands and wives of mixed families and presents their stories sometimes good sometimes sad She has said that she was a little surprised that many Okinawans have come to terms with the bases in a way that they gotten used to consume American popular culture despite the many negative effects the base has had with a large number of crimes being committed by military staff since 1972 The population of the islands 13 million today Akemi Johnson concludes has suffered so much during World War II and afterwards that the burden the bases still represent should at least be reduced by minimizing if not completely moving the bases to the Japanese mainland This book gave me insights in an aspect of post World War II history that I was not aware of

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Night in the American Village Summary ↠ 8 ´ ➸ Night in the American Village Free ➮ Author Akemi Johnson – At the southern end of the Japanese archipelago lies Okinawa host to a vast complex of US military bases A legacy of World War II these bases have been a fraught issue in Japan for decades—with tR of an Okinawan woman by an ex–US serviceman in and speaks to protesters to women who date and marry American men and groups that help them when problems arise and to Okinawans whose family members survived World War IIThought provoking and timely Night in the American Village is a vivid look at the enduring wounds of US Japanese history and the cultural and sexual politics of the American military empire. I didn't know much about Okinawa and it's history going into this book I had just finished a historical fiction story w a character who died in the Battle of Okinawa so the timing on receiving this book was perfect I couldn't have even told you that Okinawa was it's own island and not a city in Japan proper funny that this book refers to Japan as the mainland when it is an island itselfWhat the US and Japanese military have done to Okinawa in the past is bad enough but what they continue to do to this island is abhorrent No place should have to be a huge military outpost for a foreign government's military especially when they had no say in what would happen on their own land I know that this has affected both men and women but it seems that in this situation it is the women who have had to suffer the larger conseuence At least this book certainly makes it seem that way No community should have to live in fear of being raped or killed any time they leave the safety of their own homes and in fact some women have been accosted in their own homes tooI have never been a fan of how many service members the US has stationed all over the world especially since our military is for OUR defense not the police for the rest of the world This book simply reinforces the fact that I am correct in my feelings on this matter