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One rental apartment to the next until Miriam runs awayAdie is left behind with her mother who is convinced their lives are in real danger and takes Adie on a crazy run across northern California Now Adie faces a stark choice submit to this increasingly surreal adventure or grow up in ways she never imagin. I received this book as a free ARC from first readsThe voice of this young girl resonated very well and was very believable Watching how the adults in her life continued to fail her was painful yet was sadly realistic Watching how mental illness destroys the lives of family members reminds me of the book The Memory of Running However because the ill person in this book is the mother the destruction is even intense I did have some issues with how easily Alie found her sister at the farm I didn't think she could have found it without even knowing the name I also expected the police to find Alie first It seemed her mother probably called them but who knows with herAll through the novel adults keep getting clues that something was wrong but none of them investigated enough to discover what that was In the end it was up to the kids to come up with a less than ideal solution I do have hope though that the two sisters are going to make it Unless the one of them has inherited the paranoia that seems to run in the familyThe words just flowed and I had a difficult time putting the book down I will definitely buy the next book by this author

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Life In MiniatureFrom a powerful new voice in fiction comes a compelling debut about the delicate bond between daughters and mothers and about leaving everything you know in order to find the place where you belongAdie has always known Life In PDF she was different There's her size for one thing Born three months premature. I really loved this book I've read uite a few books about crazy mothers this seems to be a pretty popular topic In this book Adie lives with her Crazy mother and her sister Miriam in the 80's Her mom is clearly schizofrenic but this is not specified The story is told through Adie's eyes and we see what kind of person she has to live with on a daily basis This book is peppered with 80's references which I always enjoyed In terms of just how crazy the mom is I've seen much crazier ones but I really liked the main character as well as some of the side characters who were introduced If I had to make one complaint it would be that I wonder what happens to the main character after the book ends

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Life In Miniature Summary × 107 ✓ ❰Download❯ ✤ Life In Miniature Author Linda Schlossberg – From a powerful new voice in fiction comes a compelling debut about the delicate bond between daughters and mothers and about leaving everything you know in order to find the place where you belongAdi From a powerfAdie is the smallest of her peers Then there's Adie's mother who at first glance seems like so many other s moms clipping coupons and attending Feel the Burn aerobics classes But beneath the surface is something erratic and unpredictable something that makes her drag Adie and her older sister Miriam from. Told from the vantage point of a young teenager named Adie Life in Miniature tells the story of a mentally unstable single mother and her two teenage daughters Set in the early 1980's in California against the backdrop of the early campaigns of Nancy Reagan and and the rest of the nation's war on drugs Adie's mother becomes unhinged believing her daughters are likely to fall in with the wrong crowd and that mysterious men are chasing her So begins the plight of all three characters to run from the situation they are inSclossberg does a skillful job of telling this story from the point of view of young Adie who is trying to navigate the normal teenage burdens while coping with a mother that is mentally ill and has them constantly on the run The book is nicely paced and does a good job of delivering a tale while also touching on the intricacies of motherdaughter relationshipsA bit of a background of the characters particularly the mother would have been helpful in aiding the reader to feel of a connection and to ultimately care about the outcome or fate of the key players in this book However the read was enjoyable both funny and sad at moments and Schlossberg is definitely a writer worth keeping an eye on in the future