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Les Faux monnayeurs Read & download Í 102 ✓ ❰Download❯ ➻ Les Faux monnayeurs Author André Gide – Gwairsoft.co.uk “Romance de um romance ue se escreve” como diria o protagonista Com estilo notoriamente refinado e inovações ue marcaram época Gide prescinde da cronologia e estrutura narrativa tradicionais “Romance de um romance ue se escreve” como diria o protagonista Com estilo notoriamente refinado e inovações ue marcaram época Gide prescinde da cronologia e estrutura narrativa t. The Counterfeiters is a book about writing a book also called The Counterfeiters That is the primary theme of the novel which comes from the title of the book by the writer Edouard Thus The Counterfeiters is a novel within a novel with Edouard the alter ego of Gide writing a book of the same title Other stylistic devices are also used such as an omniscient narrator that sometimes addresses the reader directly weighs in on the characters' motivations or discusses alternate realities However there is also the story of a group of boys who are passing counterfeit coins throughout Paris Thus we have entered a world where we cannot trust our senses what is counterfeit and what is real The story of Edouard writing his novel demonstrates his search for knowledge yet as he associates with a group of his own adolescent relatives it appears as an artificial arrangement; one that displays the effects upon society of youth's corruption of traditional standards and values The collapse of morality is illustrated with Eduoard's nephew Vincent who deserts his lover Laura a married woman and runs away with Lillian the mistress of Count Robert de Passavant His life goes downhill as he murders her and goes insane There is also the coming of age story of Bernard and Olivier as they prepare to leave school but does this extend beyond their education and emanate from all who are learning about the world This learning which is reuired by the changing nature of the everyday the uotidian reality that is perhaps counterfeitI found the details of Edouard's struggles with his career his family his friendships and love provide images that enhance the main themes yet also provide narrative drive Another subplot of the novel is homosexuality Some of the characters are overtly homosexual like the adolescent Olivier and the adult writers Count de Passavant and Eduoard The Count seems to be an evil and corrupting force while the latter is benevolent Even when the treatment is not overt there is a homoerotic subtext that runs throughout which encompasses Olivier's friend Bernard and their schoolfellows Gontran and Philippe The main theme of The Counterfeiters underlies the issue of sexuality morality and social order and lineage in a uniue way for his era Gide's novel was not received well on its appearance perhaps because of its homosexual themes and its unusual composition It is this unusual composition that I thought made it an interesting read; along with which the way Gide demonstrates ideas through his characters and their actions much like Dostoevsky and Thomas Mann The Counterfeiters has improved its reputation in the intervening years and is now generally counted among the great novels of the twentieth century

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Modelo Os moedeiros falsos não são para Gide apenas os jovens ue escoam dinheiro fraudulento mas os falsários no espírito e na letra todos os ue vivem na mentira de sentimentos fals. A novel as much about writing as it is about coded homosexuality in 1920's France a time lest we forget that Gertrude Stein and Alice B Toklas just about ruled that town Two rival writers Edouard and Robert fall for the same impressionable young boy Olivier who decides to run off with Robert the famous and less honorable of the two Edouard a kind of stand in for Gide is Olivier's uncle through marriage and in the loss of his beloved nephew opts instead of his schoolfriend Bernard The intersections that follow among writing instruction publishing entry into adulthood and sexuality are noteworthy but not tooAlso noteworthy is the form of this novel It reads precisely like something out of Austen Many of the novels are structured around the meeting of two characters Even the titles indicate such Bernard and Olivier Vincent Meets Passavant at Lady Griffith's Bernard Meets Olivier etc The novel has that 19th century breadth of including everyone from the aristocracy to the poor girl pregnant out of wedlock And this in 1925 The Great Gatsby came out in 1925I can't uite figure it out There's a strong anti decadent bent in this novel Robert the comte who drags Olivier to the dark side is painted as a kind of Wildean figure which is interesting given the friendship shared between Wilde and Gide It's only when Olivier realizes he needs to abandon Robert and side himself with a modernistic writer like his uncle that he is safe Perhaps Gide's trying to resurrect an approach to the novel the decadents tried to do away with I mean the novel ends with a boy's accidental suicide out of the blue It's practically right out of Dickens but like act two of Dickens

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Les Faux monnayeursRadicionais Para tanto Les Faux PDF or Gide concebe um herói o escritor Edouard ue lhe é muito próximo e o contrapõe a Bernard Profitendieu ue a seu jeito é igualmente um personagem. The reputation of the Faux Monnayeurs is that it is an experimental novel that succeeds only where it is conventional Gide's experimentation comes in the form of a magically real angel multiple narrative points of view combined with subplots and characters than would normally be considered prudent in a well controlled workAt 19 I liked it because the author maintained a rapid pace and clearly had great affection for his characters As well the discussion on homosexuality was new to me Because Gide obviously knew the topic very well I felt that the Faux Monnayeurs delivered great insightI was stunned when an angel appeared in the novel to wrestle with Bernard as if he were Jacob I was then very glad to see that Bernard was subseuently able to make peace with his adopted fatherThe novel however ends on a very cruel note as a bullied child commits suicide in front of his classmates I had frankly hoped that the Angel could have saved the little boy and still regret that he did notThis is a great novel about the soul searching of adolescent males during their late teens I recommend it well before Catcher in the Rye