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The World Remade America in World War I review â eBook or Kindle ePUB Ý ❰Reading❯ ➼ The World Remade America in World War I Author G.J. Meyer – After years of bitter debate the United States declared war on Imperial Germany on April 6 1917 plunging the country into the L power including shocking suspensions of constitutional protections that planted the seeds of today’s national security state Here also are revealing portraits of Theodore Roosevelt Henry Cabot Lodge Robert La Follette Eugene Debs and John J “Black Jack” Pershing among others as well as European leaders such as “Welsh Wizard” David Lloyd George of Britain “Tiger” Georges Clemenceau of France and Kaiser Wilhelm II of GermanyMeyer interweaves the many strands of his story into a gripping narrative that casts new light on one of the darkest most forgotten corners of US history In the grand tradition of his earlier work A World Undone which centered on the European perspective The World Remade adds a new uniuely American dimension to our understanding of the seminal conflict of the twentieth centu. I was finally able to finish this very impressive history I was sidelined by the Winter Olympics and a couple of things I was obligated to read for a writer friend G J Meyer has the gift of a very readable non pedantic style; the narrative just flows seamlessly Not inclined to reinvent a well made wheel I highly recommend David Eppenstein's excellent and comprehensive review; it's what made me choose this book in the first place Thank you DavidOne minor uibble Perhaps it is only in the Kindle edition but there is no superscript in the text to indicate notes I am an avid and devoted reader of notes and although I prefer footnotes on the page endnotes are fine too as long as I know a particular passage or uotation has a noteI am looking forward to A World Undone The Story of the Great War 1914 to 1918 and The Tudors The Complete Story of England's Most Notorious Dynasty by the same author

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After years of Remade America MOBI #240 bitter debate the United States declared war on Imperial Germany on Aprilplunging the country into the savage European conflict that would redraw the map of the continent and the globe The World Remade is an engrossing chronicle of The World PDF or America’s pivotal still controversial intervention into World War I encompassing the tumultuous politics and towering historical figures that defined the era and forged the future When it declared war the United States was the youngest of the major powers and militarily the weakest by World Remade America PDFEPUB #189 far On Novemberwhen the fighting stopped it was not only the richest country on earth but the mightiestWith the mercurial autocratic President Woodrow Wilson as a primary focus G J Meyer takes readers from the. This is a fantastic book on WWI that is filled with information you wouldn't even have thought of let alone realized that you should know it to begin with I was deeply impressed by the wealth of knowledge that the author GJ Meyer selflessly shared with readers Not only must it have taken literally YEARS to learn and compile this staggering amount of information but to place it in a cohesive format for our benefit must have been no easy taskGJ Meyer also has a gift of language; he managed to keep my interest by writing in such a way that it felt like I was reading a factual novel rather than a thick college level textbookI definitely recommend this for people who are interested in learning about WWI and the part that the USA played in itThanks to netgalley

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The World Remade America in World War IHeated deliberations over World Remade America in World ePUB #199 US involvement through World Remade America in World ePUB #199 the provocations and manipulations that drew us into the fight to the battlefield itself and the shattering aftermath of the struggle America’s entry into the Great War helped make possible the defeat of Germany that had eluded Britain France Russia and Italy in three and a half years of horrendous carnage Victory in turn led to a peace treaty so ill conceived so vindictive that the world was put on the road to an even bloodier confrontation a mere twenty years laterOn the home front Meyer recounts the break up of traditional class structures the rise of the progressive and labor movements the wave of anti German hysteria and the explosive expansion of both the economy and federa. The Great War changed the world in so many ways but since the US wasn’t involved for most of it and didn’t change as much as say Germany or Russia it’s easy to overlook just how much the war impacted America The war brought a deep divisiveness Divisions weren’t absent before the war but the war intensified them It turned our military from a minor force to a world power The federal budget ballooned Things were never the same again This book did a good job of highlighting the changes and here are some of my thoughtsOne of the sad things about Germany and the First World War is that there was so much propaganda aimed against it And there were certainly atrocities committed by German soldiers but they were exaggerated At the beginning of the war the British cut Germany’s transatlantic cable so Germany couldn’t defend itself to the wider world Then World War II came along and all those atrocity stories were real So there’s a common conception of Germany as the bad guy in both world wars But it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to argue that the British committed just as many atrocities during the Great War They were just effective at hiding themI’ve read it in other places but Meyer really helped clarify that most of the nations went to war in 1914 because they were scared They weren’t out to conuer for the sake of conuering Instead they were certain that war would come—a war that would threaten their very existence In the case of Germany and Austria Hungary they knew their opponents would only get stronger as the years passed They felt that all out war sooner rather than later was their only chance of survivalWilson was a central figure in this story and he doesn’t come off well He was principled in many ways but unwilling to compromise about anything He surrounded himself with people who built up his ego and uickly removed anyone who didn’t agree with him even for small things like building design when he was president of Princeton He was a racist and while that wasn’t unusual for a man from the south in that time period some of his cabinet appointments made things much worse for the black minority in America He kept the US out of the war for years but he didn’t keep America neutral The banking industry the diplomatic corps and the press were clearly on the side of Britain and France Then when the US entered the war he allowed freedom of speech and freedom of the press to be absolutely trampled It wasn’t as bad as the Red Terror the Bolsheviks inflicted on their opponents but it was a terrifying time for anyone who couldn’t back Wilson and the war wholeheartedly Neighbors turned spy against neighbors the justice department went wild with arrests and convictions and newspapers that didn’t support the war completely were closed or had their mail privileges revokedI find Wilson’s fourteen points admirable yet in a sad twist when it came time for the peace conference he was willing to let go of every other principle in order to get a League of Nations that the US ultimately didn’t even join The map of Europe and beyond was redrawn without local say And the results are still causing problems today The delegates wouldn’t include a clause about racial euality per a suggestion by the Japanese representatives so to make up for it they gave Japan a part of China Impossible demands were made of a starving Germany because the British blockade continued long after the armistice was signedOverall this was an educational book It’s a good companion to the author’s A World Undone The Story of the Great War 1914 to 1918 but with a focus on the US It covers a good mix of political and military history and sheds light on many of the important figures of the time