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READ Ø Once Upon a Christmas Eve ó [Read] ➵ Once Upon a Christmas Eve ➱ Elizabeth Hoyt – A heartwarming stand alone novella from New York Times best selling author Elizabeth HoytAdam Rutledge Viscount d'Arue really rather loathes Christmas The banal cheerfulness The asinine party games An A heartwarming stand aloNter rife with double meaning But in the spirit of the season she'll welcome this admittedly handsome viscount into her home But as the snowstorm rages the Yule log crackles and the tension rises Sarah and Adam find themselves locked in a fiery passionate kiss If love is the true meaning of Christmas it's the one gift this mismatched pair can't wait to unwra. Very disappointed in this The leads here deserved something much They were compelling characters and were a fitting pairing that had been anticipated since book 5 of the series This was a short novella and it was way too rushed and wholly unsatisfying Also the accompanying fairy tale was annoying definitely my least favorite fairy tale of all her books

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A heartwarming stand alone novella from New a Christmas eBook #10003 York Times best selling author Elizabeth HoytAdam Rutledge Once Upon EpubViscount d'Arue really rather loathes Christmas The banal cheerfulness The asinine party games And worst of Upon a Christmas ePUB #8608 all the obligatory trip to the countryside His grandmother however loves the holid. 35 starsI received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my reviewDisillusioned early on about rakes Sarah St John has always given Adam Rutledge Viscount d'Arue the cold shoulder When he shows up unexpectedly at her home and is forced to spend Christmas the complicated feelings she's always had start to get even complicatedAdam would do anything for his grandmother; even spend a week celebrating Christmas at the St John residency Thinking to entertain himself challenging Sarah he soon finds it backfiring on him as he's the one left feeling outgunned  The last installment in the Maiden Lane series you could easily pick this up as a standalone; you would miss an early glimpse of d'Arue in a previous book but there is really no connection to the series overall   Sarah St John should have been utterly forgettable  This is a novella slightly under 100pgs and I'm here to tell you that you're going to end up feeling cheated The weather is cold there is a search for some holly and an ending Christmas Eve ball but I did think this lacked a solid holiday read feel However this doesn't matter because the reason for the season is d'Arue Nothing else The absolute caring way he treats his grandmother was shown brilliantly and provided some depth of character His sheer sexiness though steals the show He's able to keep himself rather emotionally contained except when he gets around Sarah and then we get to see cracks form in the façade; I live for the cracks He's sexy smooth sparking and a bit unraveling when he's with her and I loved every second of it   Sarah St John loathed rakes  Sarah was the perfect combination of stiff and melting when she was around d'Arue Her past hurt helps us understand why she tries to keep d'Arue at a distance but it also ends up feeling rushed and forced as the emotional pain isn't given enough room to develop with the small page count I loved how she stepped up to d'Arue's challenging but also how she softened to his touch Her family round out the secondary characters and I missed seeing interactions with her sisters as I think this would have filled out her character even   Careful sweetheart he rasped in her ear his breath brushing her neck and it was strange because she could've sworn there was real concern in his voice you nearly fell at my feet just then  There's some mini trials and tribulations going on in this novella but the core of the story and why you're going to want to read it is the interaction between Sarah and d'Arue They are the couple who give you shivers up and down your spine They snap spark crash and melt together in a way that make you want to reread their story as soon as you finish I will spend time of my life than is healthy wishing the author had chosen to write a full length novel for them There's a point where d'Arue says I want you He fought to keep his voice level Civilized In every wayThe way this is dragged out of him had me thinking of Sebastian St Vincent In a full novel I think d'Arue would have seriously challenged St Vincent in the eyes of many romance readers for favorite rake  Hoyt is very good at small impactful emotions and outside the main couple's relationship there is a scene where Sarah's sister starts to blame herself for a man's actions and after her family support their mother says the line I shall have to warn my friends about him” This may be a case of what's in the news timing but this little scene hit me in the feels The women's network; created out of necessity caring and bravery In the past and present sometimes we women have been the only recourse and this added scene is again one of the numerous reasons I read romance it understands tells and celebrates us women Look issues get brought up and moved on from uickly d'Arue's parents' death and the ending is so outrageously abrupt Seriously Hoyt gives us one of my favorite proposal lines ever and then slammed me into a the end wall I loved what Hoyt gave me of d'Arue almost as much as I hated how little she gave me of d'Arue At the end of the day though if you're looking for a uick escape d'Arue won't disappoint  He broke their kiss and laid his forehead against hers Make me stopI can't she whisperedThen we're doomed he said his voice husky and low For I'm unable to stop myself I want you Day and night and all the time in between I want you


Once Upon a Christmas EveAy and Adam loves his grandmother so he'll brave the fiercest snowstorm to please her But when their carriage wheel snaps they're forced to seek shelter at the home of the most maddening infuriating and utterly beguiling woman he's ever metSarah St John really rather loathes rakes The self satisfied smirks The sly predatory gazes Oh and the constant witty ba. This was a nice uickie but I’ve waited so long for Viscount d’Arue’s story I just wish he’d had his own full length novel Ugh