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The Arcav Kings Mate Arcav Alien Invasion #1 part 1 Download Ô 100 ´ ❴Read❵ ➫ The Arcav Kings Mate Arcav Alien Invasion #1 part 1 Author Hope Hart – She's determined to run but he's determined to find her When the Arcav invaded Earth human leaders didn't even try to fightShe's determined to run but he's determined to Kings Mate MOBI #237 find her The Arcav EpubWhen the Arcav invaded Earth human leaders didn't even try to fight Arcav Kings Mate Epub #220 All human women were forced to give blood so they could Arcav Kings Mate Arcav Alien PDF be tested for compatibility as Arcav matesHarlow's life changes forever when her name is announced as mate to the Arcav King Within just a few seconds she's no longer a cop Now she's expected to hand herself in and travel back to Arcavia with an alien she has never metInstead she works with the resista. Am I reading a different book than everyone else So many 4 and 5 star ratings and for me this book left me feeling dirty and not the sexy way Look if you look at my shelf I like me a good smut novel I like me a good sci fi romance I like me a good alpha male BUT I also like me a good sweet story with compelling characters and a HEA Where both characters grow and learn from each other and end up in a good place because of it There was none of that here Let's just list off the multitude of Red Flags1 Aliens come to our planet and run tests to find compatible mates for their men Those mates are taken off world AGAINST THEIR WILL There is mention of a woman that was taken from her husband and CHILDREN because good d y'all NO 2 Rape This book should have come with a trigger warning because the H is this story is a giant effing rapist and anyone who says otherwise is deluded 3 Our heroine is taken from her job family friends PLANET and forced to give up all her hopes and dreams Literally forced She makes it really effing clear she doesn't want any of this and at one point literally puts a GUN TO HER OWN HEAD in order to get the point across The H tells her that if she kills herself he'll destory her entire species Gaslighting ain't sexy y'all I mean I could go on and on This book is trash and I literally cannot fathom why anyone would find it sexy It's been a really long time since a book made me so angry Burn it with fire Only gave 2 stars because I did finish it hoping there would be a happy ended Nope Big ole cliffhanger

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Resources the Arcav may be the only ones who can keep Earth in one pieceCan Harlow stay on the run forever Or will Varian convince her to take her rightful place at his side The Arcav King's Mate is a full length novel with zero instalove Harlow is independent feisty and fighting for ownership of her life While this is the first book in Harlow and Varian's story they will have a HEA  If you like hot dominant aliens kick ass heroines and steamy romance you'll love The Arcav Arcav Kings Mate Arcav Alien PDF King's Mate the first book in Hope Hart's new sci fi romance series. Few spoilers aheadSo I feel like the minority here I was really looking forward to reading this book as the blurb sounded interesting From the beginning to the 50% mark I was very intrigued and I loved that she was trying to keep her freedom I also loved how he was trying so hard to find her So it made me want both of them happyBut then that came to an end when he just became worse than an alpha Especially toward the end when she did make a reference to a similarity of an abusive relationship when she would be on patrol I viewed the same way when she stated it that way I absolutely also hated the fact that they would tear families apart While it's stated that they don't harm children physically they sure don't have a problem with killing them emotionally or psychologically I mean to have your mother ripped away from you And H seemed so concerned when he found out she was in a foster home and was enlightened that children are sometimes neglected or physically or sexually abused Just seemed EXTREMELY hypocritical The I talk about it the I really don't like it I even have a down turned face Not for me and I won't be reading the second book

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The Arcav Kings Mate Arcav Alien Invasion #1 part 1Nce fleeing with the help of other humans and fighting for her autonomyIf there's one thing Harlow knows it's this She'll never give up her freedom for a seven foot horned alien Even if his heated looks make her toes curl and his dominant ways give her goosebumps Varian doesn't understand why Harlow won't come to him How can she overlook the pleasure that awaits in his arms He'll keep her safe even if that means stealing her freedom forever With his sanity on the line he can't afford to go back to Arcavia empty handedWhen another species of aliens begin eyeing up Earth's. I did not like this story I hate the H and I think Brenna should have given his assholery royalness hell