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Вымышленные записки воспоминания римского императора в поразительно точных и живых деталях воскрешают эпоху правления этого мудрого и просвещенного государя полководц. This book is the fruit of one of the most ambitious literary projects I have ever seen At the age of twenty Marguerite Yourcenar conceived the idea of writing the life of the Emperor Hadrian She spent five years on the task then destroyed the manuscript and all her notes Over the next decade and a half she returned to the idea several times and each time admitted defeat Finally in her early 40s she arrived at a method she could believe in which she describes as half history half magic she spent several years systematically transforming herself into a vessel for the long dead Emperor's spirit She read every book still in existence that mentioned him or that he might have read She visited the places he had visited and touched the statues he had touched Every night she tried to imagine that she was Hadrian and spent hours writing minutely detailed accounts of what he might have seen and felt She was acutely aware of all the pitfalls involved and used her considerable skills to efface herself from the process; she did not want to breathe on the mirror She compiled tens of thousands of pages of notes and rough drafts nearly all of which she burned The final result the memoirs Hadrian might have composed on his deathbed but never did represents the distilled essence of this process and it is uniue in my experience The language is a beautiful and highly stylised French that feels very much like Latin; the cadences are those of Latin and every word she uses is originally derived from Latin or Greek This effect must be hard to imitate in translation to a non Romance language The world view is throughout that of the second century AD The illusion that Hadrian is speaking to you directly is extraordinarily compelling Hadrian emerges as a great man With Trajan's conuest of Mesopotamia just before his accession to the throne the Empire had reached its peak; indeed it was now clearly over extended and threatened with collapse Hadrian's difficult task was to stabilise it to the extent possible and maintain the increasingly uneasy peace and he succeeded well enough that it survived for several hundred years after his death He describes his work with measured passion neither boasting of his successes nor despairing of his occasional dreadful failures; the Second Jewish War occurred near the end of his reign resulting in the obliteration of Judea and the dispersal of the entire Jewish race He is candid about his private life and Yourcenar's description of his tragic liaison with Antinoüs is probably the most impressive achievement of the book Hadrian who like most of his class was promiscuously bisexual takes as his lover a fourteen year old boy The relationship like everything else in the book is presented entirely within the context of Hadrian's own culture and I was able to accept it as such It's extremely moving; even if you are the absolute ruler of the known world you are as defenceless against love as everyone else When Antinoüs kills himself shortly before his twentieth birthday Hadrian realises too late that he is the love of his life His Stoic philosophy and his strong sense of duty keep him functioning but from then on he only longs to be releasedIt is fortunate that every now and then the world acuires for a brief moment a man like Hadrian or a woman like Yourcenar Read this book and you will feel inspired to be a better person

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Mémoires d'Hadrien?ладея историческим материалом и мастерски используя достоверные исторические детали рисует Адриана человеком живым удивительно близким и понятным нашему современнику. Margerite Yourcenar’s Hadrian is not only the Roman Emperor citizen of the world and deified ruler whose heart throbbed at the cadence of Greek poetry whose resilient physiue conuered the barbarian borders of northern Britannia whose strategic mind enforced groundbreaking laws to regulate the use of slaves and to promote culture in the Pantheon whose modesty silenced insurgent voices and whose excesses intimidated allied ones “I have come to think that great men are characterized by the extreme position which they take and that heir heroism consists in holding to that extremity throughout their lives They are our poles or our antipodes”Underneath the imposing greatness of the historical figure that Yourcenar pens with unfaltering dexterity a moribund man exhales his last breath prostrated on his deathbed and confronts his contradictory selves Drowned in erotic ambiguity haunted by idyllic remembrances of platonic love and superfluous infatuation Hadrian drops the mask of formidable Emperor and shows himself as a vulnerable man plagued by his remorse aggressive pride and reckless ambition who can’t impede the upcoming dissolution of the world he has so meticulously constructed with obsessive discipline and bloodstained sacrifice Combining prodigious refinement with erudite depth Yourcenar masters the first person narrative and becomes a multifaceted ventrilouist that deconstructs the layers of Hadrian’s overpowering personality while unfolding his intimate ponderings about ageing and death friendship and true love art and philosophy justice and social order with academic rigorousness and aesthetic excellence creating a dramatic tension that reaches its peak through self absorbed observation rather than galloping actionAnd when the last line is avidly consumed and the confessor meets its nemesis no historical grandeur or remarkable feat will be imprinted on the reader's ephemeral memory The intoxicating scent of literary perfection is what will linger in anonymous nostrils the texture of velvety words is what will invade mental taste buds and a wave of disarming tenderness and stunned regret will choke the humbled witness of the remnants of two thousand years of magnificence folly and debatable progress that meander the moors of remote lands that once yielded to one of the greatest men of ancient history Hadrian's Wall November 2014

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Summary ô Mémoires d'Hadrien ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ò ☁ [PDF / Epub] ☀ Mémoires d'Hadrien By Marguerite Yourcenar ✎ – Вымышленные записки воспоминания римского императора в поразительно точных и а философа и покровителя искусств эпоху ставшую золотым веком в истории Римской империи Автор выдающаяся писательница Франции первая женщина член Академии великолепно ?. Through the mists of time the clouds lift but only partly always remain overcast they never give up their deep secrets and the myths will continue such is history such was the Roman Emperor Hadrian of the second century no Julius Caesar but who was Sill a very capable man born in Italica what is now Spain to a Roman family of landowners and Senators they had left Italy centuries before and prospered His cousin Emperor Trajan many years his senior later adopts the young man sent to Rome for an education by his family at 12 with a trusted guardian the father had just expired at 40 The future ruler shows promise studies hard and does well in the army he is fearless against the enemy maybe even reckless his men always cheer him as a civilian too a good magistrate in Rome though like many men of his age spends his money foolishly loving both men and women and goes into debt this annoys Trajan greatly The tough old soldier Emperor comfortable leading his conuering army than playing the politician in the capital it would be the same for Hadrian A crisis appears the dying feeble ruler is in no hurry to officially name his successor maybe this will insure his demise too busy planning and fighting a war in faraway Mesopotamia and dreams of future conuests for his glory a bloody conflict that cannot be won The Empress Pompeia Plotina a close friend of Hadrian helps him to be declared Emperor at the passing of his cousin Not a lover of women he had a few that were instrumental in his rise to power strangely Matilda his mother in law but not his second cousin Sabina his neglected wife she hated him but didn't cause any scandals to the grateful Hadrian And Hadrian wants peace his Empire needs it badly an inveterate reader lover of the Arts he fixes the economy reforms the law the army brings back wealth to its ignored citizens Yet he will leads the Romans in war as he does in Palestine suffering countless thousands of casualties against the Jewish uprising In Asia Minor what is now Turkey meeting a Greek boy Antinous in Claudiopolis the Roman province of Bithyniasent to Rome to receive schooling this attractive child grows up and becomes the love of Hadrian's life Years later the returning handsome teenager travels with the Emperor they become constant companions but in Egypt on the Nile River a mystery happens the lifeless body of Antinous 19 is found an apparent drowning or murder suicide an accident We will never learn the truthFor the rest of his days the melancholic Emperor mourns numerous statues made a magnificent new city built Antinoopolis by the river near where he the boy died an ardent cult begins to worship him games played for his memory deified also by Hadrian but he Antinous will still be gone forever An ailing Hadrian in his last few months sees that everything he has done will vanish as the desert sands shift so too does the hearts of men all is vanity A terrific historical novel one of the best if not the greatest ever written This book gives you an idea what the Roman Empire was like at its summit Well worth reading for those interested