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Summary ☆ Always Forever µ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¾ [PDF] ✩ Always Forever ✭ Nancy Ohlin – Nothing is as it seems in this darkly romantic tale of infatuation and possession inspired by Daphne du Maurier’s RebeccaBecca was the perfect girlfriend smart gorgeous and loved by everyone aSn’t And despite her roommate’s warnings she falls for brooding Max Now Max finally has a reason to move on Except it won’t be easy Because Becca may be gone but she’s not uite ready to let him go. Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier is one of my favourite books of all time Last year I read Paige Harbison's New Girl which retold the story so I was intrigued by Thorn AbbeyTo start with Tess comes from an ordinary everyday background Single mum not much money normal high street clothes When she arrives to Thorn Abbey the students are of a different calibre altogether They all have money come from distinguished homes have relatives in high places Tess feels out of her leagueHer life gets creepier when she realises she's taken the place of Becca A student who died in a tragic accident and not only is she sleeping in the same room as her but also the same bedDuring her first few days she sees Max From here on in for about a third of the book Tess develops a creepy OCDobsessive disorder of Max and his ex girlfriend Becca Yep he dated her and as everyone tells Tess they were so in love Devon her room mate gives Tess Becca's old laptop to use as Tess hasn't got one The wallpaper is one of Max and Becca kissing But something goes in Tess' favour because Max does take an interest in her Franklin his best friend tells Tess to be careful Max is unstable jealous even especially of Becca's cousin KillianThe second third of the book gets taken up with Tess's self obsession She thinks she isn't good enough she's not pretty shaped like a supermodel she doesn't wear the right clothes etc This part of the book made me dislike Tess immensely Not only were her room mate and so called friends taking her food away while insisting her hips are too wide but they're also incredibly bitchy towards her This doesn't help her self esteem but all kudos go to Max because he tells her he wants her for exactly the person she isI must admit the first two thirds of the book had me liking Tess to disliking her She has a lot of insecurities issues but this seems to be a trait as a reminiscing memory of her mother creeps in we learn that Tess has always been this way I did like Max but the story was telling me Max had severe mood swings but I didn't see anything that a good chat and opening up session couldn't cure Actually Tess and Max don't come across as a couple who talk that much which for the amount of time they're together doesn't come across as trueThe drama unfolds and things get worse when its clear to Tess that Becca's spirit is messing with her The story ends tragicallyYes that sentence was written like that for a reason because that's exactly how the story finishes Abrupt lacking in emotion apart from everyone hugging It just ends Although there is a slight twist but it didn't make up for a slightly drab storyline When Kayleigh starting coming up with supernatural clues and ideas I actually thought it could lift the story but it just kind of flat linedIf you're a fan of Rebecca or New Girl or public school stories then you may want to read this

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And’s premier boarding school Thorn Abbey But Becca’s dead And her boyfriend Max can’t get over his loss Then Tess transfers to Thorn Abbey She’s shy insecure and ordinary everything that Becca wa. Thorn Abbey was a difficult book to take seriously I found it predictable and mostly just sillyTess is just starting out at a new boarding school Thorn Abbey Her roommate is Devon She soon discovers that Devon's former roommate Becca died while at Thorn Abbey And she also discovers Max a great cute nice guy who was also Becca's boyfriend when she diedThis is supposed to be a mystery We're supposed to wonder what happened to Becca and why everyone thinks Max is devastated and inconsolable when Tess doesn't see him that wayAll the students at the school are mysterious They are nice to Tess one day and pretty evil the next But stupid Tess falls for every trick They make her look bad over and over and every time she just walks right into itAnd her relationship with Max takes over the story and it is REALLY annoying She is in love with him on one page and then the next encounter she's wondering what is wrong and why he hates her Is he going to break up with her Why did he kiss her Does he still love Becca This back and forth goes ON and ON way too longThere's also a subtle paranormal aspect that sneaks in very seldom then BAM the ending when it is all revealed Much of Thorn Abbey was predictable and the parts that were a surprise werewellsurprising And not always in a good way Kind of off the wall and disconcerting I felt these surprises were used for the shock value I know that sounds weird because surprises are supposed to be shocking But I can't explain it without spoilingI had difficulty not laughing during the ending which was supposed to be sad I just felt like Really Of course I should have guessed it after reading all of this story I didn't buy into the emotional at allI always try to give a recommendation for some reading population Thorn Abbey is easy to read I guess I would recommend Thorn Abbey to an inexperienced reader who won't be able to pick up on the cliches and predictability A love of boarding school stories will help too

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Always ForeverNothing is as it seems in this darkly romantic tale of infatuation and possession inspired by Daphne du Maurier’s RebeccaBecca was the perfect girlfriend smart gorgeous and loved by everyone at New Engl. This is the only case I can think of where a YA retelling actually benefits in some ways in comparison to the source There are plenty of reasons to be critical of this most especially in the missed opportunities to explore these characters better but I do think the author pulled off a neat trick with her update especially in the way she later expands upon and makes the story her own If only she'd run with that a little further this could have been a pretty spectacular modern versionBut like all retellings what this book mostly accomplishes is to make you yearn to revisit the original story again Manderley Thorn Abbey x 1000but I have to give the author credit for some really interesting ideasReview to come