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Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose is a and Soul PDFEPUB #231 book channeled by Sonia Chouette’s spirit teacher guides The Three Bishops as well as Joachim and the Emissaries of the Third Ray These highly evolved and loving guides work specifically to bring Soul Lessons ePUB #199 about understanding direction and support t. I previously read and reviewed the author´s “Ask your guides” which I found to be excellent and I appreciated the present book tooThe main part of the book was channelled from a group of light beings called the “Emissaries of the Third Ray”I must be frank and admit that I did not find the channelled part to be easy to read especially at first I found it hard to focus We are provided with 22 soul lessons which we all need to learn and told that we need to pass through four stages of learning for each lesson – student apprentice journeyman and master We will find that we may have reached different stages in learning the various lessons – in some we may still be a student while in others we may be approaching mastership and so onThough as I said I found the channelled material a bit hard to digest Sonia helps us by providing freuent undemanding and entertaining passages of her own authorship in between the channellings – these divert us with her own edifying experiences with clients and othersI won´t plough through all 22 soul lessons but will mention a few The first two are “You are a Divine Immortal Being” and “You are a Co creator with the Divine”We learn that the power to create lies only in the present in the now Divine energy flows through us not from usWe should turn every intention and vision over to our Spiritual Source Affirm daily “Higher Self I leave it to you I am your faithful servant and open to your way”We must follow our inner voice To connect to its wisdom we should simply focus on our heart and listen If the guidance we receive is indeed that of our “Sacred Consciousness” it will leave us feeling peaceful and rested Part of our soul´s work is to distinguish between our inner voice and that of our egoWe need to open our heart and start by loving ourselves We should stop loving selectively and recognize the goodness or godliness in all human beings and honour that divinity in everyone This is part of our purpose on EarthWe should close our heart only “under severe circumstances” and for the shortest possible period of time Pray for support from God angels and guides and forgive those who hurt us“An outpouring of pure adoration is the most potent healing vibration on Earth” When we have an open heart every obstacle in our life eventually gives way because nothing in the world can resist this energy indefinitelyWe learn that all that occurs is in divine order at all times No matter what unfolds know that our Soul has elected to experience it because of the opportunities it affords for growth“In the end you will all survive learn grow heal and reunite with your Creator”We should meditate actively “Seriously focusing on a single thought will bring it into manifestation every time” I will try thisOne of the soul lessons is “Love your body” Never say an unkind word about your body Love it as it is care for it and listen to what it needs Every time you see your reflection tell yourself “I love you” It can be reshaped into any form you wishWhen a person is faced with a physical difficulty it represents an opportunity for the spirit to grow It may be a chance to let go of control“Whatever the particular lesson of any handicap disorder or chronic disease may be it is a teaching tool chosen by the Higher Self to support its purpose”The final soul lesson is “Waste no time” Most of us can learn from thisThis is another illuminating well written book by Sonia Chouette and I recommend that you read it The next one of hers that I will be getting hold of is “Walking home” an account of Sonia´s Camino pilgrimage which I much look forward to reading

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Soul Lessons and Soul PurposeOn any level will be ready to follow the instructionsThe guides make it very clear in this book that the timing to learn our soul lessons open our hearts and raise our vibration on the Earth plane is  now Negative occurrences will worsen if our energy doesn’t shift and elevate to a loving plane We have no time to wast. I fell in love with Sonia Chouettes memoir “Diary of a Psychic” which lead me to reading “Soul Lessons and Soul Purposes” Unfortunately I can’t say the same about this book as much as I hoped I could I had high expectations for this book and it did have its interesting bits but was mostly a boring read that didn’t answer many of my uestions and went on and on in circles about the same things we all know and have Aways known except maybe using fancier terms The only reason I kept on reading is because I was waiting for a great revelation which never cameSometimes I had a hard time deciding which level I’m at with each lesson I feel like I mostly stand between levels Nevertheless I’ll try to implement some of the instructions

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REVIEW Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ ➾ [Download] ➾ Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose By Sonia Choquette ➳ – Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose is a book channeled by Sonia Chouette’s spirit teacher guides The Three Bishops as well as Joachim and O all souls so that we may learn to become the creative masters of the life that we’re intended to have on Earth The guides state that Earth is “soul school” and Lessons and Soul ePUB #9734 that we’re here to master basic soul lessons in order to fulfill our purpose Each lesson is laid out in such a way that anyone. As individuals we all have patterns that we lean toward In pop culture we’re told this is weakness But in this book Chouette makes you see that this is a life lesson for you She doesn’t endorse repeated mistakes but affirms that the mistakes you keep making occur to teach you something at the spiritual level What a beautiful assessment – instead of the pop culture condemnation Similarly this book assesses the “why does this keep happening to me” phenomenon as this is meant to happen to you to make you better I was skeptical of her claims that the book was a dictation of her spirit guides but either way it was an excellent read