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review Rescuing Jack A Forever Home #1 ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ½ ❰Ebook❯ ➨ Rescuing Jack A Forever Home #1 Author Caitlin Ricci – Werewolves are real Marius enjoys the irony that everyone calls him a dog whisperer not just because he’s a werewolf but for hiRible memories while at his apartment he opens his home to the sweet scared man As their relationship grows Jack feels comfortable telling Marius about the horrors he suffered Marius hopes his steady presence protection and love can help Jack reclaim the pieces of himself broken on that terrible night. Marius is a werewolf in a society where shifters have come out into the open He runs a shelter for throwaway animals those that are older abused or otherwise unwanted Marius uses his talent as a shifter to partner up animals and owners and he’s pretty good at his job Now if he could just find a partner for himself Jack is in a constant downward spiral afraid of his own shadow after he was violated in the worst possible way in his own home just for answering the door He comes to the shelter looking for a BIG dog but Marius can sense the fear and knows immediately that what Jack thinks he wants and what he actually needs are not the same thing Patience is a virtue that Marius carries in abundance He slowly pulls back the layers that Jack hides beneath and learns the horrible truth about what happened to him And Jack opens up a little every day as he comes to realize just how kind and gentle Marius is But there is still the fear that is engrained in Jack’s psyche What if he can never be comfortable being touched againI was drawn into this story from the start with the big sexy gentle giant shifter who refuses to be in the closet He’s a werewolf in a society that doesn’t fully accept his kind and he’s gay and he wears them both like a badge And then there was young Jack so painfully withdrawn because of what happened to him He doesn’t speak after his screams for them to stop went unanswered Just the thought of being touched sends him into a full blown panic attack He retreats from the sound of crickets So there was just a little bit of predictability as to exactly what they were going to be for each other Still I was completely engrossed in this story Very well written and conveyed And the narration was spot on let me say Tyler Stevens had this confident and understanding tone to his voice when reading Marius but then he was timid and shy when reading Jack And when Jack was remembering what happened to him or telling Marius his story you could feel the pain in Steven’s voice Marius’s brother creeped me out though Stevens made him sound like a serial killer Here is my big issue with this story the ending Throughout the entire book everything was slow and steady and perfectly timed out Lots of attention to detail as the relationship between Marius and Jack developed And then the ending was so abrupt no details no elaboration nothing That was a bit of a letdown But overall I really enjoyed this audio Anyone that likes paranormal romance will enjoy it as well I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through

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??s still looking for acceptance and a forever family of his own Then Jack comes into the rescue looking for a big mean dog To prevent Jack from making the wrong choice Marius convinces him to adopt a needy spaniel mix instead But when Marius learns Jack Jack A Forever eBook #10003 is tormented by hor. A solid hurtcomfort but the ending is rushed 3 starsI love a good hurtcomfort story and Rescuing Jack is a great entry for this genre It's a werewolf story where the paranormal is just a side note to the character driven focus Marius werewolf who works and owns an animal shelter has a talent for pairing animals with new owners Jack human recently sexually assaulted thinks he needs a guard dog to keep the world at bayI enjoyed the details of Jack and Marius' progressing relationship and the reflection of Jack and Missy's trust issues The biggest disappointment for me however is how uickly the sexual recovery happens The majority of the progress Jack and Marius make in this book occurs over a 12 hour period maybe a week after they've metThe external conseuences of the attack a video extortion are also treated like window dressing The situation never felt very dire for me as Marius simply calls in his brother to take care of the issueI'm fond of the characters in this story Everyone is distinct and running their own lives beyond Jack and Marius Each voice remained clear and I'm particularly fond of Marius' brother even though he only got a few pages of screen timeI feel like the book ended before it needed to Jack grows rather dependent on Marius and the timeline doesn't provide enough room to show him growing into his own I would have liked to see of Jack standing on his own feet and knowing he could make it Marius' brother also stirs up the comfortable relationship Marius and Jack have established but the book ends before any of that can be explored to resolution Over all a solid book that I enjoyed in a single afternoon Characters are relateable the violence in Jack's past is handled realistically and I'm fond of the animal shelter backdrop Marius tries his best to do good makes mistakes and owns up to themTL;DR Not much closure at the end but an interesting character drama nevertheless

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Rescuing Jack A Forever Home #1Werewolves are real Marius enjoys A Forever PDF #201 the irony that everyone calls him a dog whisperer not just because he’s a werewolf but for his work at the local animal shelter He has a uniue talent for pairing families with their perfect pets upon first meeting them But Rescuing Jack PDFEPUBhe?. I am a huge sucker for the hurt comfort trope add in a shifter and I'm all over itI liked the set up werewolves have come out to the world at least those who want toSome people are accepting but as with most things that are different there are people who won't accept it and who are vocal in their disapproval Marius had hoped coming out as a werewolf in the town he grew up in and had lots of friends in would make it easier for him It wasn't a few friends stood by him others didn't and he has to put up with stupidity from ignorant peopleHe and his best friend Clara founded an animal rescue shelter Marius has a gift of matching pets with their people although that's not the only 'extra gift' he has“With all those animals we’ve placed I’m always right” he reminded her He wasn’t gloating but he was proud of what he’d been able to do for the animals and for the people he was able to help by bringing them both together”Jack experienced something very horrible a few weeks back and is having a lot of trouble coping he's practically stopped talking going out working or leaving his apartmentHe does go to the shelter in the hopes of finding a large dog to make him feel safeWe don't find out what happened to him right away and fortunately it also isn't gone into in great detail view spoiler Jack was raped by two men in his apartment and they are still threatening him hide spoiler