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Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion Summary â PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¹ [PDF] ✅ Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion Author David Hume – Gwairsoft.co.uk It Seems Strange To Me Said Cleanthes That You Demea Who Are So Sincere In The Cause Of Religion Should StillCe To Human Creatures The Deity I Can Readily Allow Possesses Many Powers And Attributes Of Which We Can Have No Comprehensio. Anybody who doesn't appreciate Hume doesn't appreciate philosophy His dialogues are entertaining and insightful and they are a good introduction to Hume's style and thoughtThe dialogues exhibit the typical Humean combination of technically proficient but also commonsensical arguments Hume methodically dispels the haughty aura of self declared experts in the ivory tower by appealing to the intuitions and the common sense of ordinary people In this there are strong echoes of Plato's dialogues But he simultaneously and miraculously avoids the trap of being caught up in the superstitions and logical fallacies of the uneducated mindHume's skeptical agnosticism while not as radical as the atheistic materialism of Hobbes or Lucretius carried out the death sentence of theism and abstract theology The arguments are rhetorically powerful and framed in a fashion that respects the intelligence of the reader Religious philosophy has never recoveredThe only thing that drags the dialogues down is the passage of time They seem partially outdated in the Western world where Humean skepticism has become fashionable The even radical Marxist atheism and New Atheism have seemingly overtaken Humeanism At the same time advances in cosmology and biology have rendered some of the scientific speculations in the dialogues moot But I'm sure Hume would appreciate those things since he was a fan of radical thinking and science And in some ways these new developments have strayed from Hume's teachings The spirit of Humean skepticism is a precious civilizational heirloom whose true value is easily forgotten by the younger generations The skeptical attitude has too often been lost in the exuberant hubris of Enlightenment Marxist New Atheist or physicalist scientistic dogmatism Only a perpetual recursion back to Hume can save the critical spirit of humanity from succumbing to the dark nemesis of its own creation the dogmatic certainty of belief

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It Seems Strange To Me Said Cleanthes That You Demea Who Are So Sincere In The Cause Of Religion Should Still Maintain The My. In almost every aspect of his thinking David Hume was a man ahead of his time His views on the nature of causality and induction—the foundation of the scientific method—are still relevant unsolved problems in philosophy His views on morals however simple minded they may seem do presage the sociobiological explanation of ethical behavior by pointing to an innate sense His Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion are perhaps relevant still as it seems the debate over evolution vs intelligent design has not yet been laid to rest I am not sure how much needs to be said about this work To begin with David Hume is an excellent writer—clear charming and concise What's he is profound without being pompous and serious without being stultifying The reader of these conversations may doubt that they are in fact doing cutting edge philosophy—as this book is so enjoyable and effortless to read—but they are indeed It is too little remarked that had not Darwin and Einstein lighted upon the principles that explained the organization of the natural world the argument from design would still be fundamentally flawed People act is if the uestion of God’s existence hinged on the accuracy of Darwin’s theory It does not and it never has This is because the argument by design cannot almost by definition be verified and does not have any predictive power This is not to say that the uestions that these dialogues explore eg the existence and nature of God have been answered but that both sides in the debate should be careful in their arguments In point of fact one of the most endearing uality of this work is that Hume leaves the uestion open and probes its answer from multiple directions No careful thinker can honestly say that they are totally certain of the truths of religion Hume will show you why

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Dialogues Concerning Natural ReligionSterious Incomprehensible Nature Of The Deity And Should Insist So Strenuously That He Has No Manner Of Likeness Or Resemblan. I read this book for Cornel West's course on Hume Kant during my last semester at Union Theological Seminary in New York City This and his Treatise of Human Nature are my favorite books by Hume one of my favorite philosophersIt struck me today whilst thinking back upon Hume that his critiue of necessity in evidentiary cases of causality the spark that set off Kant's revolution in philosophy might be a salutory read for those like Einstein who've been troubled by developments in microphysics which have shattered some of the last vestiges of apodictic necessity in the physical sciences What Hume noted was that there is no such thing as a law as regards our understandings of experience As regards causal relations the best we can hope for are rather than less likely patterns strong tendencies which may be relied on Some of course approach the ideal of lawfulness such as the laws of Newtonian mechanics but as Kant noted the ideal of perfect lawfulness in nature is something we impose upon it Such necessity in the physical sciences is but a regulative ideal of the Vernunft something aimed at and aspired to but never obtainable to finite beings like ourselves restricted as we are to our finite inductions from experiment and experience This being acknowledged the probability vectors of electrons indeterminacy and the uncertainty principle are not so hard to adjust to after all