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DOWNLOAD ↠ Moc bezmocných à [Read] ➪ Moc bezmocných Author Václav Havel – Designed as an introduction to emergency management this book includes pieces on social political and fiscal aspects of risk management; land use planning and building code enforcement regulations; in Designed as an introduction to emergency managLations insurance issues emergency management systems and managing natural and manmade disaste. As a person continuously humiliated by mental torment when with my mind deprived of privacy as in voices deprived of freedom as in obsessive compulsive thinking I found the same values that Havel found in dissidents whose inner truth did not allow to compromise with living a lie Of course one should not compare a mentally ill person to a dissident but often dissidents in Soviet Russia were branded as 'mentally ill' and stuffed psychiatric drugs Haloperidol et al to destroy their intellectual capacities Years later when my situation got stable I found that after a human being is stripped of everything pride dignity valor merit he discovers what remains pure ideas whether it be freedom love nobility responsibility compassion commitment These and other ideas are the exit from the Platonic cave They become a measuring rod of everything around they make us reach for the humane and the Divine This is the pre political the state of genuine humaneness which is difficult to define but a person consious enough knows when it is lacking Havel's work is a super structure in which the main theme the pre political in the humane is eually valid and timelessly important in the modern post democratic times It is very important to bear in mind what is it that defines this humaneness and where exactly we turn into political cyborgs in a delayed notion of collapse of the human spirit into a wretched digital manipulation of the cognitive cybernetics of mass media and power structures and 'system of rule' of the modern age that by the means of inverted totalitarianism introduces exactly the notions of post totalitarian rule yet in reverse leading back to totalitarianism by slow hidden steps in bright daylight and a reshuffled sense of concepts of a different economic order

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Designed as an introduction to emergency management this book includes pieces on social politi. I am constitutionally incapable of giving any Havel related materials less than a full five star rating


Moc bezmocnýchCal and fiscal aspects of risk management land use planning and building code enforcement regu. Thirty years ago I read Power of the Powerless I was working in a homeless shelter and watching the homeless population swell under Reagan's deregulation of the housing market and the injustice done to the mentally ill of this country I read it then I guess hoping for some step by step instructions to overcome the the cold hearted capitalism that was causing such suffering I work now at a affordable housing organization and daily I'm reminded that we still live with the hardships Reagan decided we could live with Before 1980 rental costs were figured at 25% of monthly income Federal Housing rents and subsidies were matched to that percentage Reagan increased the percentage to 30% cutting an additional 5% into the already meager assistance from poor families Almost 40 years later 30% is still the benchmarkThirty years ago Havel's essay showed me the similarities between the post totalitarian regime he struggled under and our post democratic systemAside from the collapse of Soviet Bloc not much has changed in 30 yearsI picked up this essay again after last November's rise of The Swamp Thing Under Reagan I did not feel totally helpless; There were Democratic opponents strong in congress willing to uphold the safety net and Civil Rights that Roosevelt Kennedy and Johnson had set Now there are few Most Democrats speak neo liberalism and Capitalism even in its deadly embarrassing death spasms seems to still hold allure as if there is still some way we will buy our way out of declining natural resources and increasing pollution of our water air and habitatHavel's essay is most hopeful when he speaks of creating a parallel polis Large masses of Czechs Slovaks Poles and Others rejected the official culture of the Communist countries and created their own circulating samizdat writings staging unofficial rock music concerts and plays creating not just a community but a whole society that tolerated their official governments just enough to stay in most cases and when not pushed too hard out of prison but offered no support no legitimacy to the regimes In crises of course the regimes could not rely on the people and abandoned they collapsedIn the final sections of the essay Havel speaks of a need for an allegiance to a human order above any sort of political order He acknowledges the world not just the post totalitarian states but the world is imperiled by what Heidegger described as humanity's ineptitude when face to face with the planetary power of technology We are beholden to technology and automation Havel suggests small self managed communities are the way to overcome the enslavement of technologies After writing much about the post totalitarian societies of the Communist states he writes knowingly of the powerlessness found in the Western post democratic statesThere is a certain satisfaction rereading this essay now knowing how things unfolded in Eastern Europe Last year however I attended a talk by Eda Kriseova writer professor Havel's press secretary and biographer She spoke of the political culture of contemporary Czechia She recounted sadly about the consumer culture the xenophobia and the regressive politicians The Czech lands are no better at fending off the enticements of technologyI reread Power of the Powerless in the last month while reading about the appointments of anti environmental EPA heads Corporate CEOs for Secretary of State racist Attorney Generals and anti union Secretaries of Labor I was looking for some parallels between the Communist totalitarians and the new Capitalist totalitarians I realised that dissidents of the Soviet Bloc were struggling primarily to voice their culture native historic and chaotic not political idealistic and regimented The Communist governments always declared their belief in human rights When they imprisoned artists expelled writers for their free expression the people pointed out the contradictionHere Now in the greatest 'post democracy' in the world we have few who contest our right to express ourselves The threat is there are men in power that want to deny our human rightsThe Power of the Powerless is a valuable document as history as a primer as an ideal