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PDF õ BOOK Healing Souls Soldiers of Pearl #2 FREE ê [EPUB] ✼ Healing Souls Soldiers of Pearl #2 ✿ Dixie Lynn Dwyer – Gwairsoft.co.uk Siren LoveXtreme Forever Erotic Ménage Romance MFMMMM light consensual BDSM spanking HEASometimes the greatest fight one has is the one within themselves Cora only knows abuse aShe’s determined to be independent to resist the anxiety attacks that rule her life and to start anewWhen her sister challenges her capabilities Cora sets out to prove her wrong She never expects to win the hearts of five very intimidating personally scarred soldiers But the connection they feel the shared losses the vulnerability and challenges a It’s been a while since I wanted to read and review a Dixie Lynn Dwyer new menage I say new because I already read this author and she is far from a newbie She is a well established exclusive Siren author of this pen nameI read a couple of her books over the years and to be honest my level of enjoyment ranged between outstanding to down not for me And this is why I always insist to say that bad reviews for one book do not define an author because the previous or next book can truly be incredibleMy first thought is that the title is definitely a great choice and resume the story Dixie Lynn Dwyer has something that not a lot of authors have She can describe her character’s feelings and make you cry That is very rare I hardly cry Not because I do not care of the described events but because I do not feel them inside In this story I felt it the fear the self low esteem and way I am not sure that five heroes were truly necessary in this story especially the twins But they brought some softness with the kids that the other did not so maybe it was justified there Romantically I am not sure Main reason is that their story was not enough developed so I connected with them lessSo what about the other three guys I like very much two out of three I had mixed feeling about the Commander He was along with the heroine the one who was high maintenance For me he was too much caveman I understood his mistrust but in a romance it took way too long for him to fall for the heroine He is THE alpha male He is in control of everything Yet when shit hit the fan he forgot the basic like carrying his guns knowing that a guy is out there to murder his woman? I am not sure what was missing because the author made sure to portray him as a dominant a protector I felt he admitted to his pals he was falling for her way too uickly in my opinion one minute he did not want the next he was in but the only to show her was being an ass or treat her like a dumb She was nearly killed because he failed to carry his guns yet he never apologized Maybe a bit too much of “mine all mine” with not enough “your I am all yours”In my opinion in Dixie Lynn Dwyer mind male heroes do not know how to express their love and show them with sex Each time there is a lovey moment they jump on the heroine’s bones to make sure she understood they truly meant it I found this in many romances which lead me to believe that authors write what they know in real life? I mean if someone is surrendered with alpha males that hardly cuddle and say out loud ILY either the author will write this or go to the extreme with sweet cuddly heroes I dunno maybe Complete hypothesis herePlot was all centered around PTSD characters It was definitely well written and totally believable I did cry at the right moments It was truly something elseSex scenes were nice but I did not buy her changing her mind from a total sex abused victim to a ready to have sex with five guys in a matter of a month They came at her very strong and at the same time Yes she was falling but I think one at the time except maybe the twins would have been better for the “I want to move on and I can trust them with my heart and soul and body and my virgin ass”The epilogue was okay I missed the romantic proposal though But I loved the puppies touch So overall I really liked this story I excused many caveman attitude because they were not all that way plus they are marines and I guess that is the way we ladies all picture them I thought the author did an incredible job to portray PTSD All characters were reluctant to fall in love which was a nice change versus love at first pageAbout the cover What part of Siren did not understand about “petite” and big huge muscle’s guys and twins they are all pretty models but totally not reflecting the descriptionLast light consensual BDSM spanking Really? Where does that come from? She called one of the guy one single time “commander” and she received three or four light slap on her ass mmm something is not right in the tagging siren department not the first time I noticed this silliness to tag a book BDSM when there is NO BDSM whatsoever

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Re common between them The love and compassion they show toward her children alters her belief that these men are cold hearted commanding men Can she identify and accept true love when it appears out of nowhere? Or are the scars of her past too deep to let anyone in? When danger appears closer then feared Cora could lose it allA Siren Erotic Romance Cora spent three years on the run with her family and now she is still trying to recover from Anthony's last brutal attack that almost cost killed her Now she lives with anxiety attacks and trying to rebuild herself and her family just knowing she will be alone forever With the help of Brock one of her sisters men she finds a job but the men she works for are big and hard and she feels week and scaredBlade doesn't trust women thanks to his ex wife he thinks they are all conniving bitches and that includes CoraBeau is still recovering from injuries he received from his last mission and feels like he has nothing to offer Cora whom he has been watching for a whileAvery and Asher are tired of hopping from woman to woman but they don't think have anything to offer any woman but they want a committed relationship with CoraCason is convinced Cora is the answer to his teams desires for a committed relationship if he and his team could break through the walls she has up to protect herselfI just had to read this book right awayTo finish reading this review please visit

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Healing Souls Soldiers of Pearl #2Siren LoveXtreme Forever Erotic Ménage Romance MFMMMM light consensual BDSM spanking HEASometimes the greatest fight one has is the one within themselves Cora only knows abuse and pain She no longer believes that any man would want her after all she has sustained Her focus is on her children and making a future for them of love safety and security 25 StarsI liked this book and would have given it 4 stars except for the glaring edit problems Seriously the author needs to get a new editor There were SOOOOO many spelling errors as well as problems with getting the characters mixed up that at times it was hard to follow The author really needs to look into this or she is going to turn off readers