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Download è Bubble Wrap ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ï ❴Ebook❵ ➠ Bubble Wrap Author Kalyani Rao – Twelve year old Krishna Singh has been married off to Shyam Singh of Rokhagadh Rajasthan Before the wedding Krishna's grandmother gives her a box filled with exuisite jewellR cold marital home is a far cry from the loving one she left behind The world outside has modernized and is beamed via television into her home But she is not allowed to go to school instead a female tutor comes home to teach her A dubious father in law a husband away at boarding school and a mousey mother in law clearly show Krishna what is a woman's place. The tale of two bravehearts caught up in a male dominant societyKrishna is a 12 year old Rajasthani girl married off to a rich household only to find out her in laws are in huge debt and expect monetary favours from her familyGudiya is a 15 year old widow casted out of the society due to her status No colors are left in her life as she is forced to wear black as a part of the custom She turns into a frustrated girl after facing discrimination and being accused of bringing bad luck everywhereWhen Gudiya accompanies Krishna to her new house as a personal help the real tale begins The girls are exposed to the reality of this cruel world at a very young age Gudiya becomes a rape victim and desperately seeks escape from a situation that is beyond her control Krishna tags along with Gudiya on an adventurous journey against all the odds As the girls run away leaving behind their miserable lives they realise that the road isn’t any less difficultThis hard hitting book is a must read

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Twelve year old Krishna Singh has been married off to Shyam Singh of Rokhagadh Rajasthan Before the wedding Krishna's grandmother gives her a box filled with exuisite jewellery telling her to sell it in times of trouble but otherwise to hide it from her parents and in laws Accompanied by Gudiya the fifteen year old widow of her cousin Krishna realises that he. I have always been blind to things which are happening around me and convinced myself that they are all nothing but some exaggerated stories I have been a self centrist and never regarded someone's problems as a big deal But slowly I have been introduced to the problems of being born a girl by a friend of mine to whom I show my sincere admiration all my life Even though my mother is a part of women welfare association it never occurred to me to peep into the problems of the society I have been overshadowed my fear of puniness and never involved myself in somebody's affair even though I rage with anger seeing things But things like this book opened my eyes to a whole new world filled with irrational conceptions and groundless beliefs where optimism has no place This book is everything; sexual abusechild marriagefriendshipdomestic violencefemale foeticide and the hard truth of lifeIts a harsh situation where girls are thrown out into the ruthless world of desperate men ready to devour the dawning of womanhood while involving their wives in the crime Its a piteous situation where one woman turns against another one and that predicament weaves a greater than the good relationship between two girls The vivid description of every detail in the life of a growing girl moves you The hardship faced by a girl without the support of a parent when needed the most in her life is seen It is also humorous that the whole story is narrated by a 12 yr old with preconceptions of her own and her ignorance of the adult world is funny at some and sympathetic at other times This book drags you back while you make for a run to escape from the ugly truth and makes you listen to her tale We have deliberately closed our eyes and ears to the truth by busying ourselves with modern issues and smearing ourselves with unnecessary topics to discuss which make us forget the ugly truth But however bitter it is a truth is a truth Thanks to the book for slapping hard on our deliberate slumber Hope this gives a detailed image of undeveloped modern India and sufferings of a girl in this world Thanks to the author we appreciate your ramblings

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Bubble WrapIn this family An unfortunate incident leads Krishna and Gudiya headlong into a series of events that change their lives forever As they deal with one situation after another the girls discover each other and learn much about the world they live in Bubble Wrap is a story about their fight for survival against impossible odds in a shallow male dominated societ. Some authors can get the reader so lost in words and images that the story becomes secondary Some authors tell such good stories the reader couldn’t care less about the language Then here are those authors who can do both eually well Read this somewhere very apt for this author Kalyani Rao is one of those authors”I loved this book read it in one sitting for that matter I felt like I was seeing the world from the protagonists Krishna Gudiya's point of view The author did a great job of writing emotion made you feel like you were one of the characters The characters were written keeping in mind young girls in our society naive clueless protected by family A society in the 20th century riddled with issues like child marriage female foeticide denial of child education etc The book isn't very long but it still provides the necessary details in a simple lucid language The landscape covered is rich beautiful the relationship between the protagonists is depicted well It's a gripping tale with an unexpected poignant ending It is for me an insightful book relevant in today's India Looking forward to books from this author