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Elegies Elderberries The Herbalist #5 Summary ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub å [Read] ➬ Elegies Elderberries The Herbalist #5 By Leslie Leigh – Gwairsoft.co.uk No clues crazy alibis and hushed employees make solving a murder case difficult for Melissa and Cochise County’s Detective Muller When FlorNo clues crazy alibis and hushed employees make The Herbalist Kindle #212 solving a murder case difficult for Melissa and Cochise County’s Detective Muller When Flora’s nephew’s lover ends up dead in a hotel r. Yes this is my third review of the series but its a great series I've missed three and four but I'll catch up soon“I need to do a little research on that”she said “You’re not serious”he asked “Leave no stone unturned isn’t that what we always say”Things are getting serious with Melissa and Brian enough so that wedding bells might be in the offing However meanwhile Melissa becomes part of the police group exploring the murder of a young man with his partner seen as the primary subject After a sucessful poetry reading the two had had an arguement and Clay walked out on Jack and then the service found him dead the next morning Flora is Clay's aunt so Melissa feels a bit obligated to find out what happenedWas it Clay The bartender The wait staff The ghostAnd then Melissa is confronted with her own doubts about Brian her life and what changes are brewingAs a minister of the UCC whose theological ancestory trails back into New England and Salem I had read extensively about ergot poisoning from forensic research done late in the 20th century However when Melissa is asked to consult on a VERY COLD case over 100 years old I could understand the interest she would have had to help here ergot is a mold that rye can auire in very damp years that slowly poisons people and some believe was the overall cause of the witch hysteria in history This was the first time I had to sit back and sayhuh with these books I'm sure the book could have ended after the first murder was solved but it did help Melissa make decisionsI just wish it could have been marked as an Epilogue instead of badly tacked on to the end of Jack's murder case

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Oom in Bismuth the night after a poetry performance Detective Muller calls on Melissa to help find the murderer A full bottle of elderberry Elegies Elderberries eBook #180 wine and a clean glass are the only clues a. I actually finished this book the other day but didn't have time to write a review after so this may be lacking I enjoyed the book immensely and was very sad to find no books written for this series It finished as though it could end at this point or be continued in the future and I sincerely hope it will be I would love to see where their lives go from here

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Elegies Elderberries The Herbalist #5Nd everyone’s alibi is in uestion In between there’s a mysteriously missing hot tub a mysterious case of insanity in Idaho and the biggest mystery of all whether Melissa will give up her single life to marry Bri. I do hope that this isn't the last that we'll be seeing of Melissa Co I've enjoyed getting to know each of these characters and hope that we get to see what the future holds for the little town of Catalonia