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Ar that something unexpected something sinister is loomingAn unwilling pawn in a deadly game Alex's shoulders bear the crushing weight of an entire race's survival Only she can save the Medorans but what if doing so prevents her from ever returning home?Will Alex risk her entire world and maybe even her life to save Medora? DNF at page 224Here I came into this book thinking that I would really like it or in the least enjoy it but alas it was not for me I had enough of issues with the first half that while I am semi engaged I have lots of other stuff that I want to read that I don’t want to be stuck on a book that I’m not liking so very much I did really want to actually like this since I did like Whisper which I found to be a much better book and shows that the author has certainly gotten better at her craft My primary problem that I have with this book is unfortunately the writing and not necessarily anything else I really cannot connect with the writing the style and every time there is dialogue it simply feels so forced and unnatural for someone to be saying thathaving that reaction that it feels far too unrealistic for it to actually work Another thing with this is that I do not like the character voice at all Alex has so far been incredibly annoying and the third person perspective that largely focuses on her drives me a but nuts at what she says and instead of feeling like it’s a narrative it can instead being stuck inside an annoying teenagers headThe other two characters for some reason just don’t feel like actual people with their constant non stop jesting and bickering and sass that they are there to just be Alex’s friends than anything else I also disapprove of how fast their friendship progressed from I just found you in a forest to your like a sister to us It is completely unrealistic in how relationships actually work outOne thing I respect is that Noni’s has created a futuristic world rather than a medieval one and maybe I’m just nitpicking here but her explanations for lots of things are very unsatisfactory I found lots of the explanations on just about everything to be very vague and does not actually explain at how certain things work An example is that English is spoken in Medora and when Alex asks how it is they speak English the explanation is what’s English? We just call it the common tongue Like that does not explain anything how are the two world’s interconnected how has it developed? Or rather if things are going to be under explained don’t make your main character ask them and just accept it as it is but look again maybe I’m just nitpicking hereThe idea is loosely based on many other book series with the whole falling through a door into another world reminding me a lot of Narnia Other aspects like others have said is very similar to X men and Harry Potter There’s nothing wrong with this and authors always draw inspirations from other novels but it felt a bit too blatantly obvious in this book and again I found Whisper to be much original of a novel to show that she has gotten much better at creating new storiesIts not that it is a bad book exactly but one that I could not really connect with so I’m dropping it as there’s no time to read books I’m not liking 310

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Akarnae The Medoran Chronicles #1With just one step sixteen year old Alexandra Jennings's world changes literallyDreading her first day at a new school Alex is stunned when she walks through a doorway and finds herself stranded in Medora a fantasy world full of impossibilities Desperate to return home she learns that only a man named Professor Marselle ca Re read 0119Reading this for a second time was such a fun experience I was a little cynical the first time around because I'm wary of HP rip offs but there's so much sass in this series it's hard for me not to fall in loveAlex is such a fantastic protagonist She falls into this world of magic and takes it all in her stride going along with it and copping crap from her new BFFs Jordan and Bear whenever she starts to take the magic stuff too seriously This is a book that's not afraid to poke fun at itselfThere aren't really any characters I don't like They're all a bit different and unusual and psychotic Karter is awesome Finn nope I would not want to do one of his classes at all nuh uh Kaiden James mmmm I mean he didn't properly steal my heart until book 2 so it was fun flirting with him a little in this one He and Declan were far less intimidating this time around Funny how that happensI really do love this series and I need people to read it so I can fangirl over these characters Okay? Thanks friendsOriginal Review 1216Hmm A YA Fantasy novel set at a boarding school for 'gifted' kids Where have I read this plot before??Yet there was something about it that really drew me in and this turned out to be a pretty enjoyable novel It's slightly awkward in its introduction to the world with blocks of information and some pretty thin explanations however this does open things up nicely for greater depth in subseuent novelsAlex's initial journey from her world to Akarnae feels uite out of place but once it's out of the way the story flows uite naturally and fast I rather enjoyed the dynamics between the main trio as well as the colourful supporting cast though it was a little frustrating that everyone was 'unnaturally good looking' Mostly I enjoyed the humour and the ease of the interactions and the absence of moodiness It was light and fun despite the inevitable dark thread destined to tie the conclusion to the remainder of the seriesIt's painfully obvious that the author is a Harry Potter fan but that hasn't prevented the production of an entertaining introduction to a new fantasy series likely to be popularised by its own merits An easy recommendation for YA fantasy lovers but likely to be particularly enjoyable to HP fans looking for something new to sink their teeth intoReview for Raelia 5★s HEREReview for Draekora 5★s HEREReview for Graevale 5★s HEREReview for We Three Heroes 4★s HEREReview for Vardaesia 5★s HERE

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FREE READER ´ DOC Akarnae The Medoran Chronicles #1 â GWAIRSOFT Î [PDF / Epub] ☄ Akarnae The Medoran Chronicles #1 ✓ Lynette Noni – With just one step sixteen year old Alexandra Jennings's world changes— literallyDreading her first day at a new school Alex is stunned whenN help her but he's missingWhile waiting for him to reappear Alex attends Akarnae Academy Medora's boarding school for teenagers with extraordinary gifts She soon starts to enjoy her bizarre new world and the friends who embrace her as one of their own but strange things are happening at Akarnae and Alex can't ignore her fe First Read March 11th 2017 re read January 20th 2018 March 3rd 2020 embrace the wonder rating this book was an easy five stars for me because this book blew my expectations out of the water and i just devoured this book and every word on the pages This story was a mix of Harry Potter meets x men Lynette has created a world that is something that i haven't read in a long time and i was immersed in a world that i could see myself in She has created this world thats full of detail and full of wonder that makes you want to know every inch of the place Alexandra is the main character and she is immediately thrown into this new world after she learns she has been just accepted into its school i feel it was information overload for the first 50 pages or so i did feel that i was overwhelmed but thats what the main character was feeling and everything soon started to make sense The school in the story was incredible and Lynette did a good job at creating such a place where it makes you want to go learn i myself would love to live in Medora and attend Akarnae because the school seems so cool and the library is defiantly one place i'd spend most of my time for obvious reasons but i won't spoil anything so just read the bookI loved so many characters in the book Jordan and Bear were both funny and friends that i would love to have From the moment we meet them in the story they were the kind of characters that everyone would love to have in there friend circles I loved Alex's and DC relationship in the book because i knew that they would become friends by the end of the first book they both grew and i'm glad that they became friends by the end of the book All of the teachers were all good characters to i enjoyed them very much the doctor fletcher was a character i honestly wouldn't see in the school because he seems so cool theres so much potential for this story and i can't wait to see where it goes in the second book because i really enjoyed this book and cannot wait to get stuck into the second one this book would be good for younger audiences young adult readers it has a Harry Potter Percy jackson and X men feel to it It's not often i get so hooked on a story that has left me wanting and it was funny magical and a book i couldn't put down definitely met all my expectations and threw them all out the window