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FREE DOWNLOAD ☆ The Kites Are Flying î [Download] ✤ The Kites Are Flying Author Michael Morpurgo – TV reporter Morpurgo visited the West Bank and befriended a Palestinian boy named Said Said does not speak He makes kites Morpurgo's poignant account of the experience about how Palestinian and Jewish TV reporter MorChildren live with the Wall is a message of dreams for peace and hope The Kites Epubfor all childre. The kites are flying is an intriguing yet sad story the story follows a western reporter on the West Bank who befriends a young boy called Said Said is a Palestinian chid who has faced great loss in his life due to the occupation The story centres on him talking to his brother who has died They are both so different and initially Said does not speak due to the trauma he has faced of losing his brother They uickly develop into friends The ending is surprising as Said does begin to speak with his speech also we get the message of hope the hope that all children on the West Bank have of wanting this conflict to be over and to live peacefully The imagery in the book is simple yet effective the sombre imagery reflects the tone of the story yet the kites which represent innocence childhood and hope are vibrant The imagery is not too busy this means that it does not distract from the serious issue of the story Which is introducing children to firstly a darker world of difference and war a childhood for some children which is not as idyllic as their own But leaves them with the beautiful ending of hope The cross curricular links with this story are endless It can be used in a design and technology lesson to create kites in geography children could explore the regions which have been affected by the conflict Superb artwork can be created through using thoughts and emotions dark colours representing war and bright colours representing hope Religious education can explore the religions that are involved in the conflict and how they have been impacted Finally the story could be used in an English setting for children to create a diary entryI definitely recommend this book for children in upper phase key stage 2 and lower phase of key stage 2 I feel the issues may be overwhelming and distressing for younger children I particularly recommend this book for adults who are not Michael Morpurgo fans as it is completely different to his usual style of writing

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Speak He makes kites Morpurgo's poignant account of the experience about how Palestinian and Jewish. I've only read one other work by Michael Morpurgo which is War Horse and most certainly I like this book much better than War Horse It beautifully captured the sadness and hope the longing for peaceIt was laughter that would one day resonate so loud that this wall like all the others would come tumbling down No trumpets needed as they had been once in Jericho only the laughter of childrenTerima kasih pinjamannya Ula

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The Kites Are FlyingTV reporter Morpurgo visited the West Bank and befriended a Palestinian boy named Said Said does not. Whilst most children who read Morpurgo's stories will know him for his animal tales this is the story of a child's life in PalestineTold in turn by an adult film maker and Palestian 8 year old Said The Kites are Flying is a simple beautiful depiction of the physical loss war creates and the hope and humanity it can foster in those ensnared in itMr Max the filmaker and Said are brought together under the kite tree in Said's village which looks out onto the dividing wall between Palestine and Israel in the occupied territories Said's kites prove to hold significance than one might initially imagine and his uest to send them over the wall to the girl with the blue headscarf becomes a mission which on succesful completion shows the power of unspoken friendship transcending bariers of race and religion from which we all might learn The illustrations in the book are beautiful and understated in sympathy with Morpugo's proseThis is a wonderful story Perfect for for key stage two children to read alone or a chapter at a time as a group exercise As a text to underpin project work perhaps children making their own kites cooking honey cake exploring landscapes through art or writing their own diaries it's brilliant