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Het Achterhuis Book ´ 349 pages ↠ Anne frank ↠ ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Het Achterhuis By Anne Frank ⚣ – Gwairsoft.co.uk C'est d'abord pour elle seule u'Anne Frank entreprend l'écriture de son journal le 12 juin 1942 Mais au printemps 1944 le gouvernement néerlandais décide de rassembler dès la fin de ?crit à sa chère Kitty imaginaire sa pénible vie clandestine Car Anne et les siens vivent cachés dans l'annexe des bureaux paternels L'occasion pour la jeune fille d'observer et de consigner dans son précieux cahier les comportements de chacun d'analyser avec une maturité étonnante les tensions psychologiues dont vibre le uotidien Elle y confie aussi sa peur s Honestly I just can't do it I can't bring myself to finish the book Ive tried three times already and each time I have been forced to put it aside Books and film about the Holocaust are fascinating but not this one Unfortunately I was not engaged and found I couldn't care less I'll have to try it again in a few years On the up side I firmly believe that Anne Frank had she survived the war would have grown up to be a marvelous best selling writer At the age of 13 her words are better than that of many modern day famous authors

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Es rêves et ses ambitions ainsi ue ses premières amours et ses réflexions sur la religionCe Journal demeure l'un des témoignages les plus émouvants sur la Seconde Guerre mondiale La mort d'Anne Frank en déportation nous laisse au coeur une plaie vive le souvenir rendu plus présent et plus insupportable encore par cette lecture du génocide des Juifs Laure Anci Click here to watch a video review of this book on my channel From Beginning to Bookend One cannot fathom what other marvelous books the world might have known had this talented perceptive girl been permitted the life she was due We don't want our belongings to be seized by the Germans but we certainly don't want to fall into their clutches ourselves So we shall disappear of our own accord and not wait until they come and fetch usBut Daddy when would it be? He spoke so seriously that I grew very anxious Don't worry about it we shall arrange everything Make the most of your carefree young life while you can That was all Oh may the fulfillment of these somber words remain far distant yetFifteen months later The atmosphere is so oppressive and sleepy and as heavy as lead You don't hear a single bird singing outside and a deadly close silence hangs everywhere catching hold of me as if it will drag me down deep into an underworld

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Het AchterhuisC'est d'abord pour elle seule u'Anne Frank entreprend l'écriture de son journal le 12 juin 1942 Mais au printemps 1944 le gouvernement néerlandais décide de rassembler dès la fin de la guerre tout écrit relatant les souffrances du peuple occupé Du haut de ses treize ans Anne Frank s'adresse alors à la postérité Au fil d'un récit alerte et chaleureux elle d? My intention of writing a review for this book is to tell all the negative reviewers to SHUT UP I am all for everyone's right to express their opinion but I read a few of the '1 star' reviews and I was shocked to read what a few people had to say about this book Before making an opinion I suggest people to keep a few things in mind1 This is someone's DIARY not a book meant to entertain people If you think it was boring then answer me how many interesting things can you possibly do locked up in a place for 3 years??2 For those who comment on the writing This is a 14year old's diary She didn't write it with the intention of winning the pulitzer3For those who commented on her ideologies or how nazism is portrayed Hello She was 14 And maybejust maybe its justified to think the way she does considering she LIVED it unlike so many of us who get to sit back on our comfortable sofas and critically analyze every XYZ thing in the worldI believe no one has the right to 'review' much less criticize a written document of a 14 year old's life who made it through the worst of circumstances and through difficulties we cannot even imagine to live throughIts a pity some people think the way they doEDIT 27th Sep 2013I never imagined I would garner so many likes for this review This only means that a lot of people are emotional about this book and take negative reviews as a personal insult I wrote this review in a very emotionally charged mind frame A year later now that I am older wiser and mature I realise I could have used fewer exclamation marks PEDIT 24th Sep 2020 It's been 8 years since I wrote this I am definitely older wiser and mature And so I would like to point out that I do regret the explosive SHUT UP in my review no scratch that in my rant I guess such is life when you are young angry angsty It's amazing though that despite the angry tonality there is so much love pouring in the comments section Thanks y'all I shall continue my attempt to grow wiser as I grow older PS Time for a re read?