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Book ☆ Clean Break É 320 pages ´ Jacqueline wilson ´ ✅ Clean Break PDF / Epub ⚣ Author Jacqueline Wilson – Em adores her funny glamorous dad who cares if he's not her real father He's wonderful to her and to her little brother and sister True to form at Christmas Dad gives Fantastic presents including a real emerald ring for his little Princess Em Unfortunately he's got another surprise in store he's leaving them Will Dad's well meaning but c The book is called Clean Break and it is about a girl named Em and her siblings Vita and Maxie Their parents are getting a divorce because their dad is with another women The mother and her children Em Vita and Maxie are very sad and now they don't have that much money as they used to have and the father doesn't want to give his money for the children so they have the very difficult time It is a very sad book as it is possible to cry but it's still a really good book and if you read it you can't take your eyes off it

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Haotic attempts to keep seeing Em and the other children help the family come to terms with this new crisis Or would they be better off with a clean break just like Em's ar This book focuses on the lives of Em Vita and Maxie after their dad announces suddenly on Christmas day that he's leaving them as he's met someone newLeaving their mum heartbroken as well as them too they do later see him when he picks them up and takes them to the fair onky to keep them out late resulting in an argument with their mum and him declaring to go away for goodJenny and Yvonne are two girls whom are best friends and like the same book series as Em by Jenny Williams and so the girls all come together when they both comfort poor Em over her dad walking outHer home life takes a turn as her mum stresses her Gran becomes grumpy having to pay all the bills while their dad disappears for good after taking all the kids after school to the fair until midnight worrying their mum and Gran like madBut then a holiday escape turns everything round as their gran relaxes and their mum too plus a very random love interest appears in their lives while thereWhen they return home Em gets involved I'm the local swimming baths after finding she's a pretty natural swimmer and especially with her cutting back on all her chocolate snacks finds her weight falling pretty effortlesslyThe book finishes with the culminating clean break where events come full circle after going to London to meet her beloved Jenny Williams and they all get a shock indeedA realistic story of a family which falls apart and at a usually happy time of year Many families are made up of half siblings and these may be half siblings but they all think of each other as a full family and as they miss their dad they rely on each other for support They go through highs and lows but they never lose sight of the goal in wanting their dad to return home

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Clean BreakEm adores her funny glamorous dad who cares if he's not her real father He's wonderful to her and to her little brother and sister True to form at Christmas Dad gives them Clean Break has always been one of my favourite Jacueline Wilson books and I think it gets an extra star just for the amount of meta references to her own in universe euivalent Jenna Williams Honestly the only author who could get away with something like that is Jacky haha I didn't remember the ending being so open however so I'm really excited to discuss this one as part of Maddie and I's Jacueline Wilson book club later in the year