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ReckoningProblems await me Vincent is here He's king of the school complete with a society princess by his side I thought I wanted to know what he was hiding but unlocking his biggest secret leads me into entirely new territory laced with danger and lustone I’m not sure I’ll surviv “One foot in one world one foot in another” This complicated Love story deserves its Happily Ever After but Vincent Eve were in a trial of unprecedented events that lead to either the destruction or the revival of their love I once read that every passerby has a life as vivid and complex as my own When I started this book I had high hopes had already gone through so many speculations what I gotSomething even much much better that damn cliffhanger made me want to screech throw a fit Because I wanted guess I'll have to wait You aren’t dying Your heart’s just broken Now I had this theory I was rooting damn hard for the revival of their love I had gone through all the parts just hope for the love of all god that they be together but reality doesn't work like that She was wrong about something Control isn’t lost It just falls into someone else’s hands You see when I read those last words in RisingI thought maybe just maybe book 2 will be something that can mend itAnd you know what happened?Jessica did mended my heart with this book she gave me parts with her fascinating wordsshe coated the love in such a delicate way and gave meThe love Vincent and Eve had I was feeling in her words but Alas my happiness was not for too long remember when I said about we need to come to reality? Still the past remains with me The result is a sense of not really belonging anywhere The Author made EVERYTHING THING REAL From heartbreaks to sorrows from anger to lust from love to again the biggest heartbreak I could feel “I’m a made man This is my destiny” I saw a unbreakable man fall apart I read a beautiful broken Angel crashing down so hard that she never wanted to get upThe Throne had fallen and so had the king ueen and what was left of the rubble was their shattered heart “I carry your heart I carry it in my heart” This book broke me mend me made me whole again but in the it broke me againI can't with that endingEvery love needs a chance and I hope I seriously hope that love will conuer every pass and this tragedy would be a brutal yet a beautiful tragedy Never in my life have I felt heat and energy like this Reckoning is a Rare mixture of both College Mafia Romance that is filled with LOADS OF ANGST The banter was off the charts😂 Eve's sassy mouthing cute anger mixed with Vincents broody attitude hilarious remarks was a joy to read Never in my life have I given a fuck about my looks But the way Eve is looking at me now—memorizing every feature of my face—makes me want to give God a high five I just can't stop praising Jessica's story line now she's making me excited with anticipation of what will happen next GAHHH I can't freaking wait Eve’s hair Eve’s lips Eve’s body Eve’s smile SoWhat we learn from this blabbering If your heart flutters if you read about a young smartass Intelligent Mafia Hero It dances with joy when you read a shy sassy smart Heroine In a story that has lots of Action Angst heated moments with a tinge of cliffy bombs that could stop break your heart Then my book lovelies this Series is for you▪️ARC GENEROUSLY PROVIDED IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW ▪️

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Reckoning Book ☆ 242 pages Download ↠ [Reading] ➿ Reckoning By Jessica Ruben – Vincent Forgetting about Eve was the plan Finding her at a party on my college campus was the last thing I expected But letting her go again isn’t an option—not this time Juggling the life I want Vincent Forgetting about Eve wasVincent Forgetting about Eve was the plan Finding her at a party on my college campus was the last thing I expected But letting her go again isn’t an option not this time Juggling the life I want with the one I was born into may be near impossible but for her it's a risk I'm 5 This was Everything StarsAt the end of Rising I was left dying for I felt like I had read the best book of the year One that touched on all of my favorite tropes and feels that felt as if it was written just for me Reckoning uickly became my most anticipated book of the year and my expectations were probably unfairly high I wanted gritty angst sex and intrigue and badassness and holy hell did Jessica Ruben deliver This was CONSUMING It was a kick in the gut brimming with angst and feels twists and turns and one wicked ending that left me completely destroyed and dying for the next partSeriously what a thrilling seuel to a series that is undoubtedly the BEST of the year It's been a long time since I've read something this good since I've felt so giddy so completely over the top in love with a storyline as I do with the Vincent Eve series This truly feel like it was written with my likes and needs in mind lololololol I know it wasn't but it feels that way Every page speaks to my romantic heart every moment gives me pure life It RUINS AND WRECKS overtakes and makes me want to live inside of this story over and over and over and over again It's that freaking goodVincent and Eve leave us in an intense and exciting place at the end of Rising Jessica Ruben kicks that into high gear in Reckoning We get to see them together watch what happens to their dynamic in a new setting with new people with so many new factors that work to keep this destined couple apart Know that you are in for one hell of a thrill ride Vincent is a badass and Reckoning really showcases that side of him We get to see his ties to the family his struggles and demons and his overwhelming need and urge to have Eve for himself Ahhhhh It was beyond words incredible The connection between Eve and Vincent is so tangible so seductive and sexy and heartwarming I pretty much died over themThis seuel is truly one of the best I've EVER read Jessica brought it all the gritty and intense the raw and sexy the ups and downs push and pulls that keeps you engaged on the edge of your seat desperate for of this couple And that ending IT IS WICKED It leaves you desperate for I absolutely love and hate the feeling of being left dangling on the edge but man am I counting down to the 3rd installment There is no doubt in my mind that at the end of this it's going to be one of the BEST series I've ever read Already it's taken a TOP spot in my heart and I can't stop obsessing over it I can't stop recommending it to everyone I know Frankly this series is a MUST READ for every romance reader Mafia Fighter Romance a little Suspense bookish heaven What can you even ask for? THIS IS EVERYTHING Thanks to Wordsmith Publicity for the ARC I received in exchange for an honest review

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Willing to take My world has turned into a house of cards where one wrong move can send it all crashing downand us with it Eve Finally at a prestigious university and on the path to living my dreams I’ve left the darkness of the Blue Houses behind Still a whole new host of 4 StarsReckoning is the second book in the Vincent and Eve series I have a love and hate relationship with cliff hanger endings I don’t really mind it but if I wait too long I forget what happens and I’m fuckedI like this series although at times I feel like it can be a long the beginning was a little slow I stopped reading a few times but once you get to the 40% mark everything happens pretty fast and it was exciting and addicting to readI love Vincent and I like that he has to stay with that other girl in public I think it adds a nice tension I like Eve but good grief she can get on my nerves I hope she grows bigger balls in the next book I like the chemistry and relationship between Vincent and Eve I liked that it’s the hero chasing after the Heroine and he is really domineering He will not take no for an answer and I really liked that I do think there is a touch of insta love but it makes for a dramatic and romantic book so I’ll take itEve is a Freshman in college and all she wants to do is finish school and become a lawyer Vincent has too much baggage and she doesn’t to be a part of that but Vincent doesn’t care He takes what he wants and he wants Eve backI felt like the ending was a touch predicable but I know there needs to be tension for the next book I liked the steam in this one and I hope that carries into the next book I want Eve to be stronger and not cry all the time I’m curious about the mafia politics and I hope to see of that But most of all I hope I don’t forget about this series when I start the next book